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    Yan3 It was quite great, I went there to see my family and a few friends. One of my older cousin was getting married but weddings in Algeria are a bit different, it lasts a few days were we are as loud as we can with music we put stereo at max all day, while we work, while we eat, etc. so everyone can come and dance whenever. Then there are guests the day before the last day and they dance and eat. On the last day it is the moment for the couple to exchange rings and finally be officially married, this is done in a reserved place made for that.

    I also went there to go to the beach and see the beautiful mountains there is in Algeria.

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    Yan3 This time I’m going to talk about the ramadan of this year. It is a Muslim tradition to fast for a month, which means not eating and not drinking ( yes, not even water ) from the sunrise to the sunset and we can eat normally from the sunset to the sunrise of the next day. The last day was yesterday. Since it is dictated by the sun the time at which we can eat changes everyday. The ramadan is a month but we call the tradition the ramadan because it is always at this month we do it. You would think it is always at the same time of the year because we do it at a precise month but the religion uses the lunar calendar so the month moves 10 days back compared to the solar calendar, which means in a few year the ramadan will be in winter so since the days are shorter, it will be way easier. For the day to be easier, we wake up at 3 am to eat and drink a lot, things like that :
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    Yan3 For this first one I will present you my mpow steambot. It is a really cool tech that I use everyday.
    It serves as a bluetooth transmitter and reicever, which is really useful.

    Difference between transmitter and receiver

    I use it mainly with my tv, because it has an audio out so if I play on a console I use it to not disturb people around me and get a better experience. It is mainly useful with the wii since I can move around freely. On top of that it is really easy to change from a device to another. And if your Bluetooth headphones are discharged you can use it to extend the wireless time.Since I’ve buoyed it, i never had any problems with it. The only thing I find annoying is that I can only open it with the button so I need to get up everytime I want to use it. This is one of the most useful things I got since it turns everything that uses sound into a Bluetooth compatible device like a ds, a tv, a pc, a psp, etc.

    You can buy it here




    Yan3 for this first one I would like to talk about my ds lite

    It is pink because I have little sister (18 months younger than me) and when I was little, my parents always prioritize her for things like that so she got to get a ds. At the time my dad had a good friend who buyed us a ttds card to get as much games as we want. But then she got older and gave it to me so today I want to get a complete collection of all ds games on that console. I will need to get all the games before buying the microSD card to get the perfect size. I think I will do another post on my collections and how I plan to complete them.

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    Yan3 Hello world
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