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    Zaertix Just came into some unexpected income and I'm looking to get a new graphics card.

    AMD 7000 series comes to mind, so I'm curious as to who knows what about hardware and would be willing to impart some knowledge,

    Inb4 people telling me intel is better. I don't care, I'm curious about AMD.
    Zaertix Except Devin and now Satangel... I have a review site. A poor one, but a review site none the less. It's still a WIP but it's live and it's waiting for YOU!

    Here's what I'm HOPING will happen..

    You see that thing called the Steam Summer Sale? Yeah we all know about it. We're all talking about it and buying new games we've never played...

    So here's my question.. Ever wanted to review something but always felt shy or whatever about posting it here or on your favorite site or application (Raptr?)

    Well fear no more.. (well kind of)

    I need reviewers. I don't care if it's your first, third, one-millionth review... I need YOU! I've done my best to try to set a tone (I know some of the reviews on there are terrible, don't goad me about it I know they are there...) but I can't maintain it all on my lonesome, I've tried and failed.. There's too much going on in the gaming world for ONE person to blog about it all and review it all.

    That's where you come in... If you wish to help out, either comment here, or PM me.

    What I need from you in an email to IF you wish to help:

    Your GBAtemp username
    an excerpt or full review from some game/hardware you enjoy.
    And if you'd be willing to post news/reviews on a timely basis or just moonlight here or there.

    For now, I can't really guarantee much other than my eternal gratitude, but once I get some major content up or some sort of flow of content, there WILL be stipulations and rewards to reviewing for VGReviewUnit.

    Please let me know if you're interested!

    *you can use for sending me your review if you wish*

    Zaertix So for a few weeks now I've been messing with my Hauppauge and Sony Vegas 10/11 and learning how it all works. For Banjo Tooie I had a good render setting, made the game watchable. Now for some reason the new games I render look like garbage. All the 'tuts' on youtube are garbage as it's all the same settings just done by someone new.

    It's utterly frustrating. I hate being a perfectionist. I'm aware that it's impossible to get 1:1 but still... it's frustrating.

    Yay for ranting and not making much sense.
    Zaertix So I decided after ordering my new computer parts (Case CPU Mobo) that I'd need a Wii just because it's the one game system I don't own.

    Found one on Ebay that says the DVD drive doesn't work, luckily that's an EASY fix. Been repairing my 12 360s slowly but surely and selling them off to people. Just had a good year in general.

    Basically I'm saying Hi I'm now a Wii owner, and I'll be streaming Wii content with my Hauppauge. (kinda like I've been doing with my 360 shit)

    Next year will be the year of audio mixer (to put live audio with the stream without the use of mixlr) and hopefully a production mic to make reviews a little easier.

    Currently I'm sitting here waiting til December the 2nd through the 9th to get here (most likely gonna be the 2nd) for all my new shiny toys (and one slightly used one) to be here so I can get to setting up and reviewing.

    Oh and I'll be moving rooms into a larger, cooler room. Yay for temps to go down across the board.

    Yay for random ramblings. Tacos.

    Oh and I forgot to add..
    Just preordered Mario Kart 3DS

    Zaertix Alright everyone, around midnight tonight EST, I'll be unveiling the Friend Code -whitedoutyoucanneverknow- site I've been working on. Just getting the final touches (forums and such) working.

    Currently I've picked phpbb3.0.9 as the base, no idea why, but eh it might change.

    When it DOES launch, it will only have a few features. XBL PSN 3DS and NDS.

    There are a few bugs, I'm working on cataloging them. but I'll have forums for bug reports.

    Basically, what I'm hoping is to get users to actually sign up and help me test it all out. I can only do so much by myself.

    ALSO, I will be holding a few contests on the forums, (once I get them set up) for the logo, favicon, and a few other things.

    I need layout ideas, and theme ideas and such.

    It's going to be a fun week :D

    I'll keep you all updated!
    Zaertix I'm freakin Platinum on Club Nintendo. I know a lot of us are , but still...

    As an update for my Friend Code Database, I'm working on inserting DS games right now and then I'll be ready to push it live for use.

    I'm currently trying to come up with a domain name though.

    Zaertix So I took it upon myself (and my php coder friend guy) to work on a Friend Code Database that envelops DS, 3DS, XBL and PSN. It's still in early EARLY beta, but it works.

    Here's some random images

    Default Page after log in



    Currently working on making it more gamer looking as well as adding a forum on it so we can post tourneys and such.

    This is also an interest check to make sure I was reading this place right that we need a friend code database again
    Zaertix So I just bought Object Desktop June 3rd. As of last night me 2 week old key is 'invalid'. The only way to fix it.... Submit a ticket that takes 9 days to be answered with 'We're sorry we can't help you' /sarcasm

    I also bought CursorFX.... The key doesn't even flipping work in Impulse. God I hate digital distribution shit.

    I'm so angry. GRR
    Zaertix So I received a Desktop as a trade for a 360... Mmmm OLD desktops for the win.

    Decided to upgrade it.

    Ends up costing me about 250 just to make it reasonably useable.

    Once all my stuff gets here.

    8 gigs of Kingston HyperX ram

    3.0ghz Processor
    Intel Pentium E5700 Wolfdale 3.0GHz 2MB L2 Cache LGA 775 65W Dual-Core Desktop Processor BX80571E5700
    Radeon 4670 :]

    And a decent motherboard.
    MSI G41M-P34 LGA 775 Intel G41 HDMI Micro ATX Intel Motherboard
    yay for spending LIKE CRAZY

    I'll post pics when it all gets here.

    (I like this blog service (just started my own wordpress too ^^)
    Zaertix So today my 360 came back to me from a user we will not mention.

    Everything was the way I sent it. I'm opening it up now to check some things, and then I'm power it on. So glad to have it back.

    So all the drama surrounding the problems has dissipated. YAY.