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    Uiaad So I have actually thinking about for a long time now and with my health being the way it is at the moment I can't think of a better time to start doing something constructive again.

    But just to let you know this isn't my first rodeo, but I am pretty much in the very very early days of developing this project.

    This game is going to be a spiritual successor of the Suikoden series of games although will be going back to sprites rather than going full on 3D. I really want to focus on the game play and story with this game and create a world that a player wants to learn more about and cares about the fate of the characters.

    Before i write even a single line of code I pretty much want the story nailed down so i can carefully weave the story and gameplay together

    Much like the first two Suikoden games it will have at least 3 main modes of play, the general battles (6 player vs 6(max) enemy ), Strategy battles, and one on one battles. Possibly a 4th depending on where i end up going with the story but that a discussion for another day.

    At the moment i really don't want to get tied down to any sort of roadmap or time scale, however if you have any questions please feel free to ask and i will try to answer as much as i can down in the comments.

    I know this is a little short and doesn't give much insight into the project but i hope you get at least a feel for what i'm aiming for.

    Till the next update

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    Uiaad I wrote this a couple of months ago and well not quite sure if i'll ever actually do anything with it or where I would go with it even if I did. Enjoy !

    The streets of the city sizzled in the midnight heat, even with the rain pounding down on the road like the hammer blows of a blacksmith. I sat at my desk moonlight cascading through the clouds and blinds of my office like a like …

    “Derick!” came a shrill voice from outside the door.

    I swung my feet from off my desk and minimised my browser and walked over and unlocked the door before the inevitable banging began. As soon as the deadbolt was slid back I took a step back and sat down on the edge of my bed.

    The door slammed open, rattling my shelves as my mother swung in to view, her purse flapping open. I instantly knew it was going to be another one of those conversations

    “Where the flying fuck, is my fucking money? “

    I sighed and looked from her purse back up to over done made up face “mum” I began looking her deep in the eyes “what do you think I am a bank? “

    She lost it as usual, hurling her purse at my face and missing by inches. She screamed in frustration and slammed my door closed. I waited patiently until I heard the stomp, stomp, slam of her going back down stairs to the cave that was our living room.

    I tried to avoid going down stairs these days, that was the domain of my mother and my sister. I can still remember a time when we all got along, but those days died once dad left.

    I reached over and retrieved the purse from down the back of the bed. All her cards were still in there atleast they were at the moment. I slid her credit card out looking at the gold and sliver card that promised so much.

    But I couldn’t do that could I? Sure, I knew my sister had taken the money. She’s out there right now buying fags and vodka or all her little cronies and I’m not her. I slid the card back into the purse, got up and dropped it out side my door.

    Of course, it wasn’t Sarah stealing from dear Mumsie. She is just to sweet and innocent for that, or perhaps she just didn’t care. She had me to take her frustrations out on. I sighed again and returned to my desk and opened my browser once more, trying to forget my worries and shut out the world doing something I enjoy.
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    Uiaad As some of you will know I have been off work for quite a while now and although I'm better than I was, but sadly still nowhere near ready to return to work as I found out this week.

    I tried to return to work but, I just couldn't do it. I wasn't even there 4 hours and it was just too much and I was just sat at my desk like I used too. I'm still in a quite a bit of pain and I guess I just too much pain to return and I have pretty much spent the last week beating myself about it. About not even to go 4 god damned hours doing work that I would usually enjoy.

    Anyway a brief blog before I head to bed and I would just like to thank @Noctosphere @AmandaRose and @antiNT for giving the first laughs out of me in a week
    Uiaad Fire away, but please keep things sensible.
    Uiaad So rewind a couple of weeks and I introduced my wife to Ori and the blind forest. - big mistake -

    First of all she started off by buying her own Xbox one controller for her laptop because sometimes we would end wanting to play games at the same time which is fair enough. Then i'm made the mistake of buying her an Ori keyring which is now on her backpack which she uses for work. But this is where things start to get a little out of control ... literally this week she has bought :

    An ori and Naru plush : £60
    Ori and the blind forest DE Physical PC : £28
    Ori and the blind forest DE Physical Xbox one: £24
    Xbox One S : £200

    This is in a week lol Oh well it game me the excuse of finally putting away my Wii U which hasn't been used for about a year or so, I think the last time I turned it on was for Breath of the Wild.

    As for my health at the moment well I'm not really in as much pain and have cut the painkillers by about half but still can't do long stints at a computer. Anything longer that 15 - 20 minutes and i need to rest again so that pretty much explains my abcense of late but So I Hear You Like Free Games will be back sooner or later :D
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    Uiaad I basically just want to sit here and clear up some misconceptions that people may have about vaping.

    Firstly Nicotine is not a carcinogen. Yes it can be used as a poison and in large quantities is poisonous, but by the same logic drinking water in large quantities will kill you. Yes you have to be careful with E-liquids whether your just using them or making your own liquids.

    So what are Eliquid made of ?

    Well there are 4/5 main components of E-liquids you have the Nicotine that we already talked out Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin both of these are used in our day to day lives and are completely safe. The only bone of contention that people can have possibly with colouring and flavoring.

    Yes there are a lot of unscrupulous people out there that will just just throw anything in to make a profit and this is where the problem lies. Some clourings and flavorings are absolutely fine when ingested, but not so much when they are used in vape, but as long as you but reputable brands of eliquid, not to mention reputable sellers ( or make your own ) then you shouldn't have a problem.

    Now there is a big elephant in the room and that's these guys who make huge plumes of smoke. I have no problem doing it in private or in a large open space but when your doing it walking down the streets your just giving other vapers a bad name.

    If you have any questions I will do my best to answer them for you but bare in mind i'm not a chemist or biologist and all my knowledge comes from independent research done over many years
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    Uiaad I am really sorry guys, this is all my fault.

    If you take a look at my previous blog you will see i've been loaned the internet for a couple of weeks and well i'm having trouble finding a good spot to get a clear signal.

    Again sorry, I really am working on getting this in the right spot as quick as possible.
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    Uiaad Today I had a special visitors who left me in charge of a very, very special object ... of course that object is ....

    The Internet

    So i'm working on the next installment of So i hear you like free games and i realised i am putting way too much effort into the next one. Like serious levels of effort. I really hope this one takes more than an hour to actually solve.

    It's gonna be at least another couple of days tho Tuesday at the earliest ... although it may be a little later in the week :/ still got some testing to do before I feel it's ready to unleash on you all.

    All I have to say is that Everything is real.
    Uiaad Mission accomplished.

    Well to say I made her cry is stretching the truth a little. I told her i'd installed a game she could play on her laptop.

    That game just so happened to be Ori and the blind forest.

    I'm not quite sure which is worse... The fact I have a keyblade hung on my bedroom wall or the fact my wife let me do it haha.

    Never did get round to finishing it and painting it correctly :/

    Edit : Added Photo

    Actually had a dream once that some one had broken into my house and I grabbed the keyblade and had this burglar pinned to the sofa with the keyblade haha
    Uiaad So here is a free game for you ... but your gonna have to do a little work first ;)

    Nbzrikc dxkctbzu ! hb duxbepot cskaah? spip'u hbdi ucpky wph JLH9S-5TRGC-5RJSH
    Us bdc MKXTMD tz csp nbyypzcu cb xpc yp wzbf tc'u mppz qbd zo

    Have fun :D
    I'm still alive ... damn it.
    Uiaad So I have been putting off doing this for the last couple of days, even thinking about not posting anything at all.

    You might be wondering what I'm waffling on about, well the thing is for about the last week I have actually been in hospital and tomorrow I go down for surgery. On my spine.
    I should explain a little more about what's going on about 3 years ago i started getting pain in my shoulder, I just thought it was just an everyday ache and pain took a couple of paracetamol and got on with life. A couple of months later the pain was still there and now I had a constant, debilitating, never ending banging headache. I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep, work was out of the question - I just couldn't concentrate and was making constant silly mistakes. I was given painkillers but with the levels I was on to actually dull the pain I still couldn't do anything.

    After been poked and prodded, scanned and invaded over and over again, the doctors finally figured out what the problem was. There was a slipped disc in my neck pressing on the occipital nerve. I was then given the choice of two procedures. The first was as an injection in the affected area and should fix this issue and carried little to no risk or surgery which would also correct the issue but could potentially leave me paralyzed due to where they would be operating. I chose the injection. And well it worked. Life slowly went back to normal and thought no more about it.

    Then a couple of weeks ago it all started again this time all pretty much instantly and I was in agony once more not being able to do anything and just existing rather than living. I went straight back on a high level of painkillers then last week after another scan I was told more or less I would be having surgery. I could keep on having the injections but chances are it would last less and less each time. I was told to go home grab some stuff and come back the same day and I would receive the surgery as soon as possible.

    Seems like tomorrow's the day. They expect things to go well and should be straight forward, but don't they always.

    I guess what I really want to say in this blog is should the worst happen, just thank you. I know I have never been the most active member of the community but still thank you for everyone for being so welcoming and inviting community.
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