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    Ok, I should have done this like 3-4 months ago. I haven't been active at all. So well, I'll be gone. I might check once a month but that's it. I really don't have the time anymore. I've been really busy with life. So, good bye GBAtemp, and good luck at keeping this site up.

    Thank you to everyone who helped me here when I was a noob.


    P.S. Curely, Narin, and Exiler, don't push yourself. :D
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    Bad week

    Ok, so this week has been bad. :(

    My best friend met some new friends, and all of a sudden, she stops talking to me at school and rarely on AIM. Been best friend's since 2nd semester
    Used to talk to me everyday but now not anymore, maybe a little on AIM. I don't think she likes him or anything but now she's not talking to me anymore. When I IM her, she would be like hey, but it doesn't seem that she really wants to talk to me. So now I don't know what to do.
    She would usually give me a hug once in a while but not anymore.

    Im just waiting to see what happens.

    Any Suggestions?