Always knew I was different....

*takes deep breath*

Hi guys

This is a very difficult blog for me to write, perhaps the most difficult thing I have ever had to write in all my years on this site. Amidst all of the coming out blogs I have found the courage to admit that I too am different, I too am special and that all of you need to know and all of you must approve.

You see even from the time I was a small child I was different, special, cursed, use whatever term you like I was unlike everyone around me. I looked upon my parents and felt that they had nothing to teach me, I looked upon other children and I could not relate. I was only ever comfortable in the company of old people but even then I could not put my finger on why exactly that was.

After spending years on the internet searching for a group I could belong to and attach myself to I finally found the answer I was searching for. I finally found my identity and everything clicked and everything made sense.

You see my sweet sweet children I am an elderkin and I am almost a thousand years old. Upon this realisation everything made sense about me, that was why I could never relate to the children around me and was always wise beyond my years. Now I gaze upon the faces of my parents, of old people and they seem so young. When I look into the mirror I see my true form, wizened and ancient, I was there when there was no technology or electricity, I was there when there were no cars, when buildings were built from wood and stone.

I am the ancient oak that shades all of the saplings here on GBAtemp, one day I will fall and you all will sprout into the sunlight, into the sky. But until then feel free to lean on me and shelter under my mighty branches.

I love you all. (apart from the gays)

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I always had an unexplained respect to you. Now I understand that it sprung from my deeply-rooted respect for the elderly. I will help you cross that street, p1ng...
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my guess my guess is you feel like you don't fit in because you're a child. Most children are like that. It doesn't mean you're a thousand-year-old spirit. That's ridiculous. You're just struggling to figure out who you are, that's why you can't find a group you fit into. Why do you feel like you need a group so badly? You could just be one of the Misfits like I was. You'll find a whole bunch of them in high school. No need to make up Supernatural reasons. You don't live in a video game. The Lord of the Rings Books aren't a window into another reality. You have a lot more success in life and lot more happiness if you deal with what is rather than what you want it to be. I appreciate that you're pouring your heart out here. But anybody that tells you that you are a thousand-year-old spirit is not doing you any favors. Stop looking for a reason to look down at people. Oh they look so young LOL. I bet you're pretty introverted aren't you? I don't see this line of thinking leading to you having a whole bunch of friends. Maybe some digital ones. Do yourself a big favor and go talk to some people your age. Maybe some girls. Learn to relate. Everybody has to learn sometime . Some people do in kindergarten . But it always takes practice. Being popular is not important but feeling like you belong somewhere obviously is to you. Why don't you look for something tangible? There's all sorts of Clubs in high schools and colleges for people to find common interest. maybe you can go to a video game club. Don't sit there thinking your goddamn tree. Watching the ages. Looking down at everybody as these cute little young things that don't realize they're worthless. Doesn't sound very likable to me. I bet you have a lot of great qualities. How about focusing on that. Everybody feels alienated sometimes. Everybody feels like they don't belong.
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I knew I wasn't the only one feeling that way. Mind blowing. Mind opening. You probably changed my life today.
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This is by far not only the best blog post I have ever seen on gbatemp, but probably on the entire internet. This is a masterpiece.
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This is better than all the other blogs Combined,
You are totally different from all of us.

Thank you sharing
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