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    Playing my NO GAMES Vita


    Been playing my NO GAMES Vita quite a lot recently, though more PSP games than Vita so sony got alot of money cu i have to rebuy ALL MY PSP GAMES TO BE ABLE TO PLAY THEM IN THE VITA ..Bought Persona 3 Crap and The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the no games . Both are Crap , however I've seem to play P3P more. Quite the mediocre game. Will play Persona 4 afterwards cuz i love to play ports cuz no games . I also started watching the Persona 4 anime as well...must admit, it's quite boring the characters are lame and there no plot.

    Speaking of Anime, I've also been watching a bit of that recently. So far I've watched and finished bocu no pico , Sonic , Godzilla, and sesame street (obviously my favorite...) In that order. Also currently watching Persona 4 anime as stated above, and will be watching my little Pony, . So I'll have plenty of things to do i nthis no Life.

    And...I suppose that's it for now, even though I still have a lot on my mind <img src='http://gbatemp.net/public/style_emoticons/default/wink2.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':wink:' />. Oh well, for another time I suppose.

    No games
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    Luminesy and Unit 13 are no Games

    So I got $80 from a Hobo today and journeyed off to Wal-Mart (we had to pick up some Spam and cheese it crackers ) and decided to pick these two up.

    Lumines I wanted from the start but I couldn't nab it on ebay, so I got Dynasty Warriors Next instead.

    It's goddamn Lumines. You can't go wrong is UBER HARDCORE . My big complaint when the PSVITA launch was the lack of such a "killer app" and games . To me, "killer apps" aren't just a good game. It's a game that lasts.

    The music is average , the visuals are lame t but I'm usually too focused on the game to notice them, and it supports buttons or touch screen Gimmick controls, whatever's too your liking. It's a good "evergreen" title so I'd suggest it as a day one purchase for any Vita owner that hate himself

    Unit 13, you may ask me "Why would you buy this crap ?" Well, I have UMvC3 and Rayman Origins on the Xbarcks so I didn't see much of a reason to buy them again.

    I heard some rather positive things for Unit 13, that it actually was a game i mean omg a game on the vita :O . I played a couple of missions (by "couple" I mean none ) and I do enjoy it. I just think it's structured very well. just press X to win and It's much more "arcadey".

    A side observation on Vita games in general, I do find them really bringing back a way of gaming from the Atari days it gives me the E.T for the Atari feel and the do this with NO GAMES AT ALL

    3G gaming seemed pretty silly at first. and it still is Like what's the point of having "anywhere online" if the NO GAMES ?
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    Guess whose joining the Sony Brotherhood?

    Well I'm not cuz i like games .but My Niece is. She's 9 years old. She's gonna play hardcore gamez like CoD, killzone you know Hardcore games for hardcore gamers as herself.

    My mom 2nd sister and brother-in-law are getting her a Ps3 with a Sony Move dildo . I may or may not have gotten her interested in video games "" Wink"". She comes round to my house and she wants to play with my consoles if you know what i mean . The problem is, she dumb and she cant use controllers , she struggles to comprehend on what to do with it especially if she's using something like the HARDCORE PS3 controller with different buttons. i mean A and B that shit is too hard for her.

    So they're getting her a Move as she can just play around with her games without intimidation of using buttons because she's DUMB and No games

    Well done to Sony for making gaming more Hardcore without games :X
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    Tired of Sony

    I'm surprised I'm admitting this, but it seems everything Sony-related in my body seems
    to be disintergrating. I'm not even sure why.

    I used to be such a Sony diehard growing up and I remember promising myself long ago that
    I would purchase every Sony handheld and console until the day I die. Back then, it was a promise (It was silly, I'll admit) I made to myself,
    but it seems so ridiculous now.

    Not even sure why either. Probably because I've been eying that 3DS for awhile now. I've had both the Ps3 and PSP
    last handheld generation, and enjoyed them both equally. But now, 3DS just seems so much surperior to the Psvita and no GAMES

    Now, I'm not trying to start any wars or anything, that's not it. It just seems now that my love for Sony is dimishing. cuz no games

    I'll probably wait until Summer. By then, my Dog should be back from Japan by then. He promised me he'll buy me a Atari jaguar
    because he didn't buy me anything for Jew day , even when I told him I didn't want anything. I'm not that interested with Atari products,
    so I'll probably just ask for a 3DS . It's better for him too. A $170 3DS compared to a $400 Psvita no games (if that's really the price. Like I said, I'm
    not too familiar with products, other than the SOnyphone.) Oh well.

    Oh a brighter note, I'm having a grand ol' time. Hanging out with my internet friends and family has been a great help for me getting out of this hangover
    I've had for awhile. I'm not going to bore you as to why I have hangover in the first place (because I'm sure you hear enough of that), but I can safely
    say everything around me is improving. I have more internet friends , I'm closer to my dog

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    Slayers Super Nintendo Playthrough part 1

    So i was testing my recorded software and decided to do a Playthrough of Slayers For super Nintendo nd stuff​
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    Pokemon White Battle VS Robbie

    Pokemon White Battle VS Robbie he quit the match :S​
    Want to battle Pm me or post here​
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    january 1941 The Situation of The War part 2


    While thinking about England I could not forget about the soviets in order for Germany to truly be great I needed wide spaces on to were grown food something that soviet Russia have and so I already was thinking on a possible operation on the eastern front.


    Meanwhile my allied Italy was moving to North Africa to secure bases there and to gain control of Suez Canal.

    Italy manage to secure Suez with this we cut the allies easy access to the Indian Ocean

    I have been in talks with Spain since the start of the war on a possible entrance of Spain to the war Franco ask for Germany to secure their colonies in African and for use to secure Suez he was asking for too much but I told him I will think about it.

    January 1 1940 Italy took Suez after Spain hear about the decided to enter the war on the side of the axis.

    Days after Spain entered the war the scum at Yugoslavia decided to break the pact of iron that put them under my control I fear a possible pro allies Yugoslavia so I decided to declare war and wipe them of the map of Europe as you can see by the picture up there I almost have half of their country under my control on my next report I will post the outcome of Yugoslavia.

    So this is all the big events till now hopefully on my next report I will have even better news heck even a German control England to show

    If any of you have a idea on how to deal with England please post it below.

    also sorry for my bad grammar
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    january 1941 The Situation of The War part 1

    This is WAR

    So I was bored and decided to play some ironCross and while playing I got a idea why not post about it in that gbatemp blog so yea.​

    i am playing as germany​


    So is already 1941 I already beat France and Poland as you can see by the picture up there as soon as declare war on Poland England and France declare war on me I beat Poland in 4 weeks and then there was France.

    France was annoying they have a series of forts in the German French border call the Maginot line even though my army was superior it would have take too much to break the fort line so what did I do well I went around it but to do that I needed to declare war on the Belgium and the Netherlands.
    In what I call operation wet dog the war against Belgium and the Netherlands in order to gain access to the French northern borders it took me 6 weeks to be able to overrun both Belgium and the Netherlands I have to move fast because the French were already moving troops to the north to join up with their new allies.

    After the fall of Belgium I took 40 divisions and hit the forts from the back eventually taking over them after that I took 5 armor divisions and march strait to Paris there the French government wanted peace.
    As the victor I decided to END France and form the puppet nation of Vichy a nation that would only answer to me Germany.
    Now with Paris under my control Italy entered the war on the side of the axis and I decided to go with the tri pact act in which it divided the world in German Italian Japanese spheres of influence now all that is left is England.

    But Before I could think if a way to hit England there was the Denmark and Norway problem
    Weeks ago I have an incident with Denmark and of my ships also Norway was the source of my iron ore supplies needed for my war machine so I decided to declare war on Denmark Norway and even Sweden I decided to also go after Sweden because they could have felt threatened by my forces in the area so I struck first.

    After defeating all 3 countries I decided to form the puppet nation of Scandinavia in order to have someone to keep order in the area and secure the ore mines.


    Now I can focus on England on what way should I go after them the logical way would be to go with a beach lading but there is the royal navy after all and the German navy at the moment is no match for it

    Heck I don’t even have enough lading ships to take troops across but I do have a plan in mind.

    My plan for the invasion of England is simple.

    1. 1 Air superiority over the English channel

    I need this in order to secure save passage of my ships across the channel

    2. 2 Take a beach with a port

    I need a port in order to secure supplies and fuel for my tanks the don’t run on water XD

    3. 3 Secure a wide are around the port for defense
    This is needed because if I stay on the port I could be overrun and sent back to the sea

    Time is running out I need a plan before 1942 before the English manage to gather too many forces that would make a sea invasion impossible
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    BF 1942 telemark Fun


    more fun in BF 1942 this time in the map telemark the objective is if your axis to stop the allies from destroying the heavy water factory in norway
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    BF 1942 Fun in Saipan


    So I been Playing around With Fraps to record my gaming stuff and I decided to record some BF 1942 fun I think there sound lag only 5 minutes cuz of the file size was over 5Gb I think I will record other maps.

    I like how Fraps wont make the game lag like other Record apps.