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    freewrite 11-5-11

    Never. No, never again.
    Failures and answers not withstanding
    Petty lies and unheralded truths
    Decisions, incisions…
    Nothing left to hold or bait
    The memories remain yet the words have long faded
    And with the setting sun, so does the day
    Until fears have gone far away
    The moonlight and its little warmth
    Will have to be enough
    Release, unleash…
    A brilliant, blinding peace
    A piece of life in a lunar glow
    And with the rising sun, so does the day
    A vicious cycle
    Unnerving, unending…
    Contending with the way it’s “supposed” to be
    And in breaking the cycle
    With the dimming light, so does the day
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    free-write, words, thoughts

    I feel like I'm playing hide and seek with my good days but it's not quite enough to get me down, just tired of all the sounds that come along with people in general. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. So I'm quiet. And people continue to use their voices to spread their noises. And stuff happens and worlds turn. And I continue to appreciate all of the things I've earned while many take for granted the things they've not. It may seem slanted, but I'm not all that worried about the lives of most others. Only the few who say things worth hearing and write things worth speaking. The ones with legitimate needs, wants, and haves. The have-nots who utilize their every drop. Stay far away from the rot and their inevitable fall from the perch they've clung to so "earnestly". In the event that the few become the all, I imagine the Earth would crumble away and the cosmos would never notice. A tragedy only to those involved, for the few moments they have left.
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    What type of person are you?
    Are you someone who thinks people need to earn your respect?
    Or, are you someone who shows respect until given a reason not to?

    I like to believe that I'm the former. I have respect for any and everyone. All countries, all lifestyles. No matter what their religious beliefs or where they fall in the political spectrum. Until...I'm given a reason not to.

    I'm not someone who buys into stereotypes. I will not hold a whole people accountable for the actions of a few. I'm sure many people can and will say the same.

    It seems there's one place though, where respect does not exist - The Internet.

    There is a difference between wise-cracking and being disrespectful. One can be taken too far, and the simply is too far.

    If you post in a thread to be a smart-ass or crack a joke, more power to you. I commend you. Put a smile on someone's face. Pay it forward. Leave your mark on someone's quasi-serious discussion.

    If you post in a thread to add context to a discussion, you are my hero. There should be more people like you in the world. You are a shining beacon in a sea of flamers and trolls. You, my friend, are what an internet forum strives to produce. Your parents should be proud of you.

    If you post in a thread because someone else wrote something that you don't agree with and you want share you opinion on the topic, congratulations. You are taking part in a healthy discussion and promoting friendly debate. You may not agree with what others are saying and they may not agree with you, but you respect their opinion and recognize that it is just that, an opinion.

    Now here's where it starts getting frustrating...

    If you post in a thread simply to state that someone is wrong with no explanation, you are walking the fine line between having a personality defect and being a troll...

    If you post in a thread because other users are ganging up on someone and you want to join in on the fun, you are walking the fine line between having a personality defect and being an internet bully.

    If you post in a thread, read your post, realize you are a douchebag, edit the post in an attempt to hide your douchey-ness, and then pretend it never happened, not only are you still a douchebag but everyone still saw your douchey post and thinks you're even more of a douchebag now that you've tried to hide it.

    If, in a thread that is asking for people's opinions, you post that their opinions are flawed while completely disregarding their reasons for having said opinions or even the topic altogether, you both have a personality defect and are a douche (with a pinch of crybaby/I'mRightYou'reWrong in there somewhere).

    It really isn't difficult to debate with people while being respectful of their opinions/beliefs. Some people may think, "Oh, so and so wouldn't say that in person. They're just an internet tough guy / asshole." It's sad, but I don't believe that one bit. I think most of the people who take the time to be assholes on the internet are actually assholes in real life...or at least have some sort of superiority complex.
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    Saw That One Coming...

    The moment I noticed that "bloggers" now have the ability to edit and delete other people's comments on their blogs, I knew a few people would be all over it.

    So just a heads up fellas and ladies...the blog section will never be the same.

    "Meh...I don't like that comment. I think I'll delete it."

    "Meh...I don't like how that was worded. I think I'll edit it."

    "Hmmm... I might be asking for advice, but I don't like the advice I'm getting. I'll just delete/edit it."

    "I made a stupid comment and people are calling me out for it. How dare they! I must delete these comments!"

    Just in case anyone gives a're comments will never be edited or deleted in one of my blogs. Not matter how offensive, pointless, inappropriate, etc... I will not censor my lame-ass blog. ;)
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    Some People's Children...

    Recently deleted my Facebook. I know..."Facebook sucks...troll...blah..." Well I only used it to keep in touch with family and a few friends. More and more, people use Facebook (and every other "social networking" site) as their personal soap box... If status updates aren't politically motivated then they likely have to do with "helping" some cause.

    Sorry folks, but "liking" this message with not cure cancer or save the whales. Sharing this link will not get Obama impeached or end apartheid...

    When status updates do not involve any of the above, chances are they are about how HORRIBLE someone's day was. "OMG! Someone cut me in off on the way home today!!!" "FML! I stubbed my toe!" "WTF!?!? My baseball team is losing and I want to slit my wrists!!!"

    It's sad.

    With each generation, priorities get more and more skewed...

    For me, a bad day at involves someone getting shivved or a gas leak or something... I can't say a sports team has ever held enough weight in my life to have any sort of effect on my mood. Dealing with a difficult customer or getting very little sleep really doesn't sound like much to the people who actually have shit going on in their lives...

    Having said all of that, I will add that it all happens here too...with the addition of clingy kids, fanboys, and fetishists who feel they need to defend themselves from anonymous keyboard bigots.

    If someone says, "leave me be. I don't like you. There is no reason for us to have contact of any sort." (or anything to that effect) that essentially means "leave me be. I don't like you. There is no reason for us to have contact of any sort." (or anything to that effect). It's not cute to continue poking someone. It's not cute to create stupid threads and make stupid posts. No means no. Do not r*pe someone's PM box or ask others to PM on your behalf. Grow up ;)

    No one cares if you like Final Fantasy or Call of Duty. No one cares if you like rock or J-pop. No one cares if you wish you were a cartoon pony or a squirrel. No matter how hard you try and make them, no matter how bright and colorful you make your avatars/ one truly cares. To argue one point or the other is simply to bring attention to yourself (and I have been guilty of it too). If someone disagrees, it's not anyone else's job to try and convince them otherwise.

    I think that should about do it for today...

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    Things and other stuff

    Quite a bit happening for Old8oy riposte at the moment.

    My baby boy is 5 months old! The circumstances surrounding his birth were scary as hell, but he's a beautiful, healthy, chunky boy and smiles ALL day long :)
    I've been able to schedule myself at work around the days my wife works (she's part-time) so we don't have to fork over any money for daycare. I really don't like the whole idea of daycare anyway, no one else needs to raise my son ;)

    I'm about 99% finished with a huge, two month project I'd taken on at work. Building spreadsheets to track all of our numbers at our various accounts. Thirty 400-500KB Excel spreadsheets and I never want to look at another spreadsheet again... I had built one for my own use and once the higher-ups got ahold of it they decided to make it mandatory for everyone. So not only did I spend the last couple months busting my ass, but I also had to present the changes to a group of 30 people who are very set in their ways and don't accept change very well. Was a rough meeting yesterday...

    Unexpectedly, most people were pretty receptive to it. To the point that they suggested giving me the "Above and Beyond" award, whatever that means :P

    I've also been selected as one of four members of a new support team for the other accounts. The four of us have our own "specialties" and will act as a buffer between our peers and upper management. It's kind of a double-edge though as I have a bit of a history with one of my teamates that working closely together will throw a monkey wrench into resolving. We'll see how that goes. We're both professionals so I don't anticipate it bleeding through into our jobs...

    I got a great deal on an acoustic bass two days ago. Practically brand new $400 bass for $100. The only problem is that the electronics aren't working properly (not that they're need for an acoustic) but it'll be a simple fix once I have the ten spare minutes needed to check the wiring. Now I just have to learn to play the bass :P

    My writing partner and I have quite a few songs together and with all of the stuff I have going on, there are enough words for quite a few more. I'm getting pretty excited about what we've been able to do with our music. Hopefully soon we'll be hitting up some open mic nights and getting some recordings online ;)

    All in all, it's been a busy summer that's finally settling down in some ways and picking up in others.
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    Just a test...

    Just testing out some mp3 streaming. If it works okay and there's a decent response I'll get some actual recordings up.

    This was just a quick recording so I had something to listen to in the car while I was trying to come up with a lyrical melody and the lyrics themselves. A pretty simple, mellow song.

    Shine Bright

    Would anyone care to hear more? I have a writing partner (though this one was just me) and while all songs are acoustic they are far more varied in genre and tempo than this one track might lead one to think.
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    Hip and Different =/= Good



    With each passing year I find it harder to keep up with the world's changing tastes in music, movies, television, books, games, etc... It's not that there is too much to take in... It's more that I just don't see what there is to like about much of it. It seems like people pay more attention to names than they do quality or content. It's the new album from so-&-so. That new movie with so-&-so in it. So much gets overlooked because people think they already know what they "like" when in reality they've never challenged themselves with anything different.

    That's not to say everything different has substance. But how many artists (in any medium) are truly speaking to their generation rather than simply talking at them? Times certainly are a'changin.

    edit-spelling error
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    I'm Old...

    Something hit me today...

    While perusing the 3DS essentials list (don't ask me why...) I noticed that Alleyway had -2 recommendations because it's "repetitive"... I remember saving for a whole summer to get the original Gameboy (with Link's Awakening packaged) and picking up Alleyway with my leftover cash. There was far more time spent on Alleyway than any other GB game in my eventual collection (aside from Link's Awakening). As a kid I never thought of Alleyway as "repetitive". I played Arkanoid every time we went to PizzaHut :P Same game, smaller screen. Of all the games I owned, that is one of the few to remain in my collection until its end when I bought my first electric guitar.

    Am I that old now (28) that the games I grew up playing and continue to enjoy are considered "repetitive"? And now I'm curious... I'll list my top 5 favorite games from each system I've owned and see what the few who read this might have to say about them. Not the "best" games, but the games I enjoyed the most (if that makes any sense)...

    Dragon Warrior
    Zelda II
    SMB 1

    Link's Awakening
    Alien 3
    Solar Striker

    A Link to the Past
    Metal Combat (super scope FTW)
    Street Fighter II
    Illusion of Gaia

    Sega Genesis
    Sonic 1
    Zombies Ate My Neighbors
    NBA Jam TE
    Jungle Strike

    I'd still be happy playing any and all of these games... Am I out of touch?
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    Xbox 360...

    So my Xbox 360 has been collecting dust for the past month or so. I have plenty of games to play but other things have somewhat taken its place. Between raising my son, writing music with a friend, and work I just haven't made any time to play.

    So I went out and purchased Left 4 Dead 2 yesterday with some credit I had left over for Gamestop with the hopes that I could arrange some co-op games and get back into the swing of things. If anyone is interested let me know. I'd also like to do another run through of Borderlands but no one keeps playing past the first couple sessions...
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    Hellos and Goodbyes

    This blog is pretty tragic so please don't feel obligated to read...

    So I've pretty well faded away from the temp over the past year or so. Was pretty enthusiastic about Wii/PSP modding but it got a tad old... Then when we found out my wife was pregnant things came into perspective and I really started focusing my energy on my family. A month and a half later my brother and his wife found out they were pregnant also. Our family was poised to have two additions within two months of each other.

    My son was born on April 27th, 2011 by emergency C-section. We had gone in for a normal check-up that morning and found his heartbeat to be erratic. About 6 hours later he was in a helicopter headed downstate to the university hospital. We were only a week and a half from the due date so he wasn't born prematurely. Supraventricular Tachycardia or SVT is what he was diagnosed with. It basically means that his heart can go into a state where it beats consistently at well over 200 beats per minute. We spent nearly a week with him at the hospital before he was able to be released. I'm happy to say that he's a beautiful, healthy boy and we're managing his condition with a simple medication. He's had no episodes since we've left the hospital.

    On June 13th at around 12:30am I received a phone call from my mother. I assumed when I looked at the caller ID that it was to tell me that my brother's wife had gone into labor. Sadly, it was to let me know that they lost the baby... He was due on June 17th. He hadn't been moving around much throughout the day so they went to the emergency room where they were unable to find a heartbeat. Rather than operate to remove him the doctors recommended that labor be induced... He was born in the early hours of June 14th but there wasn't any celebration to be had... The umbilical cord had wrapped around his neck twice...

    Needless to say, my entire family is devastated right now. The funeral is tomorrow. I just don't understand how both pregnancies can be perfect up until the last week... Neither had any issues at all leading up to the births. As rough as it was being in the hospital with my son for that week, we were so incredibly lucky. I have no idea how my brother and his wife are getting by right now... My wife and I shaken up knowing what could have happened those seven weeks ago and are unsure of what seeing our son might leave them feeling.

    Please keep my family in your thoughts tomorrow...
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    Why So Much Hate?


    I am by no means any good at all at Super Street Fighter IV. Have never claimed to be. I play it for fun. Have never trash talked anyone.

    So why all the hate online?

    Fought against a 3400bp/1030pp Fei last night with my 150ishBP/450PP Ken (i normally play as Akuma...). Came down to one strike in the third round when he caught a cheap win when I had no choice but to block his ultra... I'm thinking "wow, that was fun. pretty close match". dude sends me a message saying simply "Fkn noob". As I stated earlier, I'm not one to trash talk, but there was a need to respond to this... I wrote back with "ummm... you almost lost to this noob". he comes back with "haterz gonna hate"...

    it wasn't like i was spamming dps or anything. What kind of chump trash talks someone who took them to the brink?

    wasn't even using Ken by choice. my cousin was over playing while I was feeding my son. he got a phone call after the matchup screen so I took the match. especially sucked because he had his buttons all switched around. felt like I could have beat the dude if I'd have known where my buttons were in the first round...

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    Geometry Wars!!! Arghhh...

    I don't know why I felt a need to play Geometry Wars late last night. I was addicted for a good month after I got my xbox 360 but the highest score I could get was like 640,000. Haven't really played it for like 6 months. So the wife goes to bed, I'm waiting for Borderlands to finish downloading and am a little too drowsy for anymore Beyond Good & Evil so I figure I'll kill some time with Geometry Wars. I put on the soundtrack to The Social Network and start playing, not really paying attention to my score... Shits getting crazy and I have a split second break between waves so I glance up...940,000...with 7 lives left... Realizing how close I was to finally reaching 1,000,000 I lost my focus and GO'd at 966,000...

    I think the Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross tunes made all the difference :P I did figure out a "system" though so I'm pretty confident I'll complete the achievements pretty soon :)
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    Best Wife Ever

    So I've been looking to get a new acoustic guitar for a few weeks now. My cheapy Fender from like 12 years ago is pretty beat up... Went to the local guitar shop yesterday and played probably a dozen or so guitars until I found one that sounded excellent at a reasonable price. Snapped a quick picture of it on my cellphone to show my wife and left.

    My plan was to sell my xbox360 and all my games when I got out of work today and go pick up the guitar. Work called as I was walking in my front door so I was a bit distracted and unaware of my surroundings when I got inside. Set the mail and my paperwork for the day on the table, still talking to work... Let the dogs out, finally hang up with work. Take my coat off, get changed out of my work clothes, let the dogs in, give them a treat, turn on the TV, turn on the computer, grab something to eat/drink...all the while not noticing the guitar case leaning against the table (I actually had to reach around it to put the mail on the table earlier...).

    I think, "oh, my brother must have dropped off the guitar case I asked him to lend me...". I walk over and open it up and...


    ...inside rests the guitar I was about to go sell my xbox for...

    Turns out, my wife had a dentist appointment this morning before work and she stopped by the guitar shop afterward. The guy working at the shop remembered me and the guitar I was looking at the day before and was so amazed she was buying it for me without me knowing that he threw in a free hard case (pretty decent one too).

    Needless to say, I have my work cut out for me on Valentine's Day next week :P
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    The Best and Worst of August is Over

    My birthday was on the 10th. Didn't really want anything but my wife surprised me with 3200 Microsoft points. Immediately proceeded to buy Castlevania: HoD and LIMBO. Spent the rest on the Overlord Mass Effect 2 DLC. Worked a short day that day and got to chill.

    Had my DOC inspection this past Monday. Went surprisingly well. 100% compliance. Despite being short-handed at work right now we're getting things done (and saving some $$$ not having to pay out so much labor).

    Went and saw Stone Temple Pilots and Cage the Elephant last night. Cage was a bit of a let-down. Half of the songs they played were obscure covers that they screamed through. The other half were songs from their album but they don't seem like they can quite recreate the album sound live. Kind of a bummer since I bought the tickets specifically to see them.

    STP, however, more than made up for it. Their show was excellent. Amazing that Scott Weiland can still hit every note perfectly considering all the horrible shit he's done to himself over the years. I wasn't all that excited to see them until they got on stage and started tearing it up. I'd definitely see them again. They played every big song they had (which is a lot. was a 90 minute set!) except for "Creep" :(

    All in all a good month so far *knock on wood*.