3DS and Samurai Warriors just arrived

I can't wait to play it, the 3DS looks really classy and it's a little on the heavy side. Also, I found out the release date of my most anticipated anime, Baby Princess, it's June 15. I'm going to put a request to add the date on myanimelist then start playing Samurai Warriors.



Right lets ask it nice! :)

Would you like to make some movies for us and upload those?
I don't have any movie editing software at the moment and my computer doesn't even have a video capture card, I haven't invested much in any computer software simply because I'm saving up for a 3D laptop, my mom already has one too and doesn't use the 3D much.
Always gotta love the Warriors series. As a long-time fan, I'd be interesting in opinions on the 3DS game. I haven't been a huge fan of any of the portable games so far (with the exception of Warriors Orochi, I suppose), so hopefully the 3DS game is pretty good.

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