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    I'm going to get a PS4 and finally play Persona 5 Royal!

    Heyo! I'm really excited. I've been a Persona Fan for a while. I watched my dad play P5, then I started playing Persona 4 Golden on PC and I'm so close to beating the game! I also play a bit of Persona 3 FES and Portable. I've kinda been playing a lot of Persona 5 on a PS3 Emulator but I really want to play Persona 5 ROYAL. Sadly there's no way to play the game on PC. I really want to play P5R because of all the added stuff! I have a PS4 but it's in the living room and I prefer to play games alone so I never bought the game. But I might actually finally play Persona 5 Royal. My dad is getting the PS5 and I don't really care about it and he's the one who wants it but he said he would hand me down the PS4 and I can install it in my room. Really can't wait to play P5R :lol:
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    Lakka Retroarch Switch is Now Set Up! :D

    I've been having my modded Switch from the start, I really wanted to do some more stuff with my Modded Switch and that's when I found out I could use EMULATORS. The best emulator out there is Retroarch. It was a breeze getting that thing to work but that's when I found out that I couldn't play the Gamecube/Wii. This made me want to go further into emulation. It took me hours to find an addon called "Lakka." Lakka was an addon to Retroarch that gave the emulator more CORES. I spent hours looking up tutorials. I kept running into problems but I was able to get past them. After 3 days of work, it was finally finished. Lakka was fully running on my Switch! I then ran into one last problem at the end. All the games lagged like crazy. It was a total mess. I didn't know what to do at that point. When all hope was lost, I found a video. It gave all the best settings for the emulator. And thus, I tried it out. IT WAS WORKING! :toot: I really appreciate all of your guy's help and it really helped me a ton. :yayswitch:^_^

    Here is the video if you want a better performance! Skip to 5:49
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    Welcome to WaffleHouse!

    Hello, my fellow Raccoons, and welcome to the WaffleHouse! I'm here because I love Console Hacking! I'm not a HUGE expert in Console Hacking so I'm kind of here to get help. :lol:
    I will sometimes post some tutorials or my Achievements!
    I'll see you guys around! :P
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