The official campaign-song:

My goals:
-more kindness
-more tolerance
-less EMF radiation


My name is Creamu Yamamoto. Since I got these poll results it is my dream to become GBAtemp mod:


First I thought there is no sense in trying to become a mod but when I saw that one user would like me to be mod and two others would be okay with it, I knew there was great potential. It may not be the easiest endeavour, but it is my dream and I like the challange. If you want to help me on this journey please consider joining this group:



More kindness, why?
Because with more kindness we can have more civilized discussion contributing to a better community/society.

More tolerance, why?
Because with more tolerance we can have more competing positions contributing to a better commuity/society.

Less EMF radiation, why?
Because with less EMF radiation we can have healthier people contributing to a better commuity/society.


I see you keep posting this shit about your desire to be a site mod but you really should read the site rules as asking/begging/campaigning to be one is against the site rules.

Screenshot_20220612-145827_Samsung Internet.jpg

thank you for your interest. This rule makes sense, begging for various things especially pyramid schemes should not be allowed.

This is to be understood as an offer, I want to create a program which I believe could positivly contribute to the community. If there is something in particular, that you think could be understood as a breach of TOS, please let me know and I will change it (if it qualifies). My project is TOS compliant.
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If you want to learn more about my project feel free to join my group. Here is the first point I worked on:

How to accomplish more kindness?

I think a good step would be cheerful graphics on the site and the featuring of threads that are particularly sweet and kind. These threads can be chosen by mods as well as been rated by users with the sweetness metering system.

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