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    so i dusted off my retron 5 and made cfw for it...

    well kinda. just a homebew dash out of lols and boredom. i had started this project a few years back but never planned to release anything (nor do i care to do so now)
    i just find it amusing that i repurposed it into an android "desktop" gui launcher for kicks and giggles (mouse and keyboard supported).
    got it to connect to the internet to listen to music streams. boredom i tell ya.

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    The costs of mental health in a pandemic and what normalcy looks like for a frontline worker.

    Please if you suffer from anxiety and depression, i urge you to avoid reading the stuff below. Its just a window for me to vent my realities as someone who has been getting psychologically stressed at everything that has been going on.

    If you had asked me what coronavirus would have looked like 3 months ago, I would have told you it would have been no big deal.

    Yet here we are nearly at a month since my state went into lockdown and a few health scares of my own later, this mess rages on and while the news says the economy will open soon... even a month feels and looks like an eternity for a lot of us in the hospitals.
    PPE is still in short supply and reserved for nurses and doctors, but hardly any available for people that do work equally important in these places, from people that deal with maintenance to medical equipment, food services (tho they are better off than most of us with ppe) and the IT guys that have to fix computers in patient rooms and throughout the hospital

    yet service calls to Corona virus patient units come in day in and day out. keyboard that had fluids spilled on it, equipment that failed in a room with someone that has caught the disease its all par for the course and we have to find a solution and keep coming with creative solutions to provide either work arounds or fix the broken equipment in these places.

    getting to your workplace and going through several checkpoints with temperature checks gets annoying after a while but you somehow learn to get used to it.

    Yet after so many weeks of this days in and days out what really has messed with me is what is messing with everyone in health workplaces at this time.

    "am i a silent spreader?"
    "am i putting my family at home at risk?"
    "should i have a contingency plan if i catch it and die?"

    grappling with my own mortality at my workplace has to be a first. Never did i think that would happen but here we are.

    The irony is that no matter where you fall in the political spectrum if you ask most frontline responders if they feel they have enough back up to battle this mess they will probably tell you no.

    Staff is not getting tested by most facilities.
    PPE is in short supply

    and I am lucky enough to be in one of the states that has not been a warzone (hopefully it stays with a "low count")

    I cant count the kids in their 20's out there that think that they should be going out for every little thing. (seriously, if you go out make sure you get your damn groceries and head back home and keep distance from one another)
    I have seen kids in their 20's in top physical shapes getting their asses handed to them by this thing. its not a joke.

    I am in my mid 30's with some underlying conditions that technically make me high risk, but my ass marches on every day to work.
    I had to get tested late last month due to having symptoms that match the virus but tests turned out negative 10 days later (tests were hardly available at the time)one can wonder if it was an untimely flu or else.
    I battle with setting a beneficiary with my life insurance in case something happens to me, just because i feel that the moment i do that, i will be setting myself up for misfortune to strike (i know its irrational but the mind works in funny ways)

    on the plus side of things there has been one friend here at this site that has been an incredible source of comfort in the middle of all of this (you know who you are) Person has made me laugh in the middle of a dark period in my life. this person has been a pause button in the middle of so much sadness fear and uncertainty (i owe you a great deal for this)

    Ironically video games and friendship has been one of the few things that has provided me comfort and respite from the onslaught of bad news.

    This whole ramble has been messy and unfocused but i wanted to just let it out. it helps put order into what has been an otherwise chaotic mind last couple of weeks. As for you if you happen to read this, stay at home and be safe. being reckless can get you or a loved one killed even if you are young.
    I dont care what country you think you live in.value your life and that of your loved ones, save a life. stay at home.

    this is what a stack 140 i5 i7 and xeons looks like

    The ebay auction where i may have gone overboard.
    1-4th gen i5 i7 and xeons (some i3's for good measure too. lol). ended up scooping this mess for about 300 bucks... gonna call friends and family and ask them if they would like free upgrades.





    adopting an abandoned bitcoin mining card and giving it a second chance for video gaming (with Vinegar!)

    Linus tech tips had covered last year that there is a barrage of p106 nvidia video card in the market that are pretty much considered useless since the bitcoin collapse of 2 years ago:

    In short the card can be used for gaming provided certain things are "just right" with your setup and you can go off to the races. The performance is about the same as an nvidia 1060 6gb but of course there is no official support.
    It got me curious enough to venture into TAOBAO myself recently and after a bunch of hoops receiving a card myself from china.


    after receiving it, the card was filthy as hell. from the side it looked like it had been sitting in some poor warehouse mining its poor soul away prior to getting to me. So it was time to give it a nice little make up before i started fiddling with it.



    filthy as flip flop as you can see also the bracket was starting rust. The artic silver had miraculously not completely dried up but it looked like it had been applied like crap.

    first order of the day was to clean the mess:



    Alcohol would have worked just as well, but thermal compound removal solution worked nicely. Next step was to remove and clean up the old thermal pads:


    Now this was starting to look like a video card i would use! Thermal paste applied in a more sane manner was well. however I was not done yet. A rusted bracket is just... sad. So it was time to use some magic eraser to scrub it after letting the bracket sit on white vinegar for 30 minutes...





    not perfect but a vast improvement. I wish i had taken pictures of the shroud prior to cleaning it... but trust me... it was disgusting. The final product though:


    its finally ready to see some use at this point. i have an i5 4th generation mobo and cpu coming in later this week and it can hopefully see some good use. I will probably do a follow up post once i start playing around with it more in depth.
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    My 2019 retrospective(unfocused ramble)...And how i became friends with a baseball nerd

    2019 has sure been an interesting year. i started the year being probably way to invested in the politics section while doing some dev work as i have in previous year for some minor stuff.
    Oh boy has the politics section been fascinating this year. the body count of people getting banned or getting into trouble for repeatedly doing shenanigans sure did pile on quickly. Also the section grew fairly old to me for reasons not worth going into the blog post. I rarely post there nowadays.On a personal note, most of the year was fairly vanilla until about July when i decided to get serious about weight loss and ended up in a journey that saw me lose 42 pounds. only issue being though, I am currently dealing with a plateau (I am choosing to scapegoat all the yummy holiday foods on this one) hopefully the new year will help me get back on track. The personal downers has probably been a few minor bouts with depression but nothing that has not been inconsistent with me before. The most fun i have had at the forum was around October when i got to become friends with Chary while talking about baseball shenanigans. I actually look forward for next years world series (hoping its the Dodgers vs Astros) that way she will break her promise of wearing a dodger hat on her avatar like she made me do (Astros hat) earlier this year. Other things that were cool this year was getting to know some of you guys (y'all know who you are) Also the biggest highlight i had was getting a game review on the main page of the site (even if its minor!) I really enjoyed doing that so hopefully i will get the chance to do so again sometime.

    Thanks to everyone. gbatemp sure as hell aint perfect, but it does make my day a little less boring.

    Happy New Years from Los Angeles

    WD_GASTER (some dude who only intended to make a single post but somehow he is now a 2+ year old member.
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    the 70 dollar macbook...dell?

    Friend of mine got an extra laptop that usually go on ebay for about 80 bucks or less on a regular basis.
    It looked more or less like this:

    Dell lappy

    if you are forgiving enough of it being an older i5 these tend to be pretty competent if you put an ssd and bump them to 8gb of ram. (no they will not do heavy gaming, but as a daily driver to get things done they make due)

    however given that boredom is a hell of a thing... we decided to do some reading and instead of windows we took a different approach:


    it all works rather shockingly well. pretty amusing for something that would probably would have ended up in a dust bin sooner rather than later.

    "The Garbador" budget gaming pc build (part 2) a second chance at a better life

    I ended up finally getting the remaining parts needed to build the PC.

    for context you can read the previous entry on this here

    -The case was bought from someone at letgo for 35 bucks (thing was still new!). However a very similar case can be found here
    -1 of the SAS drives was still good but no sas interface (and while i have access to a server blade, i couldnt find my sas card)so it was time for plan B.
    -3tb was found on ebay new for 45 bucks here
    -240gb ssd was found new for 26 bucks here
    -500 watt was also found on let go for 30 bucks. (I rather get a good quality used one, than a new cheap one, as a power supply is something not worth taking the risk for.

    Total was 391 bucks (add 32 to that with the sas drive kerfuffle)

    Well, what did 391 bucks get me after cleaning, dusting, replacing thermal paste, blah blah blah?

    well it turned this:


    into this(still havent even removed the plastic film off the tempered glass):


    pardon the dust (tells you how much ive really used my ps4 and wii u as of late)


    probably other folks could do better, but to be honest... I am playing soulcalibur 6 at 4k and other games at 1440p. I cant complain. No fancy rgb except for a bit of some blue LED's but i will live.
    I will be making a second one soon since I ended up getting another batch of parts for even cheaper this time. However thats a story for another day.
    Also time to do some dusting. sheesh.
    oh also specs:

    -i5 3470
    -16gb of ram
    -nvidia 1070
    -240gb ssd (os storage)
    -3tb hdd (steam collection storage)
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    the $50 gba.

    Doesnt sound as sexy as the 1 dollar one to be honest. but this one at least is on par with 2019 standards:


    started with a similar car wreck as the last $1 gba blogpost and this one was also a dollar. the ips v2 kit was 49 dollars from china:


    after some soldering and making a make shift sterile room. the results couldnt be any nicer:


    now to figure out how to make the batterry last. cuz this thing is damn power hungry now. however it is very satisfying.

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    "The Garbador" budget gaming pc build (part 1)

    boredom can be a killer of wallets.
    i was browsing ebay today. and saw an nvidia 1070 for about a 150 dollars. ( I dont look often at them. The shortage of supply in video cards 2 years ago made sure i stayed away from checking prices until recently) given that my last "decent" card i have had on hand are an amd 390 and nvidia 1050ti for my hp computer that i use in my living room, it got me slightly interested in checking prices.
    One thing led to the other and i ended up messaging the seller asking him if he would sell the card for 125 ( I am low balling mind you and i feel a bit bad for doing it) I half figured he would say no. Well to my surprise he accepted. Which got me thinking what other budget shopping i could get away with. I started searching carefully and so far, I have to say i am surprised at what i was able to pick up for a second hand gaming pc:


    I am well aware i am gambling it so much but (specially with those SAS drives) but lets see what i end up building end of day to replace my crummy hp 6300 in my living room. now to find a cheap 240gb ssd to install win 10. The pc already comes with 500gb regular hd but we know that is not going to cut the mustard.

    stay tuned for the follow up on a massochists quest to build a garbage gaming pc for his living room.
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    The $1 GBA

    I got a recent batch of broken consoles that I am fixing so i figured why the heck not make blog entries showing them getting fixed 1 by 1.

    The first one is 1 one out of a batch of 2 gba's tha i got as part of tha batch.
    Proceeded to order the replacement shell for 4 bucks on ebay:


    Then i bought the replacement lcd for 4 bucks:


    After that I dissasembled the old gba and did the gut transfer:


    for the final part. after assembly I took the gba inside my shower room where i had the shower head running on hot for 10 minutes. This makes it a pseudo sterile room so it minimizes the odds of getting lint and other crap when applying the glass screen on the other end. No pictures of that but im sure you can imagine how that goes.

    The final result:


    not bad for something that was going to the trash. so yeah it was 1 dollar plus 8 in parts. So behold the refurb 9 dollar gba.
    looks pretty good even if it is no backlit. For the second broken gba i got, I will be getting a backlight from china ags101 kit and hopefully the results will be neat. I was not even supposed to be doing projects this weekend but it was a quick one while the switch charges so i can go back to playing pokemon sword.
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    Here is a handy dandy tool to remove the politics section from your browser

    I can understand how some people need a break from all the back and forth and threads they may perceive as toxic.
    If you have chrome you can install "nano ad blocker" from the chrome store and "thanos" snap the section completely. if you combine that with the preferences trick the moderators have shown you can probably enjoy the section much better if it got you down. ( this might work with the regular pop up blocker but i use this one for my own reasons)
    sometimes new "latest" may pop up from time to time but block element and moving with your day may be just more constructive.


    please be class acts and dont block the gbatemps ads. They deserve the revenue

    I am not trying to shield anybody from opinions but understand the need to take a break from a section that can be perceived as toxic. Hopefully this helps:



    Sometimes its the dumbest things in life that make you feel accomplished.

    I recently bought a Data East mini and after some posts back and forth with @PSX_Specter here:


    I ended up with a device that could pretty much launch all sorts of emulation from the NES to the PSX. However the idea of getting this was having a nice unit that i could have in my desk office at work. Obviously playing games is not something that is productive during work hours. So i figured I add a purpose to it with something that i could make some enjoyment out of while being productive. So i took it to google and being the weeb that I am I googled how to make an app that plays nice with m3u streams for anime music on online radio stations.

    i found this golden nugget in java code:

    if (initialStage) {
    new Player().execute("http://urlwouldgoherebutiamommittingittocomplywithrules");
    } else {
    if (!mediaPlayer.isPlaying())

    turns out that the android built in media player can fetch an online stream for you which is pretty handy...

    So i ended up making this piece of homebrew for a device that was never meant to go online wirelessly to begin with:


    I could probably have sideloaded a shoutcast apk but this is a super light weight home made app that will stream weeb music for me while working at the office at a low volume. I also had the great feeling that i made this thing serve a purpose far out of what its original purpose was. life is good :D