A GameBoy Christmas Carol...

Hello fellow GameBoy Fans.:)

You maybe remember on my sad Blog about my Wife´s broken GameBoy:


Today a little Christmas Miracle happend:

Our very nice and helpful User @Uiaad spoke to me today about that GameBoy.

"do you have a multimeter ?" he asked me.

yeeessss,but please do not ask me where at the Moment....All is full with Christmas "Preparations" and Gifts (I have searched 1 hour for DVD´s for my Father as present,got it over a Month ago....) and.....
Also the GameBoy,I have no Idea at the Moment...where he lives.Since I have posted the Blog,I have nothing done with it,I "hope" BOTH Devices are together.I really hope this little "Mess" clears in the next Week....

Then a Break from about 30 Minutes and I found both Devices.....what a Coincidence...
(I am one of the People who do NOT believe in Coincidences ..)

He "instructed" me on which Points I have to check the Voltage.

At the same Time/Moment I plugged the GameBoy´s Power Supply in,put the ALADDIN Gamecart in and powered on the GameBoy.
And..........*PLING* ...Title Sound from the Game plays....but only a full GameBoy-Green Screen....

(sorry only Download..)

The GameBoy did MORE now than the last Time if you remember my Blog.

I tried it a Couple of Times and evertime *PLING* and the Music plays...
And then,I do not know why,I twisted the "Contrast" Wheel and.....

(again sorry,only Download..)

I do not need an Explanation.

For me it is an Christmas Miracle.
And not possible,if our very kind and helpful @Uiaad motivated me to search for the GameBoy.

Thank you for Reading and
Merry Christmas / Frohe Weihnachten for you all,my Friends.:)


You're not belive in coincidence, but i'm sure you still believe the miracle,
my late dad told me that, if you being a kind and helpful guy, the miracles always follow you :blush:
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I'm guessing that if you have sound, with a green screen, you probably have to reheat the soldering in the membrane of the screen.
Or replace it and mod it to have backlight.
They're sold both a Gameboy screen, the backlight kit and a DOT MATRIX SOUND screen cover on the internet.
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i only will help you all, sorry but remember i can more then music
i can all in the hack mm on consoles and handled...
sorry mate if i thought more than I know...
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Oh, it's good to see that your efforts to brighten one's day by putting a like to the comments have been well rewarded by this miracle. Merry Christmas to you too ^_^
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Dude, just repair your wife's gameboy already.
It seems that's not that hard.
You just need a potenciometer, and soldering iron, flux and soldering.
Aaaaaaaaand a steady hand, lots of pattience and a tutorial.
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