1. Hello folks, as you know I've been a jerk on the temp for the past 6-7 months. Well the reason why was because of this. [spoiler] So I'm deciding to leave GBATemp due to my mental-like issue increasing higher and higher. -Vidboy10
  2. So I recently watched the newest episode of "Pawn Stars" and my god, I was just watching the episode and then I see something that blows my mind. A miniature car/go-cart version of a 1920s Ford Model T, and after watching the episode I looked it up on Google and YouTube. z71XjDvezeU I looked...
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4puEoWu9Csk Hell yeah.
  4. With this terrible cold right now and having long and short term memory loss right now is like going down a spiral. I feel like I'm being slowly tortured, and when ever I sneeze I feel like being whipped like a slave. Even when I open the window the rain pours on to me and it feels like my skin...
  5. Well, this is my last post before I sleep. I have a terrible cold and also some long and short term memory problems. P.S, For those who say I'm gay need to shut up, I've never been gay, I'm bi and I always have been.
  6. http://www.twitvid.com/YPKFE Sorry for the quality.
  7. I was just logging in one of my PCs in my school and I saw this. [spoiler] :lol:
  8. So today, on February 4th 2011, the CSA would've been 150! Even though today I've been having illness problems, I've been having sickish/pukey feelings. No fun. :/
  9. With $400 in my Christmas money, I just bought my Schmookums a PC Motherboard, even though my dad got a little aggressive about it. But my schmookunms is happy. And thats all I care about. :3
  10. I was just watching Sports Center this morning when this was in "Plays of the week" lF8w3zN0xiA
  11. DoyGdwBKrl4
  12. As you've seen from my sig, I recently got Victoria II. My dad gifted it for me for Christmas! And I'm telling you this is an incredible game. I've played over 5 hours of it, seriously I can create my own empire from 1836 to 1935, I'm currently playing as the Mexican empire and Im considered a...
  13. [img] The internet here is so bad, it took me 7 minutes to go from Forum frontpage -> Blogs -> Post new topic.
  14. I don't know, ever since my "Two Years" blog, I've started to rehabilitate my old self. Even though I've gotten into arguments with a Dixie moderator, but even though besides that, I feel pretty good. :D
  15. Yep. It's been two years since i signed up for the temp. I went from being a Wii hacker the the king of the off-topic forum.