3DS Capture card website is now live!


Just launched my website where I install 3DS XL capture cards. Been working on them since December and now and I'm now registered as an official business!
I'd appreciate any support and sharing of my page.
Thank you all so much!
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Hey, never thought I would ever see another service like this again. Thought 3DS capture cards were snuffed out because of how expensive they were and how niche of a market they are

Either way, very nice that it's available! May send one of mine in the future!
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I used to have a 3DS with a Loopy capture card. Still don't know what happened to it. Maybe once I get enough money I'll get a new one from ya.
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Thanks for all the support! My supplier is in Japan but I have a good relationship with them as I've been buying from them since December of last year.
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I've tried the original 3DS, and the design makes it really fragile and not all that good.

The new 3DS XL is extremely tedious and can have a high risk factor if the installation goes wrong.
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