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    VzUh I misplaced the mouse and closed the wrong tab. The one in wich I was writing the blog entry. I'm so dumb lol

    Anyway, quickly: I'll be out for a days, maybe a month. Dont know where to be honest, but meh, it will be fun. I hope.

    So guide me, temp: what should I do with my plants? I'm not sure I have anyone to water them while I'm out, so they're going to die :(

    Should I get them inside my room and hope for they to not die? Should I lost any hope to not grieve when I return? Should I put them on a backpack with a window and carry a huge water bottle? Maybe call a random phone number and say "I'll pay you if you water my plants"? (wait no Im poor the last is not an option)

    Enlighten me, gbatemp: What are my options?
    VzUh Warning: huge wall of text. Very huge. Eat, drink, pee and poo before reading

    If you did not read my previous and first blog entry, none of this will make sense to you. If you did, I hope it makes sense, but not too confident with my english skills (one of the reasons to make blogs is to enhance my english skills and confidence I guess, but I have yet to success explaining one day on my life to a single person on this planet in a not confusing way)

    The first day after the previous entry, nothing happened. Not a single call, nor any message. Not my problem, they should be the interested ones. The next day I had some medic tests on a hospital, and after expending half of the morning on it to end another time on doctors saying "we don't know what on earth happens with your body" with the only exception of they sending me to another different hospital, one in wich I've never been yet. That is stranger each year that passes.

    After that, I somehow ended in my fathers house, without going before to my house to get some screwdrivers (I assumed that there would be on his house) and usb's (medicat (great tool @Jayro :D), multiboots with hiren's boot and some linux-based distros, programs, etc). I thought that later I would be too lazy to go out of home again, and this were going to happen anyway. And then the firs surprise: my sister is not living with my father. Not that i care, but I was expecting to find the broken pc and fixing it on the spot, and for some reason she took it to wherever she lives (for sure one of the (too many) family houses in the neighborhood). At this point my father was complaining about how my tests were too long and he is hungry (like 16:00 I think), and comes to him not knowing how to prepare anything not meet-based, so while I explore the resources of the living room (a laptop and a pc connected to the tv) he tells me that if I want food I will have to cook it by myself. Nice hosting. He gave me like 2 seconds of instrucion on how his kitchen works and go out for the pc, after a brief chatting with my sister about how I was by the zone.

    Time to blow some metal on his speakers.

    Two chopped onions and a burnt pepper after, the last song ended and a seconds later the two of them entered. Better timing than the expected, tbh.

    I don't remmember when, but I recall asking him for details about what they did to the pc, and a response about the hdd: "yes, it fell from like 40cm (15.74 inch), from the chair" without my sister being in front hearing (she told me 20cm a days ago), so it must had been before this point.

    After eating (thinking about it now, I think my sister ate two times lol), I had to ask for a screen, a keyboard and a mouse to connect the pc because the laptop was my sister's (better taking one broken pc than a working laptop, 10/10 logic). My father then powered on the pc connected to the tv and said that the broken hdd were connected on it's dvd bay. The windows showed 2 system letters, so I chkdsk'd the second one (gag when going to fullscreen mode included). 500GB and everything looked pretty good. I mention that the disk does not look heavily damaged and then, only then, is when my father rememmbers that in fact the hdd of the broken pc was not in that dvd bay. "A small mistake". Luckily I had my 3ds with a ds flashcart, and kirby squeak squad on it. I did 88 chest's that afternoon.

    Without even taking out of it's bay the broken hdd, I took a sata cable from the tv's pc and connected it. Then, pressed the power button.

    The sound. THE SOUND.

    The morning tests were mainly cause I can't hear a shit, but THAT SOUND. Not a disk in this world should EVER sound like that. I wasn't even close to the disk at that moment (I had a huge cat on my leg trying to kill me at that seconds), yet I heard it clearly over the sound of the soccer on the laptop (persuade my father that I needed the tv more than him wasn't easy, but I lastly convinced him) and the murderous hate of that fur ball.

    "I dont know if this disk is ressurectable, but I would not save on it nothing important from now on"
    "is it broken?"
    I love the smart questions.
    "most probably, yes. But if when I go this disk works, be sure to not save on it things that if deleted would be lost forever, use it for movies, anime, or wathever you save on it. but not text documents, photos, etc"
    "But it only fell over one time"-this was my father-"really can the system not boot only for that?"
    "yes, i explained you before. if you delete a random file in C:\Windows, a single one, the system could or could not boot. with the fall some sector of the disk died, and this time is a "can not boot without this file" containing sector"
    "but it booted on recovery mode, how do you explain that?"
    "computers magic"
    The time for stupid questions was over, the pc was on the desktop screen. Quickly checked the system letters, and the partition manager to asign the "system reserved" partition on the broken disk a letter as well to do a chkdsk. It ended surprisingly fast, and that did not looked good. I told them and they began to ask me questions about buying a new hdd. "you are probably the person that most load gives to his/her pc at least irl" (the S.M.A.R.T. values of the hdd showed crazy "time on use" values) "and i said it (years) before. buy a SSD. i dont know how much GB's the pc games of today take, but a 240GB or so one would probably be great". Surprisingly, they began to search online for stores and prices. Some whining about the prices, but lesser than expected. Maybe they are starting to consider my opinions, maybe they were plainly too desesperated. I think the last one is the correct.

    I connected the hdd to it's native pc and tried to boot. "Windows can't boot". I will not put here "unexpected" and a "/s", cause the biggest of the temp's fonts is not bigger enough to the "/s" for it to be bigger enough to contain the amount of sarcasm. The hdd was still crying loud, and somewhere inside me something was sympathizing to the rythm of each rotation of the disk. I tried first the automated windows recovery thing of the menu, because why not. Some chests on kirby... no, nothing, still not boot. let's try something else then. To the recovery cmd and from there to locate what letter is assigned to what partition. My sister finally walked to the door with intentions to go to a store to buy the selected ssd. My father asked her if she checked that the store had stock. That gave me enough time to write "chkdsk E: /f" on the prompt, and while they checked that in fact a nearest store with stock existed, she asked me to go with her. That was a surprise. I think is the only time on my life that she said me anything like that. "and i will buy you wathever you want of the store". Dangerous words for her, but anyhow, I was in to go to the store.

    I live in a city with a freaking lot people. And that's not cool. So much people on the streets, ugh.

    On the store we only enconter five troll dependents, not a bad mark I guess. Finally, on the very last of the corridors of all the store to search, we found the ssd's and on the way to it, I got my hands on a 32GB 3.0 usb and a 16GB 3.1 usb. I'm not greedy, I just wanted some usb's to boot from at decent speeds (currently, aside these one, I have a 16GB one detected as floppy (lol) and some old 8GB that are dying with each month that passes). On the way back she asked me to install windows 10 on the ssd, and I agreed

    Back on the house (I let my keys on that house so I couldn't take the usbs off of my house before returning) the pc miraculously booted, but the sound, that sound again. My sister was like "my baby lives!!", but I knew that that was not close to an end. Besides, my father finally found some screwdrivers, so... The time to see deeply what that pc gone through had come.

    Let's start by saying that the new pc case was bought to improve the air flow. With that said, the cables were a total mess. I'm sure if this happened 10 or 15 years before, the ide cables would block all the air flow. That bad. Like, there even was a cable tight over the gpu and connected under it that I had serious trouble trouble disconeccting, was just an awesome sight.

    First I tried to take out was the hdd, cause I did not knew how it was attached to the case, like I discovered just after the "small mistake", and I was intrigued. But the psu was in the middle for the screwdriver to fit. Then i tried to take out the psu. But a cable was connected under the fan of the liquid cooler (pic). Then I carefully tried to take out it. but the gpu was in the middle. "i'll take first the gpu then" I thought... nope. Some random cable was over it (bonus: when asked, my father confessed that he destroyed the screw holes on the plastic that holds the fan and you can see two hair gums holding it lol). Searching for the cable origin took me to the fan controller. But obviously, it could not be that easy... it was tangled somehow with the power switch/power on leds headers, and needed to take them out first. they were a little under the gpu again, but that was doable. Make that kind of mess on purpose seems very hard, but somehow it was did naturally. The natural reaction would be to frustrate, but I was just too entertained with this shit. And knowing that it was made by someone that claimed to be better than me on this didn't help on that. I didn't laugh, but the whole thing was just somehow too funny.

    When I finally took the psu out, I removed the dust on it. It was a lot. I asked for a twizers and took pure dust balls with the total volume of maybe half of my hand with them between the fan blades. This is the other reason I had to completely remove the psu from the pc, cause I noticed the dust before completely disattaching it and my father wanted to take the pc to the window and blow. Yeah right, you cant hold a single hdd without letting it fall and you want to take the whole pc to the window. How about... no?
    Note that, on this part, my sister was by my side. lol

    I sended my father then to blow the remaining dust of the psu on the window, and in the meantime disconnected almost everything left. Didn't had thermal paste so the cpu remained untouched, but from what I heard it have 5 or so rations applied. Trying to estimate by the descriptions, I'd say 2.5 grams. maybe a bit less but clearly over 2. It hadn't leaks on the sides so I didn't care much. A few minutes before finishing the dissasembly of that messy thing, my father returned with the psu. I then proceeded to blow some dust over his carpet. C'mon man, it's not that hard. And you have a good lungs. In spanish there are a proberv that says "la letra con sangre entra", wich translated comes to say "the letter with blood enters". A little suffering (vacuuming the carpet) will hopefully make him learn and remmember how to correctly blow dust.

    Assembly that thing again was about as long as the first part, mainly because me discovering new failures that needed to start from the beggining again. e.g., when only one or two fans remained from connecting, I noticed the I/O shield backplate (this thing) not being here. When I asked for it I got a response and a question, being the response "that did not came with the case" and the question "is it necesary?" (with it's subsequent "why?"). Ended digging in the "junk to trash" pile, searching for the old case to remove the I/O shield from it. In spite of it, I think I made a good job with the cable managment, made some photos of it so you can be the judge (that leds and fan controllers on the upper right part, I know they are awfull, but couldn't do anything over it). As a side fun fact, I think I've never seen my sister walk that much in my whole life, she was all the time walking from one edge of the living room to the other and back to start.

    The lack of 2.5 bays confused me for a minutes, to be honest, but turns out that the ssd can be attached vertically, I did not see the screw holes before and kinda of surprised me.

    In the meantime at some point I did a windows 10 installing usb with my new and shiny 16GB usb, and after checking that it worked, I proceeded to install it and disable how much telemetry as I can, aside from the "distributed updates" thing. Updated it (the "malware removal tool from microsoft" should ask for an extra eula "ok" or it's just me? I think on win7 it did), installed chrome (firefox ftw, but sadly not my computer and she refused, and edge is just not an option :rofl:) and installed drivers with SDI, with only the mouse wheel being weird after that. I installed as well avast and 7zip, and tried to install vlc, but she refused also to this one. I dont get why, but wathever. When she asked me to install discord my father began to grumble about it being 1:15 AM, so I quickly opened the case to re-wire the fan controller to her liking and ended it for the day. Only thing to fix would be check if it works, and that can only be checked by using the pc. I today recieved a message of the mic not working, but that was on the morning and after ~5 distributed hours of sleep the last 4-5 days the last night I passed away out at like 2:00 AM until the 6-7PM of today (lol) so when I asked her to help fixing it it was solved. I told her to uninstall the driver of the mouse and rebooting to fixing the wheel problem thoug, and recieved a "thanks!" message. I am now truly worried about if she now likes my whole existence or suddenly some not contempt/hatred feeling on her being towards me have bloom or something. I cant remmember, if there was any, other single time in wich she thanked me more than a "thanks" which sounds totally like "meh, you still being a useless piece of human meat, wathever". Maybe the miracle even repeats when I give her the windows 10 key, who knows.

    At some moment of that noon, my brother appeared and asked for vending machines to try to spend a fake coin wich turned out to be an african coin. I took it as well as a sunglasses that were on the "junk to trash" pile. At the end of the noon I was too exhausted, and more importantly, they were too exhausted, to mention the word "money", so I went to my house after a irrepressible "what is the moral of the fable..?". I don't know if I will ask for money, the usb's were like 16 euro and I value in more than that my time, but the fun I had that noon was a lot more than I generally have. So, at least for now, my payment was: 2 usb's, a cool sunglasses, and an african coin. Could have been worse I guess.

    The only mystery remaining now is... How can she sleep with all that LED's on her pc?

    And now the clasic disclaimer:
    if my english is broken, I'd like you to pinpoint me where and why please.I'm writing for the lulz and for the language.

    What kind of comment I want: "your english is broken on this point", "did you remmembered to install X program?", "oh noes you misplaced the fan 0.5mm to the left, it will explode on a week!!!"
    What kind of comment I don't want: "Microsoft edge is a good navigator", "ur sunglasses are ugly".
    VzUh Huh, first blog entry. But why not.
    First of all, the clasic "english is not my native language" and all of that. I hope not to write in engrish, but I wouldn't hope to not read engrish if I were you.

    So a days ago, my sister asked me by messages how much I would charge for a cooling system change, speaking of a liquid refrigeration. I said my price. "And for an air cooler?". At this point she already bought a liquid refrigeration, ("all in one" type, a mainstream one. In fact, a very mainstream one I wold say) without taking 5 minutes to search for and read past messages in wich I explained her the "buy a cooling system" minimun knowledge. "Ok I'll tell you" she said. Hours later, she asked me for how much for replacing the pc case. At this point she also had the pc case bought. I'm polite, and rarely don't answer their questions about what should they buy or not, but not my money, not my problem. I would not have bought that case.

    To this point, I entered the "idk how much, so pay what you want" and so she entered the "I have food" mode. Thanks but no thanks. Wathever.

    "How much time do you estimate?" - at this point I dont know what pc case now what lr she wants
    "without knowing the pc case model nor the liquid model... between no idea and a lot. aprox."
    then she send me a photo of the case. What a clarification.
    miraculously I recognize the model
    "oh it have rgb. funny nights await you"

    Two days later, my father (she lives with him) would call to mantain a 1:40 hour discussion about my whole life, motivated by how I try to charge money to the side of the family that I hate. That ended in "I charge you extra coz being with you is unpleasant" and "I will make it, and for free". That was another 5-6 days ago.

    And finally, this afternoon he sent me a messages like "I'm going to do what you wanted to do for money, but for free. You can come to watch if you want...". Hell will frozen before the day that I will want to enter in that house. This was a bit after 8: PM. (Is in this point that I know the brand of the liquid and the radiator size). I didn't even answer to this. The hours passed and then a call. So the expert managed to disassemble all but is having problems with the assembly... Oh, what a shame for a experienced man like him. Especially because he did a lot of emphasis on "I have more age and experience than you on everything". Everithing except the cables, it seems. Hints and a little guiding. "the power button is like any other switch, does not have polarity", ""without polarity" that means that you can connect it without worring about what side is the positive and what the negative", and things like that. Such a pro.

    Minutes later, I would message him with some other advices about how to put the fans, I've no idea of why I still being polite with him. Then, the second "You can come here" happened. This one a little more desperate. "┬┐for free? no". And with that, came the second "I have food". I seriously can't imagine why the fuck everyone tries to buy me with food at this point. "In any case, I will go to bed on half an hour". This was at 23:40.

    So a while ago, at 2AM, my sister asked me why windows crashes on BSoD. More specifically, "it boots, but only show the sad face". After some questions and "you can try to do this"es, cause I was not present and have no idea of what they may have done, I asked if the hdd got any hit. "yes, a hit yes [...] really it can break with that?"

    I whink I know more people that think the HDD's are paperweights than people that tries to not throw them on the floor. If they had been designed for dropping, would be made of rubber.

    I asked her to make a chkdsk on the recovery mode, but all points now to me being on that house tomorrow to guess what in earth means "fail to transfer logged messages to the event log with status 50"

    Maybe, and only maybe, when I said that paying is a good idea cause if something fails you can blame other than yourself, I wasn't wrong.

    TL;DR: first blog entry, engrish, family, people trying to buy me with food, homemade computer case replacement goes wrong and I laught about it, and I guess tomorrow will se how much fucked up is

    If someone can point me where my english is broken, I'd like to learn :)
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