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    Zyvyn So today started like any other day I get up at 6 shower and go to school and everything was quite normal until my 4th period class. Near the end of class we had a bit of time to talk and I walked over was talking to some girl I had a crush on and that conversation made me completely rethink if they were the one or not. After that I went to my study hall and while I was there just thinking about what had happened in the last class and then suddenly me and a bunch of other peoples phone went off and then we all looked and it turns out that some guy posted nudes of some 8th grade girl so obviously every freaked out there was everything in the office and what had happened was one guy sent it to his friend and then his friend posted it in the group chat. Well now the guy who sent it to his friend has been expelled and the guy who posted it in the chat is going to juvie obviously that would be enough to make the day crazy already. But then after school ended as im sitting outside waiting for my ride some girl walks up to me and asks me to homecoming this day just keeps on getting crazier and crazier.
    Zyvyn So within 30 minutes I discover I won a copy of Dragon Quest XI, was accepted into Discord HypeSquad and a Nintendo Direct was anounced I should go buy a lottery ticket
    Zyvyn was playing through the original dragon warrior on NES after about 3 hours of grinding because this game actually requires it I hit CTRL-R on my keyboard which resets my emulator without saving which the only reason I hit CTRL-R was because I was trying to refresh a page in my browser not noticing the emulator was selected kinda lost all inspiration to play to play that game again...
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