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    wchill I got the first problem. Not bad.
    I failed the second problem (auction problem). With a max of 10^18 iterations for one test case, it seems almost impossible. I don't have enough knowledge on any algorithms or data structures that can help (nothing beyond AP Computer Science).
    Third problem: haven't attempted, but shouldn't be too hard.

    wchill I found out a month ago that my school district's hardware firewall was improperly configured. Hence, it intermittently allows access to secure Facebook (with https). The reason why it isn't always blocked/allowed isn't clear (expiring DNS queries?)
    Working on an elaborate load balancing downloading solution.
    Using VMware, TinyXP, a shared folder and PDAnet as well as my LTE smartphone, I can download two files at once from free file-hosting sites (and reset my phone's IP address to continue downloading while I wait for the waiting period to expire on my sticky IP).
    Vuze is set to bind;net4;eth3;eth7;eth28 (this allows me to pull data through my phone, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and networked VM. (Usually I have access to two of the four - my phone is either connected to the VM or to my laptop directly, and Wi-Fi/Ethernet usually go through the same connection).

    Time to download tons of video (like both seasons of Rosario + Vampire with both subs and dub audio in 1080p with 10-bit encoding!) and re-encode them for my phone. :S MKVs choke on my phone...

    In other news, no huge Christmas gifts. :/ I myself gave an iPod touch, even though I hate iOS devices to death...
    wchill Finished reading all of the Rosario + Vampire manga out (both the original and Capu2 up to ch48, which I believe was released two days ago) as well as season 1 of the anime. Jeez, the anime is so awkward at times >< can we stop repeating other people's names 4 times in a row? come on

    I should be hardcore studying, but as usual, I'm not. I'm a crazy idiot and I'm trying to take 11 AP tests this year. Heh. Haven't even started studying for the self-study ones.

    Bought a ton of gifts a week ago. Cost: $350 :'( my wallet is crying
    wchill I got it when it was good. But now it's crap.
    Stuck between not updating (and thus no eShop) or not having games (other than the Ambassador ones and ones I buy from the eShop).
    Finger to the M3 team. I can't afford another flashcard right now though.
    wchill It has been SUCH a long time since my last post. I feel sad. Too many people I don't recognize.

    In other news: I haven't touched my 3DS/Wii/video games in months. :/ got a new gaming laptop
    wchill I just found my G6 Lite, M3 Lite, EZIV, EZ3in1, AKRPG, DSLink, Ewin2. lolwut.
    wchill So, those of you that have Facebook might have seen the latest spam today. The one that says something along the lines of "In order to prevent spam, you must verify your Facebook account. Click the link below" or something like that.

    Now, in the past, I've gotten so much spam from people that DO NOT understand not to click random links! Especially ones that link to "java script:", etc!

    So I decide to come up with a "genius" idea. I dig through the spamming javascript code and attempt to modify it. Now it says:
    I go ahead and unleash that. Activate my own javascript code, creates status update, wall posts, etc. Yes. Some other people go ahead and spread it too.
    Well, to add credibility to the public service announcement, I add my name to it. Okay, great. I thought people would take that as a sign that they should listen.
    Turns out that when even more spam hits, saying something like "Fuck you [censored]s, blahblahblah, vote for Nicole Santos" (who's Nicole Santos anyway?) I take a look and I reason that it's one of the people that got my post. Maybe, maybe not.
    Well, this destroys my credibility. People see me as a scapegoat for both the "Verify your account" and "Fuck you [censored]s" spam. Just great. As if I would have created either of those.

    My status update on Facebook:
    Well, yes. Thank you very much, "friends".

    I also happened to get the Dropbox ID of the second spammer, since he happened to be using Dropbox. I see that the javascript code is gone now from his account. Who the fuck is this guy?
    wchill This is a copy of a blog post I made. I really want you to think as you read.

    Sorry, I just had to post this.
    wchill It's the world's most overkill flashlight! (In progress.)
    Parts purchase in 3 weeks, then it's soldering + cutting + destroying + gluing + fun :yayds:

    -Altoids tin
    -Arduino Duemilanove
    -10000mcd RGB LEDs (make any color) + green charging LED
    -Rechargeable 2000mAh 3.7V Lithium Polymer battery
    -MAX8903A-based 2A LiPo charger (USB/wall wart)
    -Color LCD screen
    -4 button input
    -USB OTG microAB port (3in1 functionality: MintyBoost to charge other devices, charge flashlight, reprogram flashlight)
    -Real time clock with loud alarm buzzer
    -Light/temperature/vibration sensors
    -Expandable! (445000mcd RGB LED blaster controlled by WMOF, or how about a wirelessly controlled LED lantern?)
    -Dynamo/solar panel compatible

    Okay, rant over. I'll post up some pics later. I almost have a CAD model done.
    (Total cost of all parts above: $200+!! I accept donations! :D)
    wchill Okay I have decided to start a project.
    I saw this awesome kickass Hershey's Kisses Valentine's Day heart-shaped tin (no pics sorry).
    It's got wire mesh sorta stuff on the side (the kind of stuff on the Mac Pro cases).
    I'm going to turn it into an iPod/iPhone dock!

    Uses existing iPod connector - no additional cables necessary
    4 additional USB ports for use as charging station/USB hub (activated only when running from external 5V - also supports additional iPod connections)
    Allows the usage of universal dock adapters
    Optional external 5V power input to power USB ports/dock
    Built-in speakers with 3.5mm jack and volume control (the speakers/jack use the DOCK CONNECTOR - can be disabled if running from bus power or battery)
    Possible LiPo battery pack for portable charging (if I decide to use a more portable case)
    Supports video-out with compatible A/V cable
    No annoying "This accessory is not compatible with iPod/iPhone" messages or stuff like that

    Okay, anything else I should add?
    wchill Was looking on Craigslist today and found someone with a limited edition Dialga/Palkia DS Lite and asked them if I could buy it.
    I feel so mad. I needed a new system too.
    wchill I have yet to try this glorious application on my TI-84+ SE, but damn.
    Sending Link's Awakening with the emulator comes out to 1310KB (rounds up due to 16KB pages).
    That eats up a shitload of my archive memory (1.5MB)!!!
    This better be good.
    By the way, how do you trim Game Boy/Super Game Boy ROMS? That would help with the size issue (Pokemon Red takes up 1MB for the ROM alone but when compressed it's only about 350KB...)
    wchill [​IMG]

    That's what I'm thinking of, except I forgot to add USB ports.
    wchill Well, this post should be my 500th. And I want to do something to celebrate it.
    Someone give me ideas!