A little Treasure: SmartXX LT OPX


Today I have searched for "Something" in my Spare Part Fundus and I found a little Gem:

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What a cool Modchip.:)
I used it as "Emergency" when something goes wrong...
Very easy to install and use.And Options.....:yay:

And then I remember why I stopped using the Chip then.All XBoxes are TSOP flashed.....:)


Nice. I should probably go through my boxes of old modding gear. While I likely don't have anything as fun as that I do have a few interesting things.
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Ahhh, could have bought it from you instead of the usual aladdin xt plus 2 clones without lcd support :D
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Whew, looking at that thing and imagining trying to install it makes my head spin.. The Splinter Cell softmod's good enough for me!
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