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    Im back but only for a second

    I left bc i feel like im causing problems yoinks haha
    (Pardon my akwardness Scott Pilgram)

    Anyways im looking into fixing my little brother's PS4 because of a outage that caused data to corrupted data and i will now look into tech stuff along with helping him out cause thats what i do

    Im also planning on customizing my consoles (im rlly inspired by madmorda but also simple desgins are my passion bc i swicth aesthetics/cores like clothes) and im rlly excited! Im a noob but im excited non the less!

    Anyways its voting season too im wishing yall luck stay safe yall
    Im going out again
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    [ENG] logging off for a while

    I dont wanna leave my wake anymore so bye gang imma log off for a bit ahaha

    I was a user named RicksCrabShack in the past but that name didnt fit so i made a new acc but thanks to user feedback i felt like i was being a nuisance.

    So no more as im logging off! Adios! No more W in your feed everywhere!
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    [ENG] whoops

    W shut the fuck up you cant explain shit
    As i say as i start talking again to people online

    Anyways im so sorry i explain things so badly like a child
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    [ENG] hope i didnt make anyone mad HHHH

    Ok yall know my homebrew post

    Ok main reason i asked i want it to go well bc im nervous bc my tech savey level is at grandma level and like?? Fair tbh idk how stuff works technologilly, i just like sewing stuffed animals for fun with a side of gaymer.

    Pirate? I don't know her all i know is going to play Mr. DRILLER on my DS at the hospital

    and i wanted to homwbrew for a looooong time now, starting with animal crossing (lame) and thats how it stuck even though i suck.
    But i know i have no skills so i asked for helo and looked for guides and want the best info i can.

  • w247

    [ENG] Lost but still going

    You know how some species of animals can go without their head for a few days after and not die? Thats me rn tbh.

    like im super duper lost rn. Like deadass. And on top of that i feel super bad for bugging homebrewers rn.

    Like they could be solving the solution to cancer or doing physics that makes space travel possible and im stuck on whats 4 × 7 cause im a stupid idiot brain who cant do math and i know now that i should ask for help.

    I value and envy people who can do math and stuff like that good on them. Powerful. Yall are poggers. You are the reason i stay up at night wondering why i cant be like that. I cant do math.

    Apologizes to homebrews everywhere.