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    VinsCool Hey there.
    I haven't made one of these in a while.
    Multiple reasons for this. One was the lack of motivation, one was from the reoccurring patterns (who wants 10 posts with basically the same story?).
    Finally, another reason was due to how too personal it went to (to the point of basically screwing my day over). And no, I really don't want to get into that part. Not now.

    So anyway, I figure I could make a new blog for this and start from fresh.

    I was casually sitting in what appeared to be my house. It was an unknown place, and while most of the inside was unfamiliar, the furniture was well known, so I knew I was living on my own.
    Speaking of my own, I lived alone. There was only 3 rooms. The kitchen and the living room were 1 big room, separated by the floor pattern, my bedroom was upstairs, and there was a basement with all my boxes stacked a bit everywhere.
    It was night, I would estimate between midnight and 3 in the morning. The air was very damp, I had difficulties to breath, due to the thunderstorm coming, and the overall amount of dust in my house.
    While I was sitting in my basement, looking in my boxes of various objects, I could hear the sound of thunder getting closer. It made me smile, as I could feel the rain coming as well.
    I proceeded to quickly get upstairs, to my room, and sat on my bed, turning off all lights except for my desk lamp, that was bright just enough to be able to read, but not to illuminate the entire room.
    I also opened a tiny crack on the window, so I could feel the cool breeze coming inside, whilst not letting the rain in.
    Once again, I smiled, knowing the thunderstorm was imminent, and I was ready to get cosy and read a book sipping my coffee.

    This is where I had a tiny moment of panic.
    There was an outage. Every houses in the street became pitch black. Did a lightning struck something that shorted the entire neighbourhood?
    I couldn't tell for sure, as I simply didn't see anything unusual outside. After a minute, I sighed, and just sat at my desk instead, considering I had no other light source in the room.
    The wind was getting a bit stronger, and I could hear the rain-shower getting closer, spaced with thunder sounds.
    While the atmosphere was a bit eerie, almost unreal, I could finally hear droplets of water against my window.

    "Good.", I thought. "Now I just hope the electricity will come back soon."

    The wind was whining outside, and the lightning strikes were now very close to me.
    Maybe a bit too close to my taste.
    I saw pillars of blue lights coming from far, and dangerously coming near at every new step.
    This made me feel uneasy. Did I even have proper protections against shorting in and on my house?
    I could feel rumbles each time a strike hit the ground, outside. Each one were amplified, and I was starting to get scared.
    I was able to feel my heart pounding in my chest, and the sweat was condensing on my forehead, while the air suddenly became cold, as I could see clouds coming from my irregular breathing.
    I was unable to think straight, and the only idea I had was to immediately quit the bedroom and hide in the basement. I wasn't sure why I did that, but I thought that maybe a restraining space would make me feel a bit more in security.

    I locked the door from the inside, and sat on a cardboard box full of books.
    At this point, the thunderstorm was going at its strongest, and I was hoping that nothing would hit me.
    I hid my face in my hands, just so I could calm down a bit.

    "Why am I scared like this? This is just a darned thunderstorm! I love them, what's wrong with me?!", I whispered, on the verge of crying.

    I took a breathe, then looked in the direction of the tiny window. The rain was a bit less strong now, though I could still hear the thunder, rumbling above my head.
    I went back on my feet, and dared to look outside. Still no sign of life. The entire street was covered in darkness.
    Even though I knew there were people living nearby, I felt so alone, isolated from reality itself.

    After a few minutes of staring at the fog, I was finally hearing the storm getting away.
    It was a relief, because I was now certain nothing bad happened.

    "I don't understand... Never in my life I felt that terrified!", I said out loud.
    "I don't like being alone like this...", I then said, quieter, almost as if I was worried that someone would hear me.

    Now certain that the thunderstorm was over, I decided to go back to my room, and hide under my blanket, maybe try to sleep, considering I couldn't do anything else without electricity.
    I slowly opened the door from the basement, and tiptoed until I arrived to the kitchen.
    From there, I had 2 options. Either I go sit in the living room, or keep going to the other floor.
    I chose to go in the living room, instead of the bedroom.

    The outage was still in place, and clearly it wasn't going back anytime soon.
    I sat in my favourite chair, that was oriented directly to the large decorative window.
    Once again, there was no sign of life outside, which was actually expected due to the late hour.
    I felt a bit more calm this time, as I was inspecting the neighbourhood without any expectations other than maybe the lights turning back on, or an animal venturing around the trash cans.
    There was still nothing worth seeing at the horizon.

    I eventually started to feel dumb, and thought I should go to bed and forget this strange night.
    While I was in the process of getting up, I finally saw some life.
    2 dim lights from the street, getting closer. A car was apparently venturing outside at this late time of the night, even braving the storm we had a moment ago.
    Something was odd with this car. It was moving unusually slowly. Was it by prudence, or by fear? I was unable to know.

    The flasher then began to blink, and the driver began to turn in the direction of my house.
    Who the heck was that? I didn't recall anyone with this car model, even less expect any guests coming.
    They stopped midway, then started to drive backward. Wrong house? Possibly, due to the thick fog still present.
    They went as far as the house in front of mine was, and for a brief moment, I actually thought that was their destination.

    I was wrong.

    The car then made another rotation, this time, oriented directly to my window, that I was standing in front of.
    The lights were very bright, and I had to squint just to see what was going on.
    I heard very loud motor kicks, and that immediately made me get frozen in place.
    Did they see me inside? I couldn't see them, but they certainly saw me.

    After a brief second, they charged full speed, in my direction!
    I screamed, as the car was dangerously coming close to my house, I moved sideways, hopefully to avoid the impact.

    I didn't even have a chance to see what happened next, as I suddenly woke up, sweating like crazy, in the darkness of my bedroom.
    My heart was pounding hard, and I was unable to move for a moment. There were shadows dancing, and this only amplified my fear.
    Then, spontaneously, I broke free, and I was able to breathe properly. I jumped out of my bed, and walked towards the closest window in my apartment.
    The sun was barely rising, so I knew it was early in the morning.

    I took a few minutes to look outside, and once I was finally calmed down, sat in the couch.
    It only took me a few minutes to come to the realisation of what happened. It was a very strange nightmare, and when I rarely had them occurring, this one was creeped me out a lot.

    I honestly have no explanation for this dream. It wasn't like any of the ones I had before.
    I felt alone, so alone. Somehow, someone (or something!) had something against me.
    Was it an inner demon? Something related to my existential crisis? I simply don't have a straight answer.
    Either way, disturbing dreams aren't done with me.

    This is all for now. Thanks for reading.

    Until next time.
    VinsCool So yeah.

    Small update. After almost a month of inactivity, I got a new job.
    I'm now working in a small convenience store, at less than 2 minutes from my house.
    My past experience is paying off, since they immediately hired me after my interview.
    I officially began last Wednesday. I'm a clerk, like I was at my previous place, but now I'm also cashier. That's pretty different, but not bad at all.
    Other than that, my motivation is still low, but I managed to still work on making music a bit, during the time I was inactive (and honestly, bored af).
    Weird and disturbing dreams keep happening, so overwhelmed, I don't even care to make blog about them anymore.
    I'm also pretty drunk once every few days, but surprisingly that's where I'm the most productive when I have a project ongoing.

    And that's about it. I have the whole weekend off, going back to more training Tuesday morning.
    Schedules are oscillating between 25 and 30 hours a week, which is going to make my paychecks smaller, but definitely not going to be a problem, since I have been saving up.
    I'm also free of debts. Thanks to my savings, the time spent not working didn't cause any loss. I actually got an additional grand from work insurance, as a "final" paycheck from the previous job.

    So, how was your day?
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    VinsCool Welp. There goes my routine. Blown up to start from zero. I just lost my job. Formally fired.
    I feel a bit better knowing that I won't have an empty CV, and also sufficient money to be able to live for a couple of weeks, maybe months if I don't spend like a moron.
    Back to job hunting, that is going to be fun, as I have no car, nor driving license.

    Oh well. C'est la vie.
    VinsCool It's been quite a while since I wrote one of these.

    Many instances where I slept and had vivid dreams I wanted to share, but didn't feel like posting anything. Bleh.
    There were also things that were down to a too personal level, and I wasn't comfortable to share.
    Gotten disturbing dreams multiple times, and I was feeling atrocious all day long afterward, and obviously unmotivated to share anything in blogs.

    Last night's dream was incredibly vivid, and way too real compared to the actual reality to my taste. So let's get into a story, I guess.

    *sips coffee*

    It began exactly like any day. Got prepared for work, got coffee, a breakfast snack, the usual routine.
    In fact, it was today, litterally. Friday the 13th, my shorter day of work.
    I had vacations planned for the upcoming 2 weeks after next week. At this point, I was pretty happy about it.
    I needed a break, in real life, so it's obvious that I got the same thoughts in my sleep.
    I was doing my day at work, and I was trying to find a moment to tell my boss that I wanted to get vacations from April 22nd until May 5th.
    I then went to a break time, and got a coffee. I asked a coworker (who I couldn't identify) if they had a Tylenol, because I had a mild headache. They simply handed me a tablet without a word, and I took it. It had a very strange sweet aftertaste, and I nearly vomited from it. But then, I sipped my coffee (which was oddly very bitter) and felt fine a moment later.
    As for asking my boss regarding my vacations, this moment never happened. I somehow forgot to mention about it.
    I shrugged it off and went back to my apartment, walking lightheaded, listening to my music, and I can clearly identify the song playing: Dogs, by Pink Floyd.

    It became a bit foggy around the moment where I went home.
    I somehow thought, "eh, fuck it, I'll take my vacation now", instead. Thing was, I never told anyone, not even my girlfriend. I simply decided to leave, and I didn't exactly understand why. Things were blurry, and I felt pretty weird. As soon as I got home, I crashed on my couch, then took my laptop from the table. In the process of doing this, I felt very tired, so I decided to take a nap instead.
    Afterward, everything faded out into a maze of haze, and heard echoes of people, repeating the words "Do it now. Do it now. We believe in you."
    These words were strangely soothing. I didn't quite understand, but I was smiling.
    A weird burts of happiness was getting into me. It was like a dream in a dream.

    I found myself teleported to a shack, near a lake, surrounded by people I didn't know, but were in vacation as well.
    I was pretty confused. I didn't remember how I went there. The people in the neighbourhood shacks were pretty friendly, and relatively cool to hang with. They told me that I we had fun at the camp fire the night before, and that, again, my story was pretty touching and thoughtful.
    "Wait, what?", I thought. I didn't remember any of this. "How did I even get in here, anyway?"
    My first reflex was to put my hand in my pocket, to grab my phone, to hopefully see anything relevant about all of this. It wasn't there.
    I had a very mild panic moment. I didn't remember what I was doing there at all.

    I machinally walked back to my shack, that I shared with 3 other persons. They were inside, all sitting on their respective beds.
    I approached the one that seemed to be mine, and as I walked nearby, one of the room mates told me: "Again Vin, remember that we believe in you."
    I simply replied "thanks" while I was doing my best to hide my confusion. I also found it odd that people called me "Vin" and not "Vins", or even "Vinny", like usual.
    After inspection, I localised my backpack, that I carry everywhere I go, and obviously followed me up there. I had a sigh of relief, and then tried to localise my phone on the furniture, which was made of rustic wood.
    There it was! On top of the side table, next to the bed. I went ahead to take it, and then saw there was no signal at all, darned place. I saw the date on it, it was saying "Friday, April 27th".
    "Whaaaaaaaa..." I whispered. That was worrying. I somehow missed 2 weeks, and I didn't even remember what I did in the meantime.

    I sat on the bed, then started to inspect my bag, to hopefully find any clue.
    Inside, nothing unsusual. My keys, my deodorant, some spare clothes, and... a plastic container of pills?
    That was never in my things beforehand. Labeled to my name, from a pharmacy I don't know, with 2 specific sections in it. it looked like this:
    In one of the sections, there were white tablets, with a line on the middle, as if they were meant to be cut in halves. In the other section, lozenge shaped tablets, that were smaller, and blue-green coloured.
    On both stickers, the names were impossible to read, being long scientific names.
    The white ones were supposed to be taken once a day, in the morning, with food, while the other one was 3 times a day, at each meal.
    How strange, I thought. Why even do I have this?
    I put my bag away, and took my phone. I asked one of the room mates if we had any wifi signal around.
    "Sure, go to the cantina, on the other side of the lake. They have a router and some internet.", they replied, focused on their writing book.

    I thanked them, then went outside. Walking next to the lake surface, I was unable to get my thoughts straight.
    How did I get there? What was I doing here? What exactly happened for 2 weeks?
    So many questions went into my mind, while I was walking at a very slow pace, unable to put my observations away from the lake, which was beautiful.
    After a few minutes, I reached the cantina. It was a simple shack, with picnic tables scattered around, with a very large table under a roof, next to the orders window.
    There was an old woman standing nearby, smoking a cigarette. She saw me coming, and before I could say anything, she smiled, then told me to come back later if I wanted a meal.
    I told her that I only wanted to get on internet for a few minutes, to what she said "oh alright" and then she walked away, going back to her work, probably.

    I sat at the table under the roof, then pulled my phone out of my pocket.
    Signal found, it was an unlocked router named "cantina".
    As soon as my phone was registered to it, a gazillion of notifications popped, one after each others.
    They were a bunch of Discord, Facebook, and Twitter messages. Most of these were asking me where I was, or that I haven't been around for a while.
    I was getting worried when I saw my girlfriend, and my boss, messaging me, asking where the fuck I was.
    I didn't even know what I expected.

    For some reason, probably to think about something else, I loaded the Youtube app, and noticed a pretty large amount of notifications. They were comments in my videos.
    All I could read was "congratulations" or "I'm proud of you".
    "What the fuck?" I thought. "What the fuck are they all about?"
    I felt disturbed, as the comments were from a day prior to the date shown on my phone.
    That really didn't make sense, since I got all the stuff appearing a moment earlier. I couldn't have accessed to internet during that time.

    A bit uneasy, I was curious about what else I missed, so I loaded GBAtemp on the web browser.
    Looking at it, nothing unusual. 1 unique notification, from a member I don't remember seeing before.
    Clicked on it, I was sent to this thread:
    The member had a had a Patron banner, which was the rainbow one.
    From what I read, it was a simple mention to "and every catgirls reading this".
    Underneath, an [edit] was added, and it tagged me to it.
    I was trying to read it, but it was blurry.
    This is what I was able to catch up: "VinsCool, I noticed you liked my post, so I figure you get what I mean. Remember you are loved. By the way, eat healthy, and never feel sad." and that was followed by a quoted post of mine, as an attachment, so I probably have posted an image?
    When I tried to load this link, the internet signal got cut, and it refused to work anymore.

    A frustrated, since I didn't get any clue about what the fuck I was doing there, I decided to go back to my shack.
    I couldn't understand what all of this meant anymore. I almost ran, due to the increasing stress.
    A little moment later, I was inside. The room mates were gone, and before I could do anything else, I overheard a voice outside saying "Vin doesn't know yet, be patient"

    The voice was unusually calm, and that seriously scared the fuck out of me.

    I woke up sweating, and my heart was going at a very fast rhythm.
    I felt nauseated, and my first reflex was to read the GBAtemp thread, where I found @x65943 tagging me to.
    I swear to god I almost screamed, before I realised that all of this was just a dream.
    I also jumpscared when I saw the Tylenol bottle on my desk, then immediately remembered that I took one before I slept, last night.
    I must say that this dream bothered me all day.

    I don't know what else to say. It was very realistic, and I was confused for a few minutes after I woke up.
    Thankfully, I woke up an hour before my alarm, so I had plenty of time to get my thoughts straight, then leave to work.

    This is all for today.

    Until next time.
    VinsCool It has been a while since I wrote one of these again.
    Stuff was diffuse, and really hazy,
    It was difficult to get anything coherent.

    So anyway, there goes it.

    It set its place to a older place I lived a few years ago, alone with my uncle.
    Same house, and same terrain. Just as messy as it used to be.
    Cars in pieces scattered here and there, and lots of useless trash, exactly like it was when we lived there.
    The house owner, who lived with us in the basement, was sitting outside with us, and we were drinking beers.
    We were looking at pictures of old cars, old vans, and any kind of tractors and trailers.
    Nothing uncommon, until the guy mentioned: "Hey, I sure am proud of my Molson Dry truck." then looked further away in the backyard.
    I didn't know why, but I felt super excited, then ran toward this place, and saw the truck in question, which had a slogan in big bold letters, reading: "Une mousse durant la soirée repousse les tristes pensées."
    It made me smile, and took out my phone so I could take a picture of it. Despite how hard I tried, I was unable to take a good shot at all, always having motion blur on it.
    After some time, I gave up, and went back to the house. My uncle and his friend were still there. He passed me the wireless phone and his debit card, then asked me to go inside and order a pizza.
    I took out the little list of choices to order, and thought pizza-ghetti was the best choice to make.
    I was a bit annoyed, since I had difficulties to compose the phone number. I had like 4-5 attempts before I eventually did it correctly.
    After a small wait, a lady answered my call, and asked me my order. Told her I wanted a Extra Large pizza-ghetti. She then asked me my address. Had a small blank moment, then promptly gave the address.
    She then asked me how I would pay, and I told her I'd pay with debit. This is where it became strange.
    I was simply unable to give the card number at all. Despite how many tries, I was always off by a number, or just inverting the number order.
    I was becoming really frustrated, and I wanted to cry, because I was unable to give a series of numbers without getting it wrong.
    I sobbed, then told her I would pay cash, and threw the phone away.

    I went back outside, walking with difficulty, and sat next to my uncle.
    He was giving an interrogative face, but didn't say a word. He took a sip of his beer, then asked me what I ordered.
    I tried to tell him, but my words were impaired, and I was unable to place a coherent word.
    The panic grew inside of me, and I put my palms over my eyes so he couldn't see me cry.
    He noticed something was wrong, and he was getting worried about my health.
    He didn't really know what to do, so he helped me to walk to the nearest bed, and let me sit on it.

    I fell asleep, and it all went dark.
    Not a single sound, no movement, no visual.
    It was the void, and a endless hole.

    This is where I woke up, in my bed, for real.
    I was confused, my thoughts were impaired, but I got my senses back after a moment.
    That was a strange dream, and it had nothing that was like those I used to have before.

    This is all for now,

    Until next time.
    VinsCool Another day, another dollar.
    Dreams tend to be different every day.
    It's actually really nice to have something different each times we sleep.

    I was in a pretty big house. The one rich people live in.
    The house was badly lighted, but it was good enough to see where I was going without tripping on the various vases and furniture in rooms.
    I was exploring for quite a while, admiring the rooms dedicated to many themes.
    One of them had multiple antique decorations, another one had Greek statues, one of them was a very luxurious bedroom, and another one was a very large one with a set of various music instruments, looking very expensive.
    I spent some time in the hallway, then eventually found my way to the atrium.
    Satisfied by my visit, I put on my winter coat, then went outside, saying goodbye to the house lord, whom I couldn't see, but I heard talking to me during the visit.

    Outside was still a bit lightened, making me assume the sun just set.
    I noticed that the house was in the middle of nowhere, a countryside road was in front of it.
    There were a few houses scattered here and there, and they all looked just as expensive as the one I was in.
    I took a few minutes to think where to go, looking at every directions of the route in front of me. I was unsure of which side to take.
    I heard a buzzing sound coming from above, which made me look up to the sky.
    I saw a man wearing some strange jet-pack, which wasn't propelled by rockets, but with some some of helicopter.
    It looked very similar to this:
    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    Once the man landed, he greeted me with a very excited voice, a voice I immediately recognised.
    It was my uncle, and he looked incredibly happy to try his new toy.
    "Hey Vinny! Wanna try this out? Come with me!" he said, inviting me to lean on his shoulder.
    I was pretty hyped about the idea, so I came closer to him, grabbed his arm from the opposite side, then he turned the engine back on, we started to float!
    I was incredibly excited, and he noticed my amazed expression, making him laugh very happily.

    We flew for some time, very nicely, getting carried by the wind. The landscape was really nice to see. It was covered by bright snow, immaculate.
    The woods were seen nearby, but we kept flying above the road.
    We eventually reached a tiny building, and getting closer for landing, I noticed it was in fact a small grocery store, with a gas station next to it.
    Once we arrived above the parking lot, we slowed down, making us gradually get less height.
    A moment later, we were back on the ground, which suddenly felt strange after what felt like a hour floating in the sky.

    As soon as I began to walk on solid ground, I saw my sister waiting in front of the store.
    She waved her hand at us, then went inside.
    I was going to ask my uncle about if we go in or not, but he guessed my question before I said a word.
    "Go in. I'll wait outside, since I cannot take the engine on my back inside." he said, which made sense.
    I nodded at him, then turned in direction of the entrance door.
    By the time I walked to it, I heard my uncle talk on his phone. I was guessing he was probably telling what we were doing with excitement.

    I finally got inside, and saw my sister in front of the slush machines.
    She turned her head in my direction, then smiled, and handed me a very big cup of lime green slush, my favourite.
    "Vinoux! I know you like this flavour! I'll take blue!" she said, very cheerfully.
    I grinned, took the cup she filled for me, then walked in direction of the cashier.
    The man behind the counter had a very thick black beard, but I was able to see him smile under it, his eyes made it even more obvious.
    He greeted me, then proceeded to make me pay my purchase.
    "Nice engine your dad has gotten, isn't it?" he asked me, with a envious tone.
    I giggled, then replied: "Oh yeah, it's so cool!"
    The cashier laughed, then gave my change back.
    "Have fun!" he said, before wheezing, until he had coughing fit. He was obviously smoking a lot.

    I went back outside, where my sister was already, joining my uncle.
    They both seemed very excited, most likely regarding the weird looking jet-pack my uncle was carrying.
    He put it away from his back, then told to us that he's going inside of the grocery store to get a drink.
    "Try it if you want to, but be careful! There are electric cables hanging above!" he warned us, very seriously.
    I had a moment of hesitation, but I put it on my back, then turned the engine on.
    I had 2 handles that I could use for controls. One of them was used for gas, and the other one, for handling.

    I was about to try this out, but then I woke up :(
    That was a pretty cool dream. I would have liked to fly with this thing a bit.

    This is all for today.

    Until next time.
    VinsCool Has anynone felt like sleep was not always benefical?
    I swear I feel even more tired after I sleep a bit.

    The night was rather agitated, and I felt rather anxious in my sleep.

    I was in an unknown city, alone. The sky was ink black. No moon, no stars, the interstellar silence was oppressing.
    I felt very unwell, as if I was trying to avoid something. Maybe my inner demons, or maybe something only my subconscious would know.
    I was walking alone, observing the unusually empty streets. No car, no lights, not a single living soul to be seen. Nothing. It was seriously creepy.
    The wind was cold, and not really inviting. I was shivering, and my teeth kept clacking, despite my efforts to remain as silent as possible.
    I couldn't remember how long that little walk lasted. Maybe 5 minutes, maybe 5 hours.
    I found someone in front of me. Actually, 3 persons. Thier facial traits were familiar, but they were unknown people. They were grouped around a broken car. The first one I have seen during my walk in the darkness.
    Getting closer, it was obvious that they were just as perplexed as I was. Their livid faces made me believe that they didn't know where they were, or what was happening in this very strange environment either.
    One individual of tiny group noticed my presence. I was unsure who the person was, but this person surprisingly looked like my sister. She smiled, and, without a word, pointed me the driver's door of the wasted car, hinting maybe to get in.
    One of the men tapped on my shoulder, which made me jumpscare a bit. He looked at me, smirking, and simply asked: "So, can you make it work?"
    I didn't really know what to say. I noded at him, even if I was unsure if a broken car made of a trunkated frame and missing parts would even work.

    I standed still for a minute, then got closer to the vehicle. I went inside, and noticed that the keys were still in the starter, ready to be used.
    As much as I expected nothing to work at all, I turned it in and to my surprise, the car rumbled, then started, although it was choking a lot.
    I sat inside the remaining of the broken car, then the group of 3 followed me without a word. They sat inside, and waited for me to maybe drive somewhere.
    I had no idea where to go, or what to do at all.

    My sister's doppelganger, who sat besides of me, pointed me to the main street, which was stretching until the horizon became a flat line.
    She smiled, then whispered: "Follow this road, we will get back home very easily."
    I was perplexed by this unclear reasoning, but I couldn't really know any better.
    I pushed on the accelerator, and despite the unstable condition of the vehicle, it moved, albeit chaotically. I grabbed the steering with both hands, then proceeded to drive, firstly slowly, and then a bit faster as I was getting used to the unusual controls.

    We went that way for a certain time, maybe 20 minutes.
    To my surprise, it was going relatively well. No interruption, only a flat asphalt way.
    Without any warning, the car stalled, leaving us even more isolated, on a desert road.
    I tried to start it again, but it was pointless. Gas must have ran out, I thought.

    The mysterious people didn't say a word, and simply got out of the now totaled vehicle. I couldn't find anything better yo do, so I followed them.
    There was a building nearby, so we naturally aproached it, maybe there would be something useful in there. The old office building was just as dead as the rest of the town.

    As we went inside, the entire environment changed. It suddenly became brighter, then changed to a very familiar place.
    I looked around, and noticed that my temporary companions vanished.
    I shrugged, unsure of what to think, then observed carefully.
    To my surprise, I wad standing in the middle of the grocery store I work at.

    It took me a moment to proceed the information, until I noticed there were people in there as well, most likely customers like I see daily.
    Despite my confusion, I didn't really seem bothered. I mean, I was back to my typical work environment.
    I actually thought that I was awoken, and that the mysterious city in the dark was part of my imagination, that I tend to get lost into while I'm at work, busy on my duties with minimal intetest.

    I saw a little boy coming nearby, to whom I smiled. He looked at me very seriously, then frowned. I felt a bit uneasy, but didn't make it obvious.
    He standed still in front of me, and said something that made me feel very uncomfortable.
    "Don't you realise you cannot hide secrets forever?" he said, with a very alarming assurance, considering he may have been around 8 years old.

    I felt cold sweat dripping on my forehead, and wanted to ask what this was supposed to mean.
    Before I could open my mouth to place a word, the little brat cut me.
    "Don't ever try to deny, I know what you have done." he slowly added, with a very serious tone for his age.
    My heart was jumping in my chest, and I started to worry about what was known, or what I could have done.

    A lady came close at this very moment, and apparently, she was the mother of this little man.
    She scolded him with a very quick "Get away from strangers", then propmptly apologised to me, regarding what the kid has said.

    At this exact time, I woke up.
    I was sweating, and feeling nauseated.
    A anxious feeling made me sit on my bed, looking around, until I coulf grab my phone, and notice I woke up about 3 hours earlier than expected.
    I tried to get back to sleep, but I kept waking up every 30 minutes, feeling just as ill as I was.
    Eventually I had to get up, put on clothes, then leave for work.
    The nauseated feeling couldn't go away until I arrived at work, almost late.

    And this is it for today.
    I don't know what was this weird, long, and very vivid dream about, but it surely will torment my thoughts for some time, just like some of my other dreams...

    Until next time.
    VinsCool Disturbed sleep, and no logical pattern is what I get these days.
    Honestly, I meant to post another entry earlier, but I'm simply unable to keep track of something that would be worth posting in here.
    I thought I'd just post fragments of the latest days/weeks.

    There is no logical follow up on what I'm about to share, so don't bother asking questions, I may find no answer.

    One moment I'm in a cave, I try to reach a very high hill, from where I saw the sky, and catch shooting stars. I managed to reach it, and that ended being relaxing moment. I sat on the ground and watched the sky.
    I fell asleep there, and woke up under the sounds of police sirens. They stopped us, and forced us to get out of the car.
    They opened the back storage, and pulled out a bearded man, who was crying, begging, to let him go.
    They forced him to sit on a weird chair, and taped a gas mask on his face.
    Afterwards, I ran away, too scared, and confused about what happened there.
    Out of nowhere, I was at home, and I was eating spaghetti. The sauce was thick, and tasted too bland to my taste.
    Immediately after, I was sitting in a wannabago. I was watching someone play some MMORPG on a laptop, including characters like Peter Pan, Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh.
    Small talk, I had a urgent need to take a piss, but no toilet around.
    The driver started to drive like they do in GTA, passing over people, objects, and driving over the speed limits.
    We stopped, and a madman came close to yell at us. I eventually woke up with a very urgent need to piss.

    So much for what I could clearly remember. Latest part was from last night's dream.

    This is all for now, I guess.

    Until next time.
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    VinsCool Hiya!
    Time surely flies. I feel like I only joined the community a few months ago.

    What could I say honestly? I'm always lurking the forums when I get a chance to. I read funny stuff, sometimes bad stuff, but usually cool threads about nearly everything.
    How did I manage to last for so long? I honestly hardly see myself quit GBAtemp anytime soon. I've been too deeply involved to ever consider leaving a huge community of friends, some of them almost became a second family for me.
    I've met a lot of very nice people, and obviously, some terrible people. Both sides are required to make this world a balanced environment.
    Even myself, I know so very well I wasn't the best user around.
    Back to my early days in here, I was younger, less experienced in life, maybe immature actually. I was pretty spammy, sometimes incredibly annoying, and also, I had a severe English difficulty. Believe it or not, for those who never knew me back in 2014, my writing skills were below average, reason being that I failed my English (second language) classes in high school.
    I know so very well I wasn't the GBAtemp user you know today. Multiple times, I had to learn from my mistakes, to learn how to behave. Many times I learned my lessons the hard way.
    The time I have spent here, surprisingly, helped me to become a better person, both on internet and in real life. I met amazing friends, and I believe I eventually forged myself a certain reputation in here.

    To this little ramble, I'm starting 2018 newer, better, and stronger.
    Hopefully I get to be even more useful around here.
    I love this community, despite the handful of toxic people roaming nearby, people who made some valuable members quit even.
    I have absolutely no intention to leave, for now. Like they say, life may get in my way, someday. Maybe in 3 months, or maybe in 3 years.

    I love you all, Tempers, and I wish you all success in your respective lives.
    Much love.

    VinsCool Hiya!
    Merry Christmas to everyone, and happy holidays!

    I went at my aunt's for dinner last night, and we had a pretty good time.
    We made our own sushi! That was really cool (and especially delicious!)


    So there's my first attempt, that I put in too much rice:

    Rice Plus 200%

    And then, my second attempt:

    Looking Much Better!

    I made some more afterwards, but didn't take pics. They were even better :D

    That's all for now.

    Until next time!
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    VinsCool Haven't made one of these lately.
    Reason being laziness and overall lack of interest.
    Last night however, it was pretty fucked up, so I did take notes in the morning, and now I think it's worth making a new blog post.

    It started on a cruising ship. I was there with my sister, relaxing for vacations. We spent nice time there, sunbathing and getting cool drinks.
    We eventually had to run away. No idea why, or from what, but we had to. We reached a climbing well, with huge cushions on the floor.
    For no reason at all, we let ourselves fall backwards from the top of the climbing walls.
    We arrived very smoothly on the cushions, like feathers.

    Afterwards, it felt like a distorted world.
    My sister was gone, and I was alone in a very complex set of tubes, like the ones we find in playgrounds. They were red, yellow, purple and green. No specific order, they were simply scrambled together.
    The world felt glitched. it was distorted, and clearly unreal.
    I was there with a friend of mine this time. A girl I know, but who I rarely met in person. She was there, with me, for some reason.
    We heard people laughing, and it made me panic. She ran away in the tubes, and I was alone, jumping around, passing through objects, and being under the playground like if I were outside of a video game map boundaries.
    I heard more people laughing, and I surprised myself hiding my area between my legs, as well as my chest, like if I were naked, even though I was not at all.
    Then I felt like I was fading away, similar to if I would lose consciousness, and eventually blacked out.

    I found myself at my workplace, with no customer at all.
    It was the afternoon, by the way I saw the sun light getting through windows.
    I was alone, and I saw my boss coming at me.
    He handed me a Nintendo Switch, and simply said "You can have it, only if I shoot a bullet in your head."
    I moved backward, and yelled at him "No way! Get away from me"
    He tried to move closer, insisting for me to take it.
    I ran away, trying to hide between the pallets of boxes that had yet to be moved to the shelves.
    He approached me again, and said: "alright, take it, and I promise I will not shoot."
    I still refused, and ran away once again.
    I got near the cashiers area, and hid under a counter.
    He got near me once again, and simply deposited it on the nearest counter, as well as a stack of games.
    "All right." he said.
    He promptly walked away.

    And then I woke up.
    This constant feeling of persecution keeps haunting me up to my sleep.

    That's all for now.

    Until next time.
    VinsCool I don't know if this is related to the fact that I drank a bottle of sweet mead last night, but I had a strange dream.
    Especially near the end.

    One part involved playing in a Minecraft town. The main character was the mayor of the town called Blocus 3. Where it gets weird is that the limit of the map was connected to a doorway, and this doorway was a unused Mexican border.
    Going inside was a house, and basically a passage to let people enter and exit the country at will. The owner of house was called Gonsalo.
    Next in the dream, I went to an apartment block, inside a small apartment I had to find my mailbox. Nothing in here, but a sleeping cat and a pillow.
    Then I went outside, and I was in the old city I lived when I was around 8 years old. I clearly recognised the marketplace in the other side of the street.
    I met a bunch of adult men, wearing no shirt, clearly under some sort of drug, as their eyes were empty and they had their pupils dilated.
    I was about to cross the street, before a gang of street cleaning trucks interrupted me to clean.
    Once they passed, it was like if I was in a documentary, I was the narrator, and I was observing the men talking nonsense about how they understood life.
    At this part, I said in a narrator voice "And now, our men are harvesting the Earth itself. Using fresh fruits, and dry compost. They're mixing the live soup under prophetic condition to eat it and fusion with the Earth."
    Then one of the men, a small, bald little man, maybe 25 years old, took a bit with a spoon, put it in his mouth, and grimaced after he swallowed.
    And then, he got an allergic reaction, becoming red and inflated on his face.
    I didn't notice until one of the men around told me "SHIT MAN HE'S BURNING!".
    And now it became weirder because it suddenly went in fast forward, and I saw everyone standing still, and the allergic man sitting, becoming more and more red, due to the allergy reaction.
    Then it went away, and the revert process began. I went back to normal afterwards
    All the fast forward time, no sound at all but clipping and cracking sounds, similar to a VHS player when you go in fast forward mode.
    After that he said "Ok, I guess eating the Earth was not allowed yet. We must have skipped a step.".
    To what I simply replied "Yeah...".

    And I woke up.

    That was weird as fuck, especially where the men were doing their, uh, enlightening experiments.
    That's all for now.

    Until next time!
    VinsCool Unlike usual, my most recent sleep (let's say, especially during the last 2 weeks) was blurry, diffuse. Only bribes on dream fragments with no correlation whatsoever. Last night, same story. But I do remember some parts, and I guess it's worth to mention. I'll write everything I remember in chronological order. That was from last night. I'll use a "flash transition" mark to tell that it moves to another part with no real link in between.

    Began in my apartment, I heard from my stepmother my girlfriend is pregnant, I panicked and went out for a walk, to calm down probably.
    *Flash transition*
    I was back home, in a completely different apartment, with a baby in my arms. I felt amazed about life, my girlfriend was too. Once baby fell asleep, I left my girfriend with our child then went out, on a nearby terrace outside join friends. They were people I never saw, but they seemed pretty nice.
    *Flash transition*
    I was back home, my head started to get bald above the forehead. I didn't like it. I took the clipper, and shaved all my hair. I also put on a pair of thick, blue glasses, possibly because it looked nice on me. Went out again, while baby sleeps with my girlfriend in the bedroom. I met my friends on the terrace again. They appeared slightly older, maybe. They complimented me on my new look, saying it suited me really well. I thanked them, but felt that I was lying to myself looking that way, since it wasn't "myself" at all.
    *Flash transition*
    I was in an appartment, with a small family. They told me they moved there to live better. They said they live better since they moved to somewhere in Mongolia. I looked through the windows to see what it looked like. It was not any different from where I currently live...
    Inside of the apartment, so many home appliance scattered at any possible space. Fridges, ovens, dishwashers, drying machines, washing machines. No logical reason for them. I wanted to ask the couple about it but I thought I should not.
    *Flash transition*
    I was walking in town, and entered a store. I said hi to the cashier behind the counter, then took a look inside. So many motorbikes alligned in there. I spent some time in there, then took my phone. The time was exactly noon. I put it back in my pocket, then it faded out.

    I woke up, the end.
    Nothing makes sense, but whatever.

    This is everything I could recall.

    Until next time!
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    VinsCool I've been having really broken sleep patterns lately.
    Unable to remember exact details in recent dreams, they were blank after I woke up.
    Some of them were really short, like a 10 seconds short animation.
    Last night however, I slept pretty well (thanks to all that wine taken during the evening maybe), and got dreams, very vivid.
    This entry will be divided in 2 parts. I had 2 major dreams during my sleep.

    Part 1: Rare Game Console Shopping.
    I was in the down town (if I could call it that way) looking at sweet video game deals. Going from stores to stores, inspecting consoles, games, accessories, and miscellaneous stuff related to games.
    I entered a pawn shop, as it surely looked that way from the inside. Electronics, used TVs, Guitars, anything was shown in there. Near the main desk, a glass counter was presenting a lot of games and consoles, with their price tags.
    I walked around at least 2-3 times, then the cashier came near, and asked me if anything was interesting me. I replied that I was just looking, and I'll ask him if I want a thing from the counter. He nodded and went back to his desk.
    I looked in my wallet, and I had exactly $300 in it, all in $20 bills. It put it back in my pocket, and looked at the glass counter again.
    Focusing on what was shown in it, in between Gameboys, cartridges, and Nintendo accessories, I saw something unusual. A Nintendo 64, in a transparent green plastic box, with a disc drive addon slapped under it, with a large blue sticker on it. The price tag was $1000.
    This thing really picked my curiosity, and the cashier noticed it. He came closer to me, opened the locker from his side, took the console, and brought it on the counter, from where I could see it very clearly.
    He told me: "Well, this is a rare N64 Dev Kit, a desperate long haired fat nerd brought it here yesterday, asking for whichever value it was worth, then ran away once I paid him. Don't be scared about the price tag, it was stuck on it to attract rare game collectors. I know you well already, so I'm not going to scam you. chuckles $300 and it's yours. I gave $200 to the guy, if you were wondering."
    This surely took my by surprise. I had exactly the money to afford it! After a few seconds of hesitation, I took my wallet again, grabbed the cash, then dropped it in front of the cashier. He smiled, then took a paper bag, and stored the N64 in it.
    I promptly thanked the man, then shoved the paper bag in my back pack, before I left the store, very happy of my purchase. I had thoughts of upcoming payments for my rent, but I thought I would be fine.

    This part ends here. No transition involved, I simply went to the second dream.

    Part 2: Like in a Movie.
    It began in an unknown city. The entire layout felt different. It was like if I time travelled to the 1950's.
    I was sitting in the grass, watching the houses around. The neighbourhood was alive, with people doing their things outside. Children were playing in the streets, dads were washing their old cars, and moms were doing the laundry.
    The peaceful vibe from this place was very relaxing. A normal summer day, with nothing that could ruin the calm atmosphere.
    I was observing everything, and feeling what they lived.
    Children playing, laughing, I was happy for them. A man lost his job, and had to tell his wife. I felt sad for him. A love story, with a young man trying to seduce a lady, who brought flowers, I was all "awww" for them.
    Nothing was done of my own. I was simply seeing and feeling everything. It was bright, vivid, colourful, and I had all emotions inside of me. I remember I also felt very lightheaded, and that was a nice feeling.

    I woke up, still lightheaded, and somehow confused about what was real and what was not. A thing very common with many dreams I had months ago.

    And that ends here. Sometimes I wish I lived in this world forever. Many things would be better is I was...
    I was pretty disappointed that I didn't really have that N64 Dev Kit, too, hahaha.

    Until next time!
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