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    VinLark A quick little blog.

    Do you ever get chills from seeing a profile long abandoned? It feels as if you are viewing an internet tombstone. It hurts, especially when it was people who you used to know, played games with very long ago.

    I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels this way. Going onto Skype, a long time ago, playing Minecraft and CS with friends. One day they just disappear, due to school, work, or whatever. One day you go back to that Skype account, just to see, they haven't been on in years.

    Or maybe going on Steam, looking through your friends list. You see friends that have not been on for 80, 100, 300, even 800 days.

    Do you wonder what happened to them? I sure do.

    Or even it's just friends that change. they make a drastic change. One day you're talking to them normally, the next day they are infatuated with some ideology, and it becomes the center point of their personality.
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    VinLark Quick little blog

    So I recently bought something known as a safety razor. It is a marval of modern invention, and not just some archaic device used by WW2 veterans. And I now understand its magic.

    Ever since I've started shaving, I have not had a good shave with cartridge and disposable razors. There is always hair left, and it's always uncomfortable. I can never get a clean even shave with it.

    But I got a safety razor and it changed shaving, it really did. I shaved this morning, and there is absolutely no hair left. My face is so smooth, it feels amazing.

    Long live safety razors
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    VinLark Im on a bus to Arkansas and very happy right now. I'm listening to good music and I'm happy to be alive

    Thank u happy music

    I hope all of yall are feeling happy today
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    VinLark Hey, long time no see. Today I just wanted to talk about how easy it is for yourself to be found on the internet.

    A discord server I admin had a weird incident happen today. Somebody invited a bot into the server. Usually only a admin can do that but some random kid did this. Nothing bad happened, I just banned him because he was trying to do some malicious stuff with it.
    I also like looking at people's discord profiles, look at their connections and stuff. So I look at this kid's connections and I find a site. I won't say the site to respect the kid's privacy but it was your basic edgy b&w rap cringe site with two links, to his steam and discord server.
    His steam and discord were fine, they were not points of failure in the way of person information.

    But something caught my eye, he had disabled right click and inspect element shortcuts so I couldn't view his site code.

    Now if you do this, that is just going to make me look harder at your site, it feels like you are hiding something. I go through the chrome menu and open developer tools and the first thing I see.

    1) Unprotected Site File System

    I could easily view his site file system. Every file was view able to me. If he was hosting a sharex file uploader, I could of pwned him very very easily if I was that mean.

    So I go in view some more, and what I see kinda shocks me.

    2) He put his full name AND a domain hosted under his full name as a comment in the HTML file.

    I thought this was a given, to NEVER post your full name on the internet. But apparently it isn't.

    So what did I do next? Well, I googled his full name just to see what I could find.

    And I then find his Instagram in the first few google results.

    So let's gather up what I now have of his (this isn't meant to be rude or threatening, I wish no harm to the guy, I just want you to see what I can find from one little google search)
    • His Full Name
    • Pictures of Him and His Family/ Friends
    • His Various Locations (his photos were location tagged)
    • Knowledge of his various internet accounts
    This is crazy. If I was an absolutely horrible person, I could do a lot with this information. It is morally wrong to dox somebody though, and as somebody who has been doxed before due to me doing exactly what this kid did and had accounts linked to person accounts, etc, it's an awful feeling.

    The cherry on top? He also had a twitter account in his insta bio that had the exact same aesthetics as his steam and site.

    What is the lesson? Please do not put your full name on the internet if it isn't for a job, especially if you are still a kid like the male I just explained. Please don't use the same username and password across the internet, especially on personal accounts.

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    VinLark A long time since we say each, eh? Back in November I don't even remember the last blog post I posted about this, but this is the 12th entries and that is 12 entries to many. But your FAVORITE blog series on the GBATemp is back

    To give you some background, maybe you should(n't) read my other 11 insane blog posts about linux/operating systems/Murphy's law absolutely destroying me
    The Computer Saga 11
    Saga 10: Windows 7
    Saga 9: Literally Running Android
    Saga 8: iTunes being epic again
    Saga 7: I use arch btw
    Saga 6: The Travesty of Ubuntu GNOME
    Saga 5: Solus, Distrohopping, and Me
    Saga 4: Me Deleting my MBR but with Linux
    Saga 3: Me Literally Deleting my MBR
    Saga 2: iTunes is epic
    Saga 1: The Beginning of the End (of Windows 10)

    Now that you have totally read those 11 other blog posts, let's get on to the destruction.

    So I've been dormant for a while, just programming stuff, trying to be a productive as I possibly can. All on Windows 10! I learned to live and love Windows 10. I was really comfortable on Windows 10. I even created a Windows 10 debloater that i'm pretty proud of tbh.

    But yet, the primal urge of change kicked in. I wanted newness, newness despite Windows 10 being really functional and not giving me any problems. I threw away comfort on Windows 10 for some L00nix treasures, and oh how that backstabbed me.

    I used Linux for 3 (Three) (III) days and this time I might never go back. I gave Linux a good year/ two years to get better and I actually had more problems then I have ever had on Linux. Let me tell you my tale.

    Day 1:
    • Tried Using Mint, didn't detect my wifi adapter
    • Alright, well I'll just install Cinnamon on Ubuntu!
    • Installed Ubuntu with Cinnanom and all my other programs etc etc et
    Day 2:
    • Nvidia X Server settings wouldn't save on reboot, couldn't fix it
    • Cinnamon used 800MB of Ram, 2x what Windows DE used.
    • Games wouldn't act like borderless fullscreen
    • Discord was VERY slow and clunky, literally crashed Linux at one point
    • Wifi was way slower, CSGO had 100 ping constant
    Ok, I thought. I'll just use Manjaro since I am pretty well versed in Arch. Manjaro is also the most popular Distro on Distro watch so it really can't be any worse.

    Day 3:
    • Installed Manjaro
    • Stuff was way more stable
    • Cinnamon used like 100MB of ram
    • But Games still wouldn't go borderless fullscreen
    • Cinnamon crashed whenever I opened up CS: Source in borderless fullscreen (one of the only games I play)
    • Nvidia X Server settings still wouldn't save (HUGE Issue)
    • System literally wouldn't restart or shutdown, had to physically press the restart button
    • Wifi was still slower than on Windows
    This morning I tried in one last vain effort to get NVIDIA X Server settings to save, saving to literally any and all config file online tutorials told me and even putting it in my .xinitrc file. If I had to take 3 minutes to adjust my Nvidia X Server settings every day, when Windows doesn't have this problem, I won't deal with it.
    I imagine comments like "wtf you only did it for 3 days thats not enough time" and yeah I would of done it longer but I had stuff to do and I shouldn't have to be trying to fix basic things like Monitor size. I didn't have the problem a year ago, I don't know why now.

    Thanks for reading.
    - Vince
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    VinLark So if you've been reading my blog posts, you would know I started deleting old accounts I never used. Around that time I lost my YouTube channel to Sam Hyde reporting it. Now I have lost another account. My Discord account.

    I knew I would lose my discord one day. It was inevitable, but I never thought I would lose my discord account to something I never did, that is the surprising part.
    I woke up at 6AM and found Discord had send me a message at 12AM basically saying "my account has been flagged for posting GORE or ANIMAL VIOLENCE CONTENT. This was absolutely crazy to me as I had literally never done it. had raided, spammed, used 3rd party clients, but NEVER EVER posted gore or animal violence content!
    I emailed discord and it took them like 2 days to respond with "based on evidence, you're not getting you account back lol"

    Now i'm out 2 months of Nitro, trying to get most of my servers I was in back, and lost 3 years of DMs.
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    VinLark Just wanted to wish everybody a happy new years. Nothing negative in this blog.

    I really feel like this has been a good year, a REALLY good year. I feel like this has been a good decade really, and it really can only get better. I've learned a lot and just want to keep improving myself. I hope you guys have been good as well and I hope 2019 will be a great year for all.
    VinLark Damn, it feels like it's been way longer since I did a blog post. I've been living inside my head as of recently and one of the things I was thinking of is how fast things really seem to change.
    Forums come and go, I've sadly had a lot of forums come and go and a lot of friends come and go. I didn't come on to this forum specifically to make friends but I feel like I did.
    Now I have this feeling I had with every other forum. It's a feeling of "I wish I was back in that time". That time being when specific people were still active and I was "in" the community. This might sound really sappy but I just think of all the people I lost contact with, even people of this forum and wonder where did all that time go? How did I just lose contact with them over the years?
    Time really seems to be a recurring theme in my blogs, huh?

    I really can't be the only person that has ever felt this way. There has gotta be a word for this feeling.

    You should really value the times you spend with your friends or family, or just the time you are alive. Sure, it sounds corny and you've probably heard it thousands of times but it's true.
    A Relevant bible verse would be Psalms 90:12
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    VinLark So, if you have been reading my amazing thrilling blogs you would know that I deleted a lot of my accounts and kinda started over from scratch. Well, I guess you could say this is me finishing the job.

    On my 8 year old Youtube channel, I started uploading videos from a fellow named "Sam Hyde". Maybe you have heard of him? Maybe not. Well he creates this series of videos called "HydeWars" where he just talks about stuff. I find the series very interesting and I wanted to share some videos from the series on Youtube. The thing is, the series is behind a paywall. You have to pay monthly for it. I pay monthly for it because I like supporting the content and I wanted to show others the content. The videos were genuinely insightful and I wanted others to see them. I started to upload episodes and people LOVED them! People took Sam's advice to heart and some even subscribed to HydeWars themselves!
    Only once did it cross my mind that I was putting myself up to risk when a man commented on my videos "take these down, sam will strike them and take your channel down!". Never did I think he was correct.

    Until now.

    My channel is being deleted in 7 days. I have no choice, because he copyright striked all of the videos and Youtube on its own will delete my channel in 7 days. With my channel I will delete my entire Google Account. All of it will be gone. I will let it go it's 7 days and I will delete it all. I will start from scratch.
    Do I blame anybody for my channel being taken down? Not at all. I only have myself to blame. I uploaded somebody's copyrighted content and now I pay the price for it.
    My only worry is that people who could of seen them won't, and will never be able to. I wasn't uploading these videos to get famous, I wasn't using them to promote myself, I genuinely just wanted to spread nice content.

    Thanks for reading.


    And yes, I did make a backup of my google account.
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    VinLark I woke up with 20 notifications, more than half all of them stupid AMAs, so allow me to throw my hat in the ring

    Ask Me Anything
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    VinLark Hey, quick little blog here.
    So a few days ago I got a 1080p 144hz monitor, and I can confidently say that 144hz makes a world of difference!
    The monitor I am using if a Refurbished AOC G2460PF with AMD Freesync. I paid $189 for this monitor and it is currently the cheapest 144hz monitor still in production on the market, and for the price, hoooooly shit. It is AMAZING.

    I simply cannot state how great 144hz is. 144hz doesn't just affect gaming, if affects EVERYTHING. Browsing is so smooth now! EVERYTHING is smooth! 144hz monitor paired with an SSD (which I also got and failed to make a blog on) makes for the fastest computing experience I have ever had.

    This monitor also has speakers (fine for just listening to a video, not good for listening to music regularly), a USB hub, and can turn 90 degrees! It's so cool!
    Photo below:
    The pic really doesn't do the monitor justice. You can't really see the SMOOTHNESS of of 144hz from this photo, but trust me, it's amazing.
    VinLark Hello, so I've been wanting to do this for a while but I have just gotten around to doing it. I needed to clean up 5-6 years of filth my younger self made and as I'm entering the more formative years of my life I feel it would be a very good thing to do. What do I mean by a virtual detox? Well, I don't mean abstaining from technology and the internet. I need to get rid of many accounts I have made, cut off connections, and make a new alias. That is what I mean.
    I want to write a lot more about this in an essay i'm doing, but i'll give the kinda "TLDR" version of it as this is a blog.

    I surfed the internet as a very little child, and a very little child doesn't know internet safety or what to do/not to do on the internet. So I always went by one alias. "VinLark". I'm still very proud of this alias, and I'm going to still use it for years to come, but using this everywhere has come back to haunt me a few times. I used it in such a large way that it was really easy to create a virtual road-map of where I had been and if you were to look up "VinLark" in a internet scraper, you would basically get everything about my life. This made it very easy for a certain person that disagreed with me to doxx me and figure out literally all of my accounts. This happened twice, believe it or not. I will not let it happen again.

    This alias and these accounts pilled up over the years and I had literally 100s of connections and accounts linked to my Facebook. I needed to stop this. Getting rid of my Facebook was the prime motivation for this detox. Facebook's practices over the year and even the last 6 months were horrible and I didn't want to be a part of a website that did things like that. I believe Facebook has nothing but bad intentions and the people at Facebook are the kind of people that want me gone from the internet.

    I have just deleted my Facebook, but that was not all.

    I wanted to get rid of the email I stuck with for a decade. I wanted to leave it behind, only bringing over the very important accounts. And I did.
    I have also deleted my Google+ account and most other social media.

    Now that I have done this, I feel very relived. I have also taken precautions by blocking Facebook and other social trackers.

    Thanks for reading
    VinLark Quick little blog here.
    I bought an old Compaq Presario S3200NX computer from 2002 off of a friend for 20 dollars.
    It had an Athlon, IDE HDD, 2 DVD readers, and a floppy drive.
    215MB of DDR1 RAM installed. Pretty standard stuff.

    But there was one thing i was primarily interested in....
    it was a 1394 dual USB chip.

    Me being crazy, I wanted to take the 1394 chip and put it in MY computer for those 2 extra USB ports.

    The only real hurdle was actually GETTING it out of the case. I had to absolutely destroy the case trying to get it out, but get it out i did. After getting cut with the sharp sheets of metal in the case of course works!

    It's pretty amazing how standardized PC parts are, and that is a good thing.

    It looks pretty bad....but what are you gonna get for free?
    VinLark So, I really felt like I needed to make a blog for some reason. Almost out of tradition. I want to make a blog that isn't some joke.
    I made a blog exactly A year ago talking about Family and how I think of it. This blog won't be so much about family, as I said what I thought needed to be said. This will just be a chalk-up of things going on since that blog.

    So, I just got back from the same Family get-together. What has changed?

    Well, the cousin I mentioned in the earlier blog, she became an alcoholic. She was kinda the trigger for the first blog, as I knew something wasn't correct with her at the family get together last year. That is not meant to put her down on a pedestal, but it really in steeled my thoughts about family inferiority. I really just knew something was up with her being there. And I was correct. I almost feel bad for not calling it out earlier.

    What about School? Well, I did very well on my exams and am very happy with my academic performance. This hopefully will be the push for me to do better in Maths. I hate math, and I don't see the need for me to try. Last year, I didn't learn much, and yet I got a Mastery (B) on my Math End Of Course test. I don't know how, but I was absolutely amazed.

    Now for the main point I was thinking about on the way home. Hate.
    It's very easy to hate people or a group of people when you aren't connected to people. If you are a basement NEET, you might have more hate in you because you don't connect or see people on a regular basis.
    Summertime is a very important time to go outside and see the world. I try to make it a very important time to go outside and connect with people.
    I don't hate anybody, but you could say I have a visceral reaction to a group of people and specific people. Staying in your room and home everyday makes it very easy to say you hate people and a group of people.
    Going outside today and talking to family, seeing people made me realize I don't really hate anybody. It's like a cup with that has too much water in it, you have to pour some water out for it to get at a normal level.
    While writing this, I thought of the word, tension. I had a lot of tension built up inside of me.
    There are people who have wronged me, or groups of people who do wrong in the world, but I don't hate them, and me saying that is not taking some peace keeper love everybody stance. But I want them to get better
    This doesn't mean you can't judge them. Judging is not inherently wrong, never forget this.

    Overall, I'm kinda at an all time high in life. I have money, I have a family who loves me and believe that I will amount to great things, I have friends, its amazing.
    But I can't help to think its all just a bubble that will burst at any moment.

    Keep Safe and God Bless

    VinLark Hey guys its your iOS basedboy here for your yearly WWDC rundown




    Actually I can't do it this year. It was just so much like last year. I was mainly disappointed in iOS. NO DARK MODE? COME ON!!!!!!

    I'm currently on iOS 11.3.1 waiting for the new jailbreak. So I guess I don't need to worry about this stuff. There was nothing that made me excited.

    Actually that's a lie. The Measure app is SO fucking cool.

    But yeah that's about it.
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