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    xile6 Anyone have this?
    Since e3 and all the games im preordering i decided to sign up. That was this moring but it seems like its not activating.
    Anyone have this problem?
    xile6 Well best buy still hasnt shipped my mk8.
    They said i will have it back tomorrow. So lets hope it ships tonight.
    This will be the first MK game i have brought since MK 64 lol...
    I played most of the others however.
    xile6 Just got my S8 plus today. The phone looks so nice and feels so great.
    xile6 So does anyone use the Miitomo app i need more friends on it i dont have any lol..
    xile6 So my ps plus ran out today. No big deal had plans to get a card on the Mar 1st (3days from now).
    Well get an email from sony saying its been auto renew. What the hell i didnt sign up for that and there is no money in my account. (the switch took it all lol). Well come to find out it sony auto added money to my wallet from my paypal account which comes out of my bank account which doesnt have enough to cover.
    So no this is going to cost me $60 renew plus $35 overdraft charge come Monday

    DAMN sony.