An update!

Hey guys! Sorry that the next art dump wasn't here before. Though it's still gonna be a bit more delayed due to personal stuff for at most up to a day, the original delay was bc of the site upgrade.
But yeah, I had a pretty good birthday today/yesterday! (It's 11:42 PM as I'm typing this, it was the 25th) Well, aside from the fact that my TWITTER GOT SUSPENDED. :angry:
Also, I know not all of you have played the 2nd chapter of Deltarune yet (go get it on Steam, Itch, or the eShop right now!!! It's FREE!!) but you all know what a Tasque is, right? No? You think I mean bitchwhip mcgee over there? (jk she cool) Nah, I mean those cat things. If you ever wanna draw those, take it from me.


Safesearch will not protect you from the sins of those with an affinity for fur
one day they will have to answer for their actions
and god
may not be so

Anyway I drew a Tasque to make up for the lack of art posted here, lol. This the 2nd (3rd if you count the tiny one has a separate drawing) one I've drawn actually! And from memory so thankfully I didn't need to wash my eyes out with mouthwash again this time.
In fact, I drew this with my new tablet! (I'll make a blog post about it later, it's an Android btw. Best damn one I've ever even touched!! It was well worth the 350 [[KROMER]].)
See you guys in the next post! Oh, and I'm writing this from my tablet as well. This 10 inch screen is kinda hard to type on comfortably in landscape. Well, in general even. But I can manage!!


Satan funds Google images
Now I'm thinking of one of those "PBS is in part brought to you by..." messages but it just transitions to a bunch of fire in hell with ominous laughing in the background for a few seconds before going back to normal

also pretty sure Satan has a furaffinity account considering how they have no boundaries. You'd think they'd know no to draw a literal cat getting morbidly obese but nope. No. Damn. Boundaries.
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