Best. Rainbow. Ever.


Ive never seen one this big and full. I cant believe i was lucky enough to see this.
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Whoa...incredible. Beautiful. Just wow. Seriously, im quite speechless. It looks like a force field. Don't know who gave you 1 star but they can go suck some nuts.
Good, good. The defense systems are working. Now I just need to direct all phasers at the fuck wad who's leaving 1 star ratings like a flock of birds on a shiny vehicle.
Reminds me of one I saw in later in the day, sun still shining bright. It was a really odd sight, but it looked the same, like a forcefield as Yumi said.
Looks like a half oily bubble with light shone on it. Sorry I've been playing a lot with detergent and water while washing dishes :D

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