Back from da Dead

hey guys finally im back so what actually happen?!

While working on my Texturemods i overworked my Pc it started with the typical bsod (irq not equal or less) after redrawing about 2k textures in bulk

so i did a restart and started my work allover again but then again bsod after around 500 textures but this time system service exception

after doing some research about those bsods and windows eventlog i thought it could be the ram started memtest64 and run a test with 100 loops wich came back with no errors

then i tried to start to work again but after 18 textures again bsod so id say f**k it and looked for a new mboard but since mine was lga1151 + it had top support 4400 there werent much options to choose from and endet with a used z390 maximus extreme

3 days ...later
the board had arrived but it wasn in very good condition i sendet it straight back to the seller
now i was at the typical effd up point i HAD to buy new gear to revive a semingly working pc (viva la capitalism *barf)

Time for a little shopping spree ..

i endet up with :
- z690 maximus hero
- 12900ks
-corsair dominator ddr5 6200mhz
-h150i elite lcd aio
-bequiet 1200w darkpower pro2
and a 2g syringe of kryonaut extreme

10 days later all the components had arrived and i could start building the pc wich went about with no big problems so now it runs again

Soon i will start working again on my texturemods again (oot3ds/zanzarah/legacy of kain series)


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