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    XFlak 2nd Official 'Team Your Mom' Meeting - Debrief

    As some of you may already know, Team Your Mom had it's second meeting last month (May 2011). I (XFlak) spent a few days with DeadlyFoez and his family. Our time was mostly spent get intoxicated but we also squeezed some tech work into our schedule. For example, Foez had me remove a nand chip from a Wii, which was a fun learning experience for me because I've never done anything quite like that before. And unlike our first meeting, Foez and I actually played some Wii this time (it was blasphemous that we didn't during our first meeting). Naturally I kicked his ass, but at least he gave me a run for my money.

    One of the major highlights of the trip was surprising DeadlyFoez with the Team Your Mom t-shirts I secretly had made. They certainly caught the attention of many people in the local bars; although I'm not sure if anyone recognized the names "XFlak" or "DeadlyFoez". So if your in Toronto or New Hampshire, keep your eyes peeled for our Team Your Mom t-shirts, if you spot either one of us, feel free to approach us and say hello; we might even reward you with one of ModMii's Easter Eggs (and we can be bribed with beer, lol).

    T-Shirt Artwork by RobGee789

    On a side note, giantpune was made an honourary member of Team Your Mom. In his defense he didn't have much choice; DeadlyFoez and I didn't give him any warning before shipping him a "giantpune" Team Your Mom t-shirt. Hopefully we can coax him into sharing a picture like the one above, his body with the head of his avatar (a dancing cow) is bound to look epic.

    Lastly, if you too would like a Team Your Mom t-shirt, feel free to PM me about it. They will likely cost $30\shirt +S&H (if I can get it cheaper from my supplier, I will pass the savings on; currency is Canadian dollars and payments must be made via paypal). Note that I will need to have at least 6 t-shirts ordered before I can promise your order will be filled. For example, if 5 people order 1 t-shirt each, none of the orders will be filled until I get another order; at that time, I would contact everyone with orders to request payment and to confirm the shipping address and the name to be printed on the shirt. Also note that anyone who orders a t-shirt will be provided with a ModMii Easter Egg which in the past has only been provided to those who've made a donation to ModMii.
    "Team Your Mom"

    is proud to announce its

    First Ever Official Members Meeting

    Team Your Mom is proud to announce the first members meeting.
    During this meeting we will be getting really drunk, crunk, probably break lots of things, and of course, we'll be teaming your Mom.

    Book your reservations now

    Q: When is this meeting happening?
    A: Oct 22nd to Oct 25th (2010)

    Q: Why are you having this meeting?
    A: Because we can

    Q: How do I become a part of 'Team Your Mom'?
    A: You can't. Don't bother. (few exceptions for tj_cool and Mthr and maybe only a few others who are worthy enough if they so desire, PM XFlak for details)

    Q: Is anything official happening at this meeting?
    A: We will be officially wasted. Does that answer your question?

    Q: How can I contribute?
    A: Send money or booze.

    Q: Will hacking of any sort be involved with this meeting?
    A: Depends. Partying comes first. Hacking comes second.

    The invitation list is only for our current members which include;
    • XFlak
    • DeadlyFoez (and his annoying but dinner making spouse)
    • Any exceptions listed above
    edit: Mods, if this thread is more appropriate to be in the blogs section (or any other section), please move it to that section. Thanks.
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