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    WintendoZone Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is releasing tomorrow! I'm hyped!

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    WintendoZone I'm trying to like, or "yeah" every post on this page,


    It's like Miiverse, and I wanted to Yeah every post by spamming, but how would I go about writing the script for iMacros?

    I know for Miiverse, it was this script you had to put:

    URL GOTO=javascript:$('.empathy-button:not(.empathy-added)').click();

    I know I have to change the URL to "URL GOTO="
    I keep this: "WAIT SECONDS=1"

    But I'm not sure how yeahs are implemented in this website.
    Can anyone help with whats the javascript code I'd put in if I wanted to make a Yeahbot?
    WintendoZone Windows Codename Longhorn, if you aren't aware, was a series of Windows Vista Prototype builds that contained many experimental features and visuals planned to ship with Windows Vista.

    One feature that's not too talked about at all is Privacy Preferences, a feature that appears to resemble an early version of today's User Account Control, which debuted in Vista, though this is a misconception. More information can be found about what exactly the goal of this application is here.

    Interface for Privacy Preferences, found in build 4033.

    Privacy Preferences isn't limited to only being found in 4033. It can also be found in builds 3706 and 4008.

    The application asks the user what type of information they would like to send to Microsoft, where they would send it from, how they would accept sending it, and how they would send it.

    The information on how to find and use the app is lost. If you have any information on this, please let me know.
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    WintendoZone I'm gonna be doing my first review on the product, the HP Stream with an Intel Celeron @1.60GHz. I got it September of last year, and spending a year with the product, I though I would give my thoughts on it.

    A picture of the HP Stream Product

    The build I got has 32GB of space, which, if I'm gonna be honest, is really bad for the price, and not a lot of space is left over if you have the Office preinstalled bundle that comes with it, and it also comes preinstalled with the OS Windows 10 Home. That sounds okay, I mean, later down the line Win10 had features I found useful for using applications such as PinBox for my 3DS, but the antivirus that comes out-of-the-box, and Windows Defender, is only okay. I recommend Malwarebytes for those who aren't too tech-savy or are just looking for a better option.

    So, my review so far has been... Eh, it's so-so. 32GB of space for your files is pretty bad for today's standards, and Office was unneeded imo. But my main problem is that the system overheats like hell. The CPU's performance is always constantly affected BADLY because there isn't a fan built in to the system, and there's little space for any hot air to come out of the machine. I don't know if it's just because I use my machine for other purposes than it was probably meant for, because it is a lower-end personal computer, but I think that is a big issue with the machine that could be fixed easily with a fan built in.

    Overall, although I find the product to look great visually and it's storage capacity is pretty mediocre, it is great to use if yourey going to mainly browse the web. Windows does a good job at loading all the peogrproi want though, and compatibility with older programs is pretty damn good.

    I waluld give this 3 out of 5 stars and recommend it to those who, again, aren't that tech-savy and just want to use the machine for web purposes and running old games and crap like that. Hopefully you enjoyed this review. Give me your thoughts below!
    WintendoZone Indigo is releasing 3:00 PM EST.

    It has post integration, easy file uploading, themes, Hubs, Virtual Console and more.

    Visit when it releases. My friends would appreciate that.
    WintendoZone The system includes a surplus of themes and installs applications during install. And the size of the ISO file is only about 800 MB!
    I won't include a link, but I'll show you some screenshots of the system.

    Overview of the main theme and sidebar in build

    As you can see it come with applications like Opera 36, Thunderbird (which used to be my favorite client) and VLC Media Player, plus the Windows Gadgets.
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    WintendoZone If you want a free, opensource version of modern Windows NT, I reccomend ReactOS.


    ReactOS reports itself to applications as if it was Windows NT and allows you to use and install those applications like you would on a real version of Windows.

    Mozilla Firefox running on ReactOS

    You can install programs like 7-Zip, and have the ability to install themes. Not all programs will be capable of running on ReactOS, as it is still currently in development.

    7-Zip is capable of being ran on ReactOS

    Visit to download a version.

    The creators of this software are looking for testers to install this on real hardware. If you'd like to help support them, consider doing so and giving feedback to them.

    The purpose of ReactOS is to provide a free alternative to Windows while still allowing you to run your normal everyday applications.

    That's all for today.
    WintendoZone Woah, no videos can be loaded.
    WintendoZone Here's the trailer. This time there's planned support for live Yeahs, a Virtual Console, a surplus of communities, and it's being handled by more than just two people. Leave your thoughts in the comments on it.

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    WintendoZone I was personally was not impacted by this bug found in the latest system update (1809), but I find it unprecedented that users would report this issue three months before the official release, and MS did nothing to fix it.

    Things like this is what pushes away customers from purchasing Windows 10 and sticking to 7 or 8. This is ultimately because 7 is easier to navigate through, more lightweight, and it's updates aren't like this.

    If MS should release an update, it's no question that they should do proper testing before this!

    But, I'm interested in what you guys got to say. Were you impacted?
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    WintendoZone He made oasis. Here's the link:

    The basic idea is that it's a social media platform. I hope you enjoy it. Be sure to give the owner, Pip, some tips on what he should work on.
    WintendoZone I'm chatting with a couple of friends on the internet who are saying they aren't doing so good. I'm no expert at this kinda thing, but I thought helping them cope with everything and telling me their problems so I can help ease their situations will help. Please if you feel depressed don't hesitate to talk to anyone here. This community isn't great at just video games but werew a team and we're all friends here, we can help you with a problem you have. Thanks for reading.
    WintendoZone While I'm not a Splatoon fan like many, I still like the characters. So I made this drawing. Tell me what you think about it below. :)[​IMG]
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    WintendoZone When Nintendo shut down Miiverse, many people, including myself were curious as to where to go. Eventually, a lot of people stumbled across Closedverse, a pretty popular (at the time) basic clone of the service.


    The Closedverse 'logo'.

    Since I logged on for the first time I made countless posts and had a lot of fun, but after a while it got old and pretty toxic, to be honest.

    So since I'm done with using it, I'm going to give a review. It's not going to be based on the owner and what he did, it's just mostly a plain review on how I see the site and it's userbase as a whole among other things.

    #1, About the Communities.

    There are only a handful of communities to use nowadays, but there used to be a lot more. This is because administrators lost a lot of their permissions and communities they made due to them being untrustworthy or messing with the database for the site, most likely because they do it for fun.

    There aren't really any memorable communities, especially now, besides the main hub, being ''Anything Goes Community", where, as the name suggests, you can talk about anything. There's also specific rules to it. This is the banner for it.


    Some other communities include an art community, a Super Mario Bros. Community, and some for other popular franchises like Kirby.

    #2, The userbase

    The userbase consists of mostly teenagers unfortunately and it makes for a really bad experience sometimes. This isn't to say all teenagers are bad, no, but most of the userbase constantly seeks drama and pointless arguments almost every day. The creator of Closedverse, Arian, has started drama sometimes as well.

    Also, a lot of great people have left the website because they were either treated wrongly continuously for no reason, or have been IP banned by bad administrators. This in turn leads to even more arguments.

    A couple of users for unknown reasons have faked suicide. Yeah, I don't know.

    #3, Features.

    Closedverse showcases some very small, basic features that are mostly carbon copies from its not-so-popular ''predecessor", Openverse, which has ended. This includes posting with an image, using your Mii via Nintendo Network ID, having a dark mode and light mode, etc. Nothing really special, but I like the emote feature, it's just I wish they had some documentation on the images you can put in your post, for example, :blank: makes it so that you don't have to put in text in your post, only an image.

    There's also not a lot of compatibility with most of the consoles this website was aimed at. The 3ds can run the website but you won't be able to log in. The Wii U does a good job at loading everything but does it slowly and in a very glitchy manner. Even on PC, it would be reccomended to use at least Windows 7 with this, otherwise you'll get some bugginess.

    #4, administration.

    Administration on the website is terrible, if I'm going to put it lightly. Some of the admins have secretly looked through people's Private messages, messed around with other's IP addresses, unfairly banned others, wrote hate posts to others without consequences, and many other things. It'd be too long of a list if I had to list them all.

    #5, the site as a whole.

    The website itseld isn't bad. But for God's sake, could you get any worse when it comes to the userbase? Some even drew Anime hentai for admin privileges, which isn't even low compared to some of the other things they have done for those privileges.

    If I have to guess I would say it is the owner's fault for not managing the website as well as he should, which has led to so many people leaving. He also has done some really shady shit that I won't discuss here because I don't attack anyone.

    Well, that's it for the review. Here's a tl;dr for those that don't want to read everything.

    I think the website itself is great and could have a lot of potential if it weren't for the user base and the administration plus the owner, so in my ranking for the review I'll give the website a four out of ten, and let's be honest, I'm being generous with a four.

    Peace, and thanks for reading. :)

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    WintendoZone So I compiled a list of things you can do with cfw on your 3ds. I've done all of these so far, let me know more if you've done something that isn't on here.

    "The 3DS has many advantages when it comes to hacking it because you can then:

    Install any game or application for free.

    Play any of those applications even if they're region locked

    Install developer software.

    Play online without consequences. (Does not include playing hacked games)

    Backup your 3ds nand

    Play any 2d/3d movies and TV shows

    Make your Miis have special gold pants

    Get unlimited play coins

    Search through a database of free games to get

    Run Windows 1, 2, , 3.1, 3.11, and 95. (N3DS only)

    Run an old Macintosh Operating system.

    Create and use custom themes and badges plus splash screens.

    Connect to your computer and stream computer content to play steam games, fortnite for example, or n64 games or snes games, litterally adds a whole new layer of support.

    Control your PC from 3ds.

    Stream your 3ds screen to your computer and record game play without the use of any nintendo accessories that would cost more money.

    Play demos or discontinued games/apps (eg Nintendo Zone) that have run out of turns or display a message using FBI"