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    See this? I want it.


    Too bad it's $300 plus $150 shipping.

    Oh well. :rolleyes:
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    I went to get new contacts yesterday. Expensive shit. $120 for the checkup and six pairs of monthly contacts (which I always end up wearing for two months because I forget to replace them, so the six pairs end up lasting over a year instead of six months, but still). Plus the saline. The gallons and gallons of saline. :mellow: Expensive shit.

    I should come in for a checkup in six months because apparently I'm wearing contacts too much and it's affecting my eyes. Cornea and iris getting veiny. [​IMG] I shouldn't be wearing them for over nine-ten hours a day, and the eyes can't breathe through the material these are made of, and if I plan on wearing contacts for longer periods (a whopping 12 hours a day or so) I should buy the (even) more expensive ones with slightly better oxygen permeability. Or I should combine them with glasses.

    And my astigmatism got worse, and soft contacts don't quite compensate for it any more. Yay. If it gets worse I should switch to rigid contacts or, you guessed it, glasses.

    So basically, I should get glasses. Seems like the perfect solution. And I've been thinking about getting a pair for a while. Having both would be ideal. Even though I prefer contacts, glasses are more practical sometimes. And I wouldn't be wearing contacts all the time, and I hear tell that's good for the cornea :ha: I'd like to have both.

    Only problem is, the difference in focal lengths. My left eye is -5, my right one is -1. The optician can't guarantee my eyes would get used to glasses with such a large difference between the lenses. I tried those mockup glasses, and it's horrible. The two images won't overlap. And they keep spinning around each other :wacko: Tried it several times over the years. Lenses work, glasses wobble. Head hurts. Stomach queasy.

    Now, people will say that you get used to it after a while, but my optician, the very person that's trying to get me to buy glasses, tells me she can't guarantee I'd ever get used to them. I got a second opinion, and the second opinion is "true, the difference is rather big, it would be a gamble, don't risk big money getting glasses, why don't you get some cheap crappy pair on a sale somewhere and try it out and if they work get something good."


    Maybe I should just get a monocle. Or an eyepatch :ha: Or a monocle and an eyepatch. And a top hat.

    And a pony.

    And now for something completely different.

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    It is here.

    It is here...


    Yay ^_^

    And that will be all, other than to thank Nadrian once again,

    thank you thank you thankyouthankyouthankyou :bow: [​IMG] :wub:

    And I propose a new smiley, the :yaydstwo: [​IMG]

    And now I'm off to test it out.
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    My bricked brick

    My laptop's charger started acting up a few weeks ago. When merely kicking it failed to get it to work, I decided to get off my ass and see what was wrong. It was losing contact in the output cable; yes, the one you can't unplug and replace. The one soldered directly to the board. They don't repair that. So it was either buy a new charger locally ($100), order a new charger ($50) and hope the old one would survive until it arrived, or try and repair it myself.

    So I went online and looked for advice on opening the charger casing. And the advice was, basically, "don't." The modern charger casings aren't held together by screws, they're glued together. It's not about making it cheaper to manufacture; a snap-together casing would be just as cheap. They had to go and glue it shut. You have to literally crack it open. Voiding your warranty on pretty much everything (good thing the warranty had run out a few years ago :rolleyes:) It was never meant to be opened or repaired. If it breaks down, you're expected to buy a new one. Even if the malfunction is just a broken cable that would take a minute to fix. Yay. The wonders of modern consumer electronics. Also, repairing stuff is communist. Buying new stuff when old stuff breaks stimulates the economy.

    Well screw the economy.

    So I cracked it open. And cut and broke and pried it open. An hour of whacking at it for a two minute repair. Here's what it looks like inside. I had to solder the two wires to the two holes in the leftmost corner. Woop de doo. Two minutes' work.

    And since I had to break the casing to get it open, I couldn't just put it back together, and simply gluing it together wouldn't hold. So I taped it shut. Just a little tape in case I have to take it apart again. If it survives the test run I'll reinforce it with some makeshift plastic frame or something.

    I'm still peeved, though. I mean come on. :glare: Oh sure, a new charger would cost $20 (in theory), but why am I being forced to buy a new one? Why are they making it especially hard to avoid buying a replacement for something that can be repaired in a couple minutes (or could be if the whole thing wasn't a monolithic brick)? And what is more: something that's essentially chinchilla bait, expendable goods, i.e. the cable, is now an integral part of the whole device, so that you have to replace the entire device if the cable breaks (and it will, cables do that). Can you say "design flaw"?

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    Gamecube emulator for the GBA!!!

    Encouraged by darkchen's success, I decided I should try out an idea that has been on my mind for years now. Namely, a way to play Gamecube games on my GBA. Sure, some of you may say it's impossible, that the GBA simply isn't powerful enough to do it, and you might even be right. But I've never let the mere fact that something is entirely impossible stop me. And after I saw how darkchen did it, the solution struck me. Like GBA on DSi, it's entirely possible, all you need is a little extra hardware.

    Namely... a GBA TV tuner, a Gamecube, RCA cables, modchip (if you don't want to buy games), and several car batteries to power the whole thing (you can use a power adapter, at the expense of portability, but that defeats the whole point).

    Et voilà:


    The picture is a bit grainy but you see the general idea. That's Super Mario Sunshine, played on a GBA. In your face everyone who was saying you couldn't play Gamecube on the GBA.

    Now, some of you may say that it's not really an emulator, or that it's not being run on a GBA, the GBA only serves as a screen, but I could point out that darkchen's emulator doesn't really run on the DSi, it runs on the iPlayer, which is not a flashcard, it's a friggin' external computer. Which is roughly the equivalent of stuffing a PSP up DSi's butt, hardware wise, and the DSi only serves as a screen (and gamepad). But that doesn't stop anyone from yelling how "all the naysayers were wrong."

    As my next project, I'll try running the PS3 on my GBA, in much the same fashion. Hell, the sky's the limit. :yaysp:
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    Well, I'll be going, then...

    I've been procrastinating all my life. I've been putting things off not only until the last minute, but hours past the last minute, and then some. And secretly (and openly) hoping that if I ignore it long enough it will go away. It won't, of course. It didn't.

    For the last five years, I've been doing pretty much nothing. At first I was just wasting time. Then I was putting things off until well behing the last moment. The deadlines were wooshing by. Then I was actively avoiding doing anything. Oh, I was aware of the situation, I knew I had to get off my ass and start doing something. But I did nothing. Well past the point of no return. For the past two years, I've been hiding, fingers in my ears, trying to lose myself in any escapism I could, and that my rapidly shrinking attention span could encompass, yelling lalalalaalaaaaaaaa at the mere thought of getting up and trying to get my life in order.

    I've been putting off writing this post for a year now.

    I have to go.

    I mentioned the escapist activities? This forum was one of the places I could get pleasantly lost in for hours. Well, I can't do that any more. No hiding, no occupying my mind with stuff. I can't afford it any more. I really have no time for this. Or anything else, apart form work. Things to do. Time to leave. If all goes well, I'll be back soon enough. If not, it might be a while. But now, it's time to go.

    I'm going to miss you.

    See you guys around. :yaysp:
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    The Trolley Initiative

    [Remember, this is The Edge of the Forum. None of this should be taken as a suggestion or encouragement.]

    We've all read TrolleyDaves Guide To GBAtemp Behaviour, and most of us agree on most of the points. One point we all agree on is that it would be nice to be able to find all the people who stubbornly and persistently act directly opposite to the guidelines offered in Trolley's post; find them, and smack them upside the head. We all agree it would be nice to have enough money to travel around the world and go Jay and Silent Bob on the irritating little twerps' asses, sadly, most of us still can not.

    So I have a proposition to make. There are TEMPers all over the world. Hidden in plain sight. One may be behind you as you're reading this. Turn around and noone's there, but do you dare look back at the screen, dreading every noise, every sound... or absence thereof, indicating a body standing perfectly still, right behind you...? But I digress. Anyhow. There are a lot of us, all over the place. Among us, we cover a lot of ground. Together, we can do a lot.

    That's why I am here to talk to you about the Trolley Initiative.

    Whenever we locate one wretched irksome keyboard monkeys, a TEMPer and member of the Trolley Initiative within walking/public transportation distance would go over to his place and give him a ding upside the ear.

    Nothing drastic, just a little smack. Just a reminder. Don't think you're safe just because Trolley himself can't afford to fly to Uruguay.

    By the time the troll recovers from the initial shock, the TEMPer will be well away.

    So, what do you say? Now, of course I'll offer my help. I have a fellow TEMPer living in my vicinity, Toni Plutonij. So if he ever starts acting up, I'll be right over and I'll be all like "Toni. You gadda understand, Toni. It's about respect. Nothing personal, Toni. Business is business. And in dis business, i's all about respect, Toni. Trolley says hello". And then I'mma give'em a ding 'round the ol' earhole. And maybe leave a dead frog on his pillow.

    Or vice versa, of course.

    So, who's with me? :yayds: