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    dumpster diving part 4

    78F10FA1-4C29-4AC9-B802-FAAC4F21F071.jpeg I’ll cut to the chase. I found a ps3 controller that when I played smash in dolphin a little too hard it cheaply broke.
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    guess my favorite game

    You have 30 minutes fail, and face erasure- The reapers

    Hint: its on the wii
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    Dumpster diving part 3

    P1030564.JPG P1030562.JPG Alright so the only reason I went dumpster diving was because I saw some guy dumping a dsi charger in there and my 3ds charger exploded the other day. I found
    • A portable battery circuit board
    • 100mah battery
    • fan
    • broken phone cable
    So i made this thing, that actually charges my 3ds
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    I dont know when I made this but I didn't feel like putting this in the meme box

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    Dumpster diving part 2

    I guess this is good? P1030555.JPG P1030556.JPG
    ( yes these were from jimmy the local dumpster)
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    Found this in a dumpster

    I found a modded usb hub in a dumpster because im that bored. P1030553.JPG P1030554.JPG
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    Why the last of us leak could be fake

    I know, at this point its damn near impossible that its fake.Before you go to the comments and start saying that im wrong, im no developer or have worked on tlou.With that out of the way, i'll share some discrepancies that I found with the leak.First off, by looking at screenshots of the leak, the leaker is using (as far as I could tell) 3 different builds of the game.Some are dated feb 29th 2020, While the other is dated march 19 2020.There's also a third build that's dated April 4th.If this was leaked by a fired naughty dog employee, then why would they have access to a build that is very recent as of this writing.My final mismatch of sorts was that in the video ( I think it was a re upload) there was a Windows 10 taskbar.Why would this game be running on pc? As far as i'm aware there is no ps4 emulator that can remotely emulate the ps4.Yes, I know there were rumors that the last of us was on pc, but this was back in I think January. So yeah, those are my reasons to think that its fake.Before you start saying that it's damn near impossible that it's fake, just know, this was all speculation
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    My gamecube is now a dust blower

    So.... yeah, title says it all. My gamecube is now a very effective dust blower.The funny part is that when i turn it on the fan blows all dust that it has onto the wii u. It still works though. I only made this just because I was bored and had nothing else to do.
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    I had a good day at your local goodwill

    So this happened a while ago before all of the delays due to the [REDACTED] virus.So I went to goodwill and made my way to the electronics section.And the first thing I see are 2 gamecube controllers.Then a wii u gamepad.And then the jewel, a snes classic for only 3$ in its box.The gamepad was 2$.So i scooped the controllers and then I turn around and I saw a little kid looking at the things I have.He put them down and then he ran towards his parents.There I knew, I had to book it.So I grabbed both things and on my way out got a nice hat.Then I plugged in the snes classic and it worked! Honestly im happy I didn't go for a tv that was 20$ in that moment.So im happy that I got that.And then self isolation happened and now im stuck here.
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    Im making a animated series. But...

    So by the title you should know what this is about.I hope to have it released by 2021.I uploaded a crappy trailer but im hoping to improve that (School just wont stop taking time off of me). So anyways I have one problem, I don't know what to make for a title. So I want to hear from you.What do you think would be a title for a series with a main character that is hunted down for his ability to go into peoples minds?
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    So... now I have a modchiped gamecube from my cusins?

    A bit of backstory, I really wanted a gamecube last month and for my holiday trip I went to mexico were my cousins live.Since I have a long history of repairing things for them( not to brag) They told me to take it back.I was as you might expect really happy at this.Plus they game me their ps1! Although that thing has a sad backstory, I still wanted it since the person who gave it to my cousins was very near to me and she died.But that's not what the post is about.Anyhow, I got home and tried out a gamecube game but accidentally put in my multi game mini dvd.And to my surprise it worked! At the same time I was very confused since the gamecube had no signs of being open.But hey,at least that adds to 3 consoles!
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    The wii is oficially dead F to pay respects

    Ubisoft confirmed that just dance 2020 will be the last game on the wii.So, lets all pay respects to this tiny white box.This was live for 13 years, but now it is time for it to go.Goodbye childhood.
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    Now what? a dead drive! well sh*t

    So on backup wii the drive stopped working after my dumb ass inserted a mini dvd and it got stuck.Fortunately backup loaders exist so, tdx internet!
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    New switch issue: BUTTON DRIFT

    So nintendo has a new lawsuit coming their way.
    This morning my switch wanted to die so it became infected with joy con drift syndrome and button drift.
    Just to get this out of the way, by button drift I mean that random buttons are pressed without me doing anything.Its probably a motherboard issue, but STILL. Oh and by the way it sometimes makes the switch's os want to die.
    Also the fan is dead so I an worried about dead gpu syndrome that runs in my house.
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    So as it turns out xenoblade fried the gpu lol

    So now i have a dysfunctional console.With no fixing. yay.
    And no, im not JOKING
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