A Math Problem (and Exams)

Just something that's annoying me. Can anyone simplify this? It was our bonus question in our exam and I really want to perfect it so getting this right may give me some assurance.

Anyways, exams are.. not done yet. But here's the ones that are:
Advanced Algebra - Woo. Easy as hell, so I don't comprehend why everyone seemed to have such a difficult time with it. Fun too.
History - Bla, bla bla, easy.
Chemistry - I hated it. It wasn't that hard, I just hated it.
English - I don't get why they, all of a sudden, made it hard. Damn you random shit.
Electronics - So much math and diagrams that it hurt.
Computer - It wasn't difficult, but it was LONG. REALLY LONG.
Filipino (National Language) - Easy.


Dammit, I'm wrong.

Though there are still points for a correct solution so my solution may have been on the right track. Would be nice to find out the solution to that.

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