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    New username :)

    Yeah I know I already made a topic about this, but I decided it should also be a blog entry. The reason I chose "wiithepeople" as my new username was because of the first words of the US constitution: "We the people". Seems to have a nice ring to it :)

    P.S. the topic I already made about this is here.
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    My gaming history

    Hey, haven't made a blog post in a while. This place is getting kinda crazy what with Smash Bros. finally (incompletely) dumped and topics about Smash Bros. getting 40+pages of posts a day :wacko:

    Anyways, I started gaming with my Gamecube, in 2002 :wub:. Well, actually I played a lot of N64 at my friend's house before that (Smash Bros., MK64, and Paper Mario FTW!!), but the Gamecube was MY first video game console. I loved it, but I never got it modded (didn't know about modding back then). I had two controllers for the GC. Some very notable games I had on the GC:

    -Mario Party 4-kicked ass. MUCH better than Mario Party 8 on the Wii IMO. It had tons of hidden stuff, like if you use a Mega Mushroom and then pass Bowser in his stage, you get to beat him up in a minigame XD. NEVER got tired of this game, perfect for when friends came over :D 9/10

    -Paper Mario: The Thousand year door-also extremely awesome. I'm a huge fan of the Paper Mario series, as all 3 of those games are amazing. SOOO addicting, graphics were nice, gameplay was awesome (turn-based RPG), many sidequests, long and captivating main game. 9.4/10 B-)

    -Super Smash Bros. Melee-OK, I can't explain in words how awesome this game was, and most of you who've played it will probably agree with me. Tons of characters to play with, tons of stages as well, many modes. THE best game I have EVER played. It is made of pure WIN. It is so much fun to play with other people, but playing by yourself is great too. It took forever to finally beat this game. 10/10 :bow:

    Moving on, the first handheld I had was my GBASP, in 2003 I think. This thing was awesome, brought it with me wherever I went (well, nearly). I got this a little late, I'd played handhelds before this (my friend's old GBA). I never got a flashcart for my GBA though, once again I didn't know about it. Notable games on GBA:

    -Pokemon Ruby-my first game on the GBA :D It was freaking awesome, very addicting (Blaziken level 93 NO cheating was not an overnight thing). I played it so much, but nowhere near as much as my friend with the old GBA previously mentioned. He played his Sapphire for a total of about 126 hours :rofl: Anyways, I give it a 9/10

    -Wario Ware: Mega Microgames-tons of fun, I gotta admit it was really hard at first (not like the stupid DS's crap Wario Ware :glare:). It really tests your reaction times and hand-eye coordination. It's so much fun, many different stages and lots of microgames. 8.5/10

    -Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga-a great RPG game. Took a while to beat but was very fun in the process. What can I say? Jumping on enemies' heads, whacking them with hammers, shooting fireballs and lightning out of your hand. Awesome Mario and Luigi action :) 9/10

    Now let's go to the DS, which I got next, really late in summer 2007. Then I got my R4 in October 2007. Gotta say, I LOVE the touch screen. The games for DS that use the touch screen are in NO WAY gimmicks, as some may have thought in the early days of the DS. This thing is truly revolutionary, and the homebrew scene is great too, lots of fun homebrew. Notable games for DS:

    -New Super Mario Bros.-this game was my first on DS, and one of the reasons I actually got it. TONS of fun, truly addicting. Too bad I was so addicted that I beat Bowser's castle in 1 week, completely beat it (3 stars) in 2.5 weeks. Still, the gameplay is fantastic, I really like it. I only wish there could've been wifi, and maybe some more minigames that aren't the same as SM64DS. 9/10 :)

    -Mario Kart DS-2nd game for DS, and I love it. Very nice controls, smooth gameplay. 16!! stages, wifi, DL play all make this game a masterpiece. Too bad I'm not a huge Mario kart fan, or else I would've rated this higher. 8.5/10.

    -Geometry Wars: Galaxies-a retro game with a great design. The gameplay is like the movie 300 if you know it, where it's 300 Spartans versus 1,000,000 Persians, except there is only ONE of you and more than 1,000,000 enemies. :wacko: You're a lone ship against constantly spawning life-form things, and you can use the stylus or buttons to shoot (I prefer stylus). EXTREME CHAOS is the only way to describe it. 9.2/10
    -Pheonix Wright: Ace Attorney-just got started with this series, so I'm still on the first game. This game is awesome, much better than it sounds. You're a defense attorney and have to investigate to prove your witness innocent. It can get really hard and frustrating at times (thank god for gameFAQs), but overall it's extremely fun. 8.8/10

    Finally, what other than the Wii. The Wii's motion sensing is revolutionary as well, only wish developers would make more games to utilize it. I got my Wii in summer 2007 as well. Actually, I ordered the DS from Amazon and bought my Wii from a retail store about 6 days after ordering the DS and 1 day before it arrived. Anyways, the Wii is very fun and great for everyone in the house. Unfortunately, that's what makes few games come out for the hardcore gamer :(. Still, the Wii is a great console. I have yet to get it modded but plan to do so with the Wlip. I have 2 Wiimotes and 2 Nunchuks. Notable games on the Wii:

    -Wii Sports-obviously my first game, since I live in the US and NTSC-U consoles come with it. This is the game that gets a lot out of the motion sensing. The whole thing is using the sensing, and it's a great game to play with friends who come over. Almost anyone can play this game, including grandparents and even 3-year-olds (just make sure the Wiimote jacket is on :lol:). It's extremely easy to pick up and play, and includes 5 sports-tennis, baseball, bowling, boxing, and golf. The gameplay is great, the only problem is that it's pretty plain. All you do is the same thing over and over, except against harder opponents as you go along. However, there are minigames with each sport that are very fun, but this game does get boring. 8/10

    -Super Paper Mario-great game, the third in the paper mario series. However, this game is completely different from the other Paper mario's: yes, it's an RPG, but it is NOT turn-based. Plus, it is a game with both 2D and 3D, brilliantly incorporated together. Mario can now flip from the 2nd dimension to the 3rd, making this game very original. This game is one of the best on Wii IMO and definitely worth checking out. It's 1-player only but will last you a long time. 9.6/10 :)

    -Super Mario Galaxy-a truly original game as well. This game is a 3D mario game that takes place in Outer Space. You can walk completely around little planetoids, which provides a feel that is completely different from most video games. I'm not a huge 3D mario game, but even I love this game. There's lots to the game (120 stars+do it all again with Luigi+1 extra star after you get 240 with mario and luigi). Also, the gravity changes in some stages. For example, in one stage the gravity pulls you down in some places and up in others. It's a refreshing change from most platformers, and it even has a 2-player mode where some one else can help you jump, get star bits, and even stop enemies! Overall, a great title ;) 9/10

    I still play my DS and Wii a lot, but I sold my GBASP and GC (no use anymore). Gotta love gaming :wub:
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    Suggested websites

    Here are some websites I suggest:
    -Dealextreme- cheapest prices around for DS flashcarts such as the R4, DSTT, M3 Real, and N-card & clones. Plus free shipping worldwide :D
    -Wiinewz- the latest Wii scene news
    -Mod ya Wii- Wii modding FAQ
    -IGN and GameFAQs- gaming news, game guides, etc.
    And, of course, GBAtemp!! :bow:
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    Want 100% free gaming stuff?

    If you don't have the money to buy your gaming stuff, there is a site, called gaminglagoon, that's perfect for you. Using it, you can get anything gaming-related FREE. Membership is free, and all you have to do is fill out surveys, which gives you points. Then, redeem those points for prizes. They'll buy you ANYTHING gaming-related, just give them the website URL, and they'll buy it for you. 1 point=$1 (USD or CAD) or 2 points=1 GBP. There are also a ton of prizes that gaminglagoon already has in stock, ready to ship to you. (they pay shipping :D) Look below for some more info on gaminglagoon and the company behind it, along with some testimonials of how the prize getting went:

    Not only is gaminglagoon 100% legit, it's really fast. I got the custom order prize of a 1GB Kingston microSD card on January 19th. I requested the prize on the 13th and it was processed, as in bought from the site, less than one day after. It came to me on the 19th. I got to say, gaminglagoon, thanks a ton!

    I also got this 3-point DS lite screen protector kit from their inventory (not a custom order). I'll just show you the request & process times:

    Request Date 2008-01-20 09:11:05
    Processed Date 2008-01-20 09:12:01

    Less than one minute to process and ship? :bow: I bet you agree that's great service. On top of all of this, they have live support on their site for members, all you have to do is type in your name and email. I did this, and a REAL PERSON was there within a minute! UPDATE: I got my screen protector today, January 24th. So, only 4 days to ship :D

    Some more awesome stuff that gaminglagoon offers:
    -schedule a hotline call, and a real person will answer within a few minutes of scheduling
    -their own support forum, forumlagoon.com
    -send a support ticket at supportlagoon.com
    If you have some questions about gaminglagoon, do not hesitate to PM me. :)

    I really recommend you to sign up for gaminglagoon. Becoming a member is free and pretty easy. You have to give your email address, address (so they know where to ship the prizes, but don't worry, they won't send anything but prizes), full name, some personal info like what your gender, race, etc. are, and phone number (don't worry, they won't try to sell you anything). An automated phone call will be sent to you a few minutes after you complete registration, asking you to put in a code that they give you. After you do this, your account will be activated and you can start doing some offers! B-)

    Here's a link to sign up to gaminglagoon: gaminglagoon sign-up. But make sure you read this FAQ first. Trust me, it'll help.

    Anyways, to sum it all up, gaming is a great site that gives you free gaming stuff. It's one site that really cares about the customer. Unlike most freebie sites, which are scams, this one is 100% legit. Keep up the great work gaminglagoon! :)
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    GBAtemp >>>>>> any other online community

    Cool, this is my first blog article ever :wub:

    Anyways, GBAtemp owns any other online community, including MySpace and any online forum you can think of.
    GBAtemp now has a ton of new BB codes (check blog of the mighty Costello), and a blog area, and a photo area, and an enormous community, and a shop, and a download section, and IRC, and a podcast, and a wiki, and a bunch of other things, testing area :D <span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>OH AND BONEMONKEY!! :rofl: </span>

    So have fun at the best online community ever :D