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    Charitable Search Engines Ranked

    Google, Yahoo, Bing make money, but don't give back, however, some do! I have personally tried 4 different search engines. Here's my list
    #4 Ecosia
    Although it's the most popular, it's not the best. Ecosia plants trees with their profits and they have planted over 120,000,000 trees. Incredible, right! Although I do have some personal issues like the interface not fitting me and no image search. It's powered by Bing. The homepage is bland but does what it can. Their attempt to advertising seems well because of how many people have switched. Also, the mobile app is bad, fast but can't open tabs. Some better news is they don't sell your data like Google and they use renewable energy. To try it go to www.ecosia.org

    #3 OceanHero
    OceanHero comes at number three on this list. OceanHero uses its profits to clear plastic from the ocean. The interface looks identical to Google's as it has one major difference. OceanMode. Ocean Mode is basically a theme for when you search giving the search engine a more colorful feel. My problem is that an extension is basically forced on you after using it for a while. Gets annoying but you still can help the ocean. The mobile app has been interested. It's unconfirmed whether this app uses renewable energy or not but they keep your data safer then most search engines
    #2 YouCare
    Another popular choice I like. This search engine lets you chose your charity. That's nice but you have to make an account to change it. It has a very similar interface to Google's and is powered by renewable energy like Ecosia. Unlike OceanHero it does not have a stunning ocean mode but it's fine for most people. Some charities are trees, plastic pollution-fighting, cancer research, etc. Privacy is good. It's good and gets number 2
    #1 SearchScene
    SearchScene is powered by Bing/Google and does use renewable energy. Every new tab you are given a beautiful image and SearchScene uses its own interface. Like YouCare they support multiple charities but unlike YouCare where you are forced to chose, you can support all of them. If you don't support one of them you can just cancel that one out/ This search engine supports planting trees, helping refugees, feeding homeless children, fighting climate change and clean water. Although this one is the least popular of all it still wins number 1 as it is going to save the world

    All of these search engines help save the world, give it a try, it works
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    Official Poll Lord

    Yes, you heard it. I am now the official poll lord of GBAtemp! Thanks to @DinohScene I now control all polls of GBAtemp. I am the lord of all polls now and you shall bow down to me

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    Say things about WiiMiiSwitch that you think a true

    It May seem like copying but @Seliph and @Lilith Valentine did it so....
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    List of Underated singers.

    Iggy Azalea
    Anson Serebra
    Ruth B
    the list will continue later on
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    Why i'm now investing in BAT

    BAT also know as Basic Attention Token is a somewhat new but not really new cryptocurrency. However, unlike other cryptocurrencies, it's 100 percent free. BAT is earned by using the Brave Browser, how is it free, because Brave gives you notifications posing as ads which earn you BAT. I signed up for it months ago thinking it was just a way to tip Youtubers but it was much more. The price of BAT is already increasing daily.
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    Why I use Bing

    Bing is one of the most hated search engines of all time. However, I love Bing. Here's why.
    They give you free money. You heard it right, they pay you to use it. I have made so many gift cards off Bing that I can't even count.
    Another reason
    Literally no other reason, money is all that matters
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    WiiMiiSwitch face reveal?

    Here it is upload_2021-3-7_10-4-58.png
    Got you!

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    Poll sugestions.

    Not really the blog type of guy, would take poll suggestions though
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