Beloved people who "forget things"


An hour ago my wife and i had a phone call with a good friend to his 69th birthday.He is a grumpy but kind-hearted fellow.Lucky married,has many people around,nice neighbors.A great guy.We know us since near 5 years.I´ve get to know him on an advert via an Computer selling/bying platform in Austria.

He lives in a small town about 220 km away with his wife,we meet them usually 1-2 times each month.
Today it´s his birthday and we have dealed at our last meet that we see us this Saturday.

But in the meantime a second person (my wifes grandpa) has gone to the hospital on Sunday 17th.He is 84 and lives in the neighbor city.
It is all ok,he is back home but needs help from us.I´ve also told this to our friend above last week in a long phone call.And also that we can´t see us on Saturday.He agreed and all seems ok.

What shall i say ? Today,he can´t remember what i´ve told him last week.And thats sadly not the only thing in the last times:

- we tinker together on PCs/Xbox classic a long time,he his happy with this and had great fun.In the last times he seems very unentuseastic and every little failure brings him to an emotional "explosion".
- he has a house in Romania and every time he comes back,he visits us.We arrrange this every time...guess who´s not coming last time
- he asks me often about PC parts and the other way,we make this per mail because of details/fotos.The last times he call me on phone and asked ever and ever the same thing(s).
- on the last calls he did´nt listen to my when i got to explain something he asks for
- and the last highlight: when we phoned the last 3-4 times (so today) he don´t know WHO we are at first...

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that's why olders should play wideogames too! to keep mind active, and it could help them to memorize things.

YOU ALL know the Skyrim gradma right?

No its no 1.April joke.I´ve posted this a few days ago in the Edge Forum.Now it would moved here to my blog that i started today.
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On April 27th we visit my "grumpy" fellow.In the meantime it is becoming a little "quiet".
On last Saturday we have a short call.It was nice and comfortable.Not talked much but is was good.He seems ok.I have a feeling in my belly region (not from too much Burger King) it maybe has something to do with his last birthday and his friends/known people.:unsure:

We will see it next week.I´m looking forward to it.:)
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He is an "unsatisfied with the world" guy at the moment.Last year he had an eye operation and it was successful.He could see better as erver gefore.And he gladdened a few days about that.Then he continues with that "unsatisfied" attitude.

One time he had a phone call (i sat next to him) with his best friend and after a few seconds "back and forth" he yells and hang up.Then they don´t speak to each other for 2 weeks.:(

Don´t get a false picture of him,he is a great guy.Good hearted and generous.
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Yesterday we visited our friend and his wife (sadly she has gone to work and we seen here a very short time).
This was a very nice day.I noticed 1-2 things that made me think a bit today.Nothing disturbing.
We talked much,have a really good time.
Then we tinkered a little bit.There was the first sign i´ve noticed.He was at first very impatient if things did not go as desired,want to throw away everything at first.
With calm and patience we got all to the right direction.:)

Then we have a very nice meal (my wife and he where "cooked" by me).
Later we have a walk with his little puppy dog.
At the later afternoon we have coffee and there i´ve noticed second sign.We packed all together for driving home.Talked this to him.He went to his workshop,do something.We wait upstairs.After about 20 Minutes my wife goes downstairs and said "We are driving home now."
And he looks very surprised "What ? Now ?".:unsure:

We said goodbye to each other with the expectation of the next time.
After arriving home,we phoned briefly and we looked forward to the next time.


On this great day when our friend said to my wife "I owe my good mood to your husband, he "took me" today.".She told me that later whe nwe driving bac khome in the evening.
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Ahh, so sad. But just remember, He's still the same guy on the inside. His soul is still working but his body ain't so much. He would never want to forget you, just remember that.
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No, I have not forgotten on this Blog.

Recent "Events" are causing me to write something down here again.

(It does not matter whose grandpa ...)

Almost 90 years young.
Fun-loving, curious, keen to experiment, philanthropic and fresh as a Puppy.

Really ? I think, not quite.
You could describe him like that:

- old,very old......Of course he sees that quite differently
- very suspicious and unappealing.....Of course he sees that quite differently
- unreasonable and stubborn.....
- his opinion is the only one that counts and he represents to the end.....
- and so on......

You mean,this describes an tyical "old" Man ?
Explain that to him...

But that would not be the real issue here.:)

As Dr. Kawashima said, train your Brain, it makes you younger....

And here we are.Now he forgets many things. And the really important ones..

It is his Opinion (and of course it is left to him):

If we make an appointment / a certain time, then he knows that, of course

- agreed was "Grandpa, we pick you up at 11:45 clock." We pick up Grandpa from 11:55 clock to give him a "memo" and what he says:
"I still have time.We agreed 12 o'clock."

- Grandpa should go to the Doctor (to an Specialist for Cardiovascular).An Appointment was agreed.
(there is a long history of hospital / collapse and so long for telling you the whole Story))
In his Residential building is a general medical Doctor but NO Specialist for Cardiovascular / Blood pressure treatments.
So what is our dear Grandpa doing on his "Speacialist Doctor" appointment day ? Exactly, he goes to the "General Doctor".
(One of our countless "Leave Grandpa alone and let him decide....)

- Grandpa needs Tablets for his "Circulation".
4 different types for 4 different purposes.Includes the Emergency tablets against Panic Attacks.They are REALLY STRONG !!
Guess what happend in the first Time,the time we "Let HIM the Desicion....."....which Tablets are first gone ?

- Birthday with our Parents-in-law."Very nice" Evening (thanks to Grandpa´s Behavior and its charming style...) with a Meal in an Restaurant.
Then it went to the in-laws in the apartment where there should be Coffee and Cake.
Of course, we did not know that Grandpa had just taken his "Panictablets" for his circulation and washed them down with beer.
Result: a nice breakdown and a really nice birthday evening.....
(another ""Leave Grandpa alone and let him decide" Story"

- Grandpa needs a new Fridge. Why the previous one broke? Because he turned him on/off and constantly taking off from Power.
Resaon "If nothing is inside, you can unplug the fridge.".....:blink:

- New Fridge:It took 4 People (Of course, one after the other, not at the same time, that would overwhelm Grandpa) until Grandpa finally realized that a new device was needed.
3 People (again of course, one after the other, not at the same time, that would overwhelm Grandpa) to get him to the Store.Again 4 People (again.....) to explain to him,the Fridge is delivered on Friday.The whole Thing lasted 3 days.Why ?
Because Grandpa went to the store every day to ask if exactly THE refrigerator will be delivered on Friday.
And by the way, "asked" the Seller again and again, if not one of 32 other Models would be better.
A very conscientious grandpa, you have to let him.

Now you certainly ask, why in Gods names, do not let him do that yourself ?

My Friends,as you maybe know the Stories from @Chary´s Pa,these stories would go beyond the scope.
In short, we let Him do things like that and decide.Yes,we did..........
(I think I should really start writing books).


I think that is enough for today.

Thank you for reading.:)
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I am sorry, friend. It sounds like you have a close relationship with him. As MicmasH_W said he's still the same loveable dude in spirit, his body's just getting a little...overrippened. Hope you have more wonderful times with him.
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Thank you for your Kind words.:)

Yes,I will try to remind me after every Grandpa "Event".
And yes,I am the last one who not let him do.....
But unfortunately there is this §"%$ Human Society Convention Thing:
"Look at this old Man,you CAN NOT leave him alone,he belongs in a "Care facility".
and what we are not for bad people, because we let Grandpa live ALONE and let him do ....
Every time when we in an Hospital or at the Doctor(s) or whatever....They all "suggest" (not really,they insist !!) HE belongs in an "Retirement home".

And guess and what do you think, Grandpa says to all this...
A help in the house (nursing staff) ? No way,they are all Thiefs and Scoundrels.
and strangers are not coming into his apartment anyway...

Yes,I will try to remind what a kind and loveable "Dude" he is.....
Thank you.:)
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