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    Zyvyn I have always personally used Firefox it was just what I always used before Chrome existed and for a while, I could understand why people used it but with the current state of the browsers, I don't get it just look.

    Chrome ver 68.0.3440.84
    80.1% of people use chrome

    Slightly faster

    fewer plugins
    uses more system resources
    tracks a lot of things that is shouldn't behind the users back

    Firefox ver 61.0.1
    10.8% of people use chrome

    more plugins
    uses less system resources

    Slightly slower
    Zyvyn was playing through the original dragon warrior on NES after about 3 hours of grinding because this game actually requires it I hit CTRL-R on my keyboard which resets my emulator without saving which the only reason I hit CTRL-R was because I was trying to refresh a page in my browser not noticing the emulator was selected kinda lost all inspiration to play to play that game again...
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