At the moment,I can hardly handle that...

- People do not see their mistakes AND start to discuss about....

- People do "things" and then these things completely run out of the helm........

- People do not want to take on responsibility.....

- People in residential/life communities are doing what they want (and not sticking to rules).....

- adults (apparently) do not worry about your children.....

- .......................
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"residential communities"? As in old people homes/villages? I should hope they are allowed to do what they want.
Yes do what you want:

- put your construction site rubble in the "household crap"
- wash your car on lawn including dispose of your "crap" form your car boot
- use the "community" water for filling a pool and of coures washing your car
- destroy freshly seeded lawn wit hyour car

thats new people homes/villages.
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"Adults do not worry about [their] children"

I can't help but wonder if this is an over-correction from the early 00s days of parents helicoptering their kids so badly, that parents these days try to do all they can to avoid it. Which would continue the cycle, really, because Gen X parents closely guarded their kids like crazy, because their baby boomer parents did the opposite. But that's just a random thought from what I've seen through my own parents and friends.
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After weeks and months I reflected a little on it and it seems to me all better and clearer.
To have


with my direct environment and fellow "human beings"

This is a lot
more pleasant than getting upset about ever tiny and unimportant "things" or "people" or wasting your time with it/them or "trowing away" my energy unnecessarily.

Yes,thats quite better.:)
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A complete other Topic on theme:


But not as maybe most of you think now.

Woman has changed......
and so the Society.....
Good ?
I do not now....

But what I know:
The balance is disturbed .... massively disturbed .....
I see it here with the view of OFF SPRING / CHILDREN...

No one "wants" to see it.....but the naked, sad and irrefutable truth is:
Women are responsible for this disturbance of balance.

I do not want to start a "War" or "Battle"......but wait....the Battle is already fully underway.Yes it is a Battle......
No matter of "Equal Rights".....That's not it anymore....

Woman has to work......(no matter under what "circumstances" and most of them are REALLY not FUNNY for them....). live and receive in a standard of living that nobody can really afford.
Who stays on the track ..... the Kids

The are from Monday-Saturday/0-24 o'clock in "care places" penned / pushed / thrown...yes in exact THESE terms.Mother and her Child(s) make some Things togehter ?

And on Sunday,they have "FAMILY all is GOOD" Day,where the Children are bombarded and filled with entertainment / played fun / attention.......That's how it is...

Something has changed....and so the Woman...

I wish you a nice and good day.
Please take care of your Children but also of yourself.:)
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