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    wildfire95 Im thinking as well we should have a group on it for keeping in check with Gaming Nights, that kind of thing.

    Anyways, if you want a invite just reply with your email. Do not flame me if you do not get a invite, but i do encourage people who i do give a invite out to, to follow the leader and give out a few invites to the GBATEMP community.

    wildfire95 Okay, its christmas time and my brother thinks he can get the following for £130 -

    Xbox 360 Elite. (Boxed).
    10 Games (Including MW2, and Assasins Creed 2). (He reckons that he can get the games, all ten of them for £50).
    Accessories (Controller etc).
    For £130.

    Even i think that is stupid. Even if you goes on eBay.

    Reply to this thread with -
    1. Why he's a dumass and that he is wrong.
    2. Would it will really cost (2nd Hand / New).

    Thanks guys, should be a nice little surprise when i print it off for him ;)

    wildfire95 I finally got (part) of my stuff i have decided to sell on eBay! I got the NDS Console, and 3 games. But i still have my old Pokemon GBC games and GameCube games to do as well.

    NDS Console -
    Brain Training -
    Pokemon Link / Trozei
    Pokemon Dungeons: Blue Rescue Team
    Wish me luck people! :D
    wildfire95 Me and my mate, (El) have started a new forum :D

    The main subject of it is Role-Play, on any genre. We have just about sorted everything admin wise, but a few reviews / comments about it would help us improve it alot more :)

    And yes, i realise we only have 2members, that because we havent opened it as of 20minutes ago >> But yea, have browse around it and tell me what you think of it. :D

    If you interested in becoming a staff member, PM me :)

    URL -

    Please note - Im sorry if this comes across as advertising but i dont mean it to be like that in the slightist, i just need reviews to help me improve it. If you want me to "protect" the link so you wouldnt know the real site link so that your not tempted to join and therefore make me look like im advertising... just ask.
    wildfire95 Been browsing the forum, and most people only have around 2GB SD Cards for ROMs etc. Ironically i was downloading 40 of my favourite roms whilst discovering this. And i mean 40 just as starter.

    I have a 16GB Memory card.. and i hope to get another one soon. But considering once you get the games, homebrew and the odd movie or whatever. How do you survive? Or do people buy FlashCarts to play 2games >>

    wildfire95 Is there a hope for me getting a DSLite? I have already Sold my iPod (which was faulty) and got £60 for it. I now only have the following to try and get £80 :hateit:

    Consoles -
    Nintendo DS. (Has a few scratches)
    Accessories -
    Nintendo DS Case
    Games -
    Super Monkey Ball - Touch & Go
    Pokemon Trozei (Pokemon Link only a limited edition)
    Pokemon Blue Rescue Team
    Brain Training DS
    Other Games
    GBC - Pokemon Gold
    GB   - Pokemon Blue
    GB   - Pokemon Red
    GB   - Pokemon Yellow
    If i dont get £70 from this sale above i cant get my M3Real Perfect Bundle and the console.
    Lets hope eBay is on my side :rolleyes:(:

    -Cameron. :yayds: