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    The 10 Questions

    I completed the 3 questions 2 days ago and they weren't the actual test questions. My dad then gave me 10 questions and if I complete them, I would get the game. I forgot to mention that my dad is a Java Programmer too and has been studying it so he could help me if I stuck on a topic. Those 10 questions are really hard for a beginner. I could already see myself playing the game and doing whatever I want. It's been two days and I only got 2 questions done. I really thought that I would finish this next month but I was mistaken.:yay:

    Sometimes, I feel like it's wrong playing a game that rated M but I always cheer myself up because I'm going to earn that game. I'm working for the game and I'm not getting it out of the blue. Besides, when I'm 18, I won't have time to play the game because I'll be moving out and getting a job and going to College. It feels so wrong playing GTA that I'm going give myself some ground rules. One of them will be not to enter Explicit areas and set a time limit of game time each day. :)

    So it's going to take a lot of time to complete the questions but I hope you guys cheer me on. I also found out that I knew more Java from my course and I'm glad that I'm learning Java and starting a new hobby. ^_^
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    Almost there!

    It's been like a week already and I was able to get a lot done for my Java course. I have like 20 more lessons to go. My dad gave me a test with 3 questions which I think it's the real test that will get me the game. Those 3 questions are really easy. First, I had to create like a face in Java. Second, I had to make a program that allows people to enter a word and the program will tell the person what their word is in reverse. Finally, I have to create a program that counts all the odd numbers from 1 to 100. Ngl, the last one is pretty hard. This morning, I was able to get the second one done and it was really easy to do. The first one is a work in progress. I'm like 98% done. Hopefully, those are the questions that if I complete, I will get the game. :yay:
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    The Java Journey has Begun!

    It's kind of obvious that I live in my parent's house because I'm a teen and my parents are really strict about what I could play. Well, my dad is the one who is pretty strict with what I play and he knows what games I should and shouldn't be playing because he is a Gamer himself. He's the one who got me into Console Modding and he also streams on Twitch! My mom doesn't care on what I should play because she doesn't really play games. I wouldn't say that my dad is REALLY strict about what I play because he allowed me to play games like FNAF when I was little.

    Everyone should know that game GTA, right? I really have a huge love for Open World Games. I could imagine countless hours playing GTA and doing whatever I want. The bad thing is that the game is 18+. I asked my dad for the game and you could already guess what he said. For some reason, he let me play GTA 1 & 2 but not 3. I was doing some Java courses at the time which I had to do 1 hour a day before I start gaming. One day, he gave me a deal that if I complete the Java Course, I can play the game.

    And that brings us where we are right now. I now have to do 5 hours of Coding a day to get some lessons done. It's not only that I have to finish the course, but I also need to make a program that he gives me to pass the test. It's going to be a hard journey to finish the course and master my Java skills. I'm glad to be on this journey to not only play GTA but master my Java skills and get a good job out of my skills.
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    Lakka Retroarch Switch is Now Set Up! :D

    I've been having my modded Switch from the start, I really wanted to do some more stuff with my Modded Switch and that's when I found out I could use EMULATORS. The best emulator out there is Retroarch. It was a breeze getting that thing to work but that's when I found out that I couldn't play the Gamecube/Wii. This made me want to go further into emulation. It took me hours to find an addon called "Lakka." Lakka was an addon to Retroarch that gave the emulator more CORES. I spent hours looking up tutorials. I kept running into problems but I was able to get past them. After 3 days of work, it was finally finished. Lakka was fully running on my Switch! I then ran into one last problem at the end. All the games lagged like crazy. It was a total mess. I didn't know what to do at that point. When all hope was lost, I found a video. It gave all the best settings for the emulator. And thus, I tried it out. IT WAS WORKING! :toot: I really appreciate all of your guy's help and it really helped me a ton. :yayswitch:^_^

    Here is the video if you want a better performance! Skip to 5:49
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    Welcome to WaffleHouse!

    Hello, my fellow Raccoons, and welcome to the WaffleHouse! I'm here because I love Console Hacking! I'm not a HUGE expert in Console Hacking so I'm kind of here to get help. :lol:
    I will sometimes post some tutorials or my Achievements!
    I'll see you guys around! :P
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