A story of how I got a Pokemon game

So this is my first entry (woooo) Anyway, I found a cartridge of Pokemon Sou Silver in my old DSi, and it reminded me of the story of how I got it. I wanted to share it with the Temp!

So let's begin....It was spring of 201X, (Can't remember) But it was a fair sun of years ago! I wasn't into pokemon at the time, it was meh to me. Anyway, my dad surprised me with tickets to the Colorado Auto Show! I was excited, because at the time, I loved cars, and racing games, specifically NFS underground 1 & 2. So this was my thing! We went later that week, saw all the cool new cars and got the free swag, the usual convention things. Then out of absolutely no where, my Dad stops me and points to a SD card looking thing on the floor, he told me to pic up, I did and handed it to him. He gave it back to me thinking I would know what it is. I had a DS at the time, and knew what the cartridge looked like, and immediately saw the Logo for the DS at the top, and a smile came to my face, I didn't care if it was a Pokemon game or not, but it was a new DS game I hadn't played yet, so I was excited. I told my Dad what it was and he told me he thought it was an SD card. Now, you might think one would be the good person in this situation and loo for the person who lost it, but my Dad asked me if I wanted it ( Guess he realized searching for the owner would be near impossible.) So I kept it. When I got home, I played it immediately, now the last Pokemon games I had payed at the time was Ruby, so I wasn't familiar, and me being stupid got confused and shut off the system without saving my new game. Which ended up being a good thing, I then couldn't stand going through the tutorials anymore, so I used the previous owners save file, and continued to use it up to today when I played some of it. I'm glad I kept it, as the file contained event Pokemon from various events for the game. I completed the owners journey through both regions and caught Lugia, and defeated the elite 4. Currently the save file has 170 hrs logged play time, can't tell who played more, me or the previous owner. There was one thing odd about the cartridge thought, the inside shakes if you shake it and you hear the insides of the cart moving, probably was stepped on during the convention, but didn't break, the cart still works flawlessly, I also dumped the game from the cart to use in emulators since I want to play the game on my PC and the sites to get the game from, you can't get it anymore for obvious reasons. But anyway, that's my story of how I got a copy of Pokemon SoulSilver at a convention.
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Gee, what a story! Another awesome Pokemon tale. How old were you at the time? And do you still play Pokemon today?

Seems the Nintendo Gods gave you the gift o' Pokemon that day!

P.S. The HeartGold and SoulSilver cartridges rattle when you shake because of the IR emitters on the edges of the cartridge! All HG/SS cartridges do that!
@HaloEliteLegend I was probably around 8 or 9 at the time, I hadn't played Pokemon in years, and when the intro started I got bored, my attention span at that time was meh, and I could lose interest very fast so that's probably why I used the save file that as already on the cart. I still do play Pokemon! I have moon that I got on launch day! Interesting that the carts do that. But finding that cartridge re-sparked that love for Pokemon! I wanted a pokewalker as well, but I never bought one LOL.

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