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I bought this psp on ebay: I jumped on it because the price was so low, obviously a little hastily. I've never had a problem on ebay before, but I've sent this guy three emails now and he hasn't responded. I payed for it late Thursday...
I know case replacements aren't that new, but I like how this one turned out. Last picture next to my new Asus EEE 900 just for fun. It came with a broken white keyboard ('a' key is missing and constantly pressed), but a new black one is on it's way.
I just found out my ISP has free newsgroup access. I used to pay for it, decided it wasn't worth it, but if it's free then bring it on! Anyone else have Cox Communications? I'm in Southern California, wondering when they'll cap my downloads. :D First test is Fallout 3 for PC, 10+ GB with pars.
That felt pretty good, getting rid of the crap ds games that I've downloaded for no reason, don't play anymore because I beat them, or just don't like at all. Zips were only about 4.4GB, and I didn't bother counting how many, but I ended up with 38 games left that I either own (8) or really want...
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