A word of WARNING for those who want to get their 3DS fixed.

Yes, I know this is a blog, but I think it's too important.

On November 18th, I sent my N3DSXL to the Nintendo customer service to get my wobbly circle pad and faulty c-stick fixed. Days kept passing, and today I decided to give them a call to see how everything goes. As they said, they'll fix my c-stick and maybe my wobbly circle pad too, but this isn't what this blog is about. What I want to say is:


Before sending my 3DS, I removed the SD so that the service people couldn't find my stuff and thinking that they would access a clean, pirate free sysNAND. Well, they know, my dudes. They know about SDless Luma. To quote the guy I spoke with: ''Have you installed any software not legally endorsed by Nintendo? Because putting in an SD card, gave me a weird menu(He knows for sure that's Luma's sysNAND).'' For a moment there, I lost my goddamn breath and just said ''No, I haven't done anything like that.'' He just said he would check into it.

I don't want to be a fearmonger, but stay vigilant, people. I am scared as fuck and shaking right now, to say the least.
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I'm sorry, but you have to understand I want you people to stay safe. Maybe my country's Nintendo service happens to be just very clever, I don't know.
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Of course luma in ctrnand isn't clean. It adds an extra file and config in NAND which clearly shouldn't be their.

The only people who got away with a9lh and fixing were a few people who used shadownand.
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@Imacaredformy2ds I'll probably get it back and I don't think I'll get sued for that shit. I am just kinda scared here.
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My bet is that they will give you the console unrepaired and banned. And... Where are you from?

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