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    Goodbye and Sorry.

    Hello folks, as you know I've been a jerk on the temp for the past 6-7 months. Well the reason why was because of this.

    In July of 2010, I went up to my Grandmas for a family reunion, But we stayed there earlier before my dad went up so it was just me and my cousins. So while I was up there, my step-Grandpa got pissed at me easily, he did the same thing with my dad when he was growing up so he just wants to do the same shit on me, so he did, but I held my anger all in side, but as you know before any of this shit happened I was a really nice guy here on the temp. I had many great friends on here, and at the time Advi was my boyfriend. So kept My anger all In side and I became one angry mother fucker, but that wasn't all. Since December 2010 I developed a mental-like uncontrollability of my words, I came up with words like "niģger cunt" and "fagģot dick". I was constantly loosing my mind, I was saying things I shouldn't of said, like hating on AGLCB for calling him Fascist because of supporting LBGT (Which are cocksuckers and goodfuckers in a good way), and hating Secret-sauce because of his asperger's (Even though they can be really sensitive sometimes). Even though in real theroy I liked Vulpes, until he became a mod, he became a douche to alot of people, especially this one time at AGLCB, where he (Vulpes) was joking around he would give sexual pleasures to the OP but he edited it because he realized the OP was gay, I found it really offensive. There was one other thread (Couldn't seem to find it.) where he was being an ass to AGLCB again when AGLCB started a thread about colored titles, AGLCB was asking if he wanted one and then Vulpes rudely says "Did anyone ask you if you wanted one?", what a cunt. And later I was banned on the IRC even though it was a silly reason, lilysypha (Who banned me from IRC) banned me because of belligerence, yet I never used caps or "!" I was calmly just trying to discuss something, I tried PMing lily 2 times but she never replied. But I don't care if she wants to be immature and not discuss this then thats fine. All and all, I'm sorry for what I've done for the past year.

    So I'm deciding to leave GBATemp due to my mental-like issue increasing higher and higher.

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    I want to go vintage go-cartin'...

    So I recently watched the newest episode of "Pawn Stars" and my god, I was just watching the episode and then I see something that blows my mind.
    A miniature car/go-cart version of a 1920s Ford Model T, and after watching the episode I looked it up on Google and YouTube.


    I looked up the prices for this kind of stuff, it sadly goes from $1,000 to $2,300.
    But when I have the money that's going to the next thing I'm going to buy.
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    First Blood.


    Hell yeah.
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    The Spiral

    With this terrible cold right now and having long and short term memory loss right now is like going down a spiral.
    I feel like I'm being slowly tortured, and when ever I sneeze I feel like being whipped like a slave.
    Even when I open the window the rain pours on to me and it feels like my skin is starting to dry and crackle.
    I just lay in bed watch the rain while I rot and decay, but I guess that's how this world behaves.
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    Going down a spiral.

    Well, this is my last post before I sleep.
    I have a terrible cold and also some long and short term memory problems.

    P.S, For those who say I'm gay need to shut up, I've never been gay, I'm bi and I always have been.
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    Channels broadcasting the Japanese earthquake


    Sorry for the quality.
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    I was just logging in one of my PCs in my school and I saw this.


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    Confederate Day

    So today, on February 4th 2011, the CSA would've been 150!

    Even though today I've been having illness problems, I've been having sickish/pukey feelings.
    No fun. :/
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    I'm so nice. :>

    With $400 in my Christmas money, I just bought my Schmookums a PC Motherboard, even though my dad got a little aggressive about it. But my schmookunms is happy. And thats all I care about. :3
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    I was just watching Sports Center this morning when this was in "Plays of the week"

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    Happy Holidays

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    Thanks dad.

    As you've seen from my sig, I recently got Victoria II.
    My dad gifted it for me for Christmas! And I'm telling you this is an incredible game.
    I've played over 5 hours of it, seriously I can create my own empire from 1836 to 1935, I'm currently playing as the Mexican empire and Im considered a great power.
    Oh yeah, your probably thinking, can you play as the CSA durring 1861 when the civil war happens? Yep.

    Check it out, I strongly suggest buying this while its $20.
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    Oh grandma and grandpa...

    The internet here is so bad, it took me 7 minutes to go from Forum frontpage -> Blogs -> Post new topic.
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    Ive been in a comfortable mood latly...

    I don't know, ever since my "Two Years" blog, I've started to rehabilitate my old self.
    Even though I've gotten into arguments with a Dixie moderator, but even though besides that, I feel pretty good.

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    Two years.

    It's been two years since i signed up for the temp.
    I went from being a Wii hacker the the king of the off-topic forum.