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    About my username.

    TL;DR - I'm sorry if my presence became a worn out laughter. It was a joke taken too far.

    If you're someone who visits the 3DS side of GBAtemp, you may seen me before.

    Several people have commented about my name, and a @MrLucariox asked for its backstory and so here it is:


    Prior to signing up around the start of this year, I was a lurker in the 3DS discussion forum. I had no interest engaging with the community because I was (and still am) an inactive video gamer.

    I started visiting this place due to my bored niece playing tablet games. She said something that made me go out and buy her a n3DSXL; that n3DSXL is now mine, and she's since gotten a n3DS.

    You can read the backstory of that in my thread here:
    It just so happens this was around the time installing (boot9strap) 3DS custom firmware with a compatible NTRboot flashcart became a thing. I was researching all I could about 3DS CFW stuff in order to pack my niece's n3DS with as many games as possible. Arrr. After that, I had no plans myself to do anything with the leftover n3DSXL except sell it.

    During my sessions converting *.3ds games into installable *.cia format that would later go on to become part of my niece's 3DS library, I updated to GodMode9 v1.5.0 and encountered a bug... After losing several hours and finally figuring out where it went wrong, I was miffed enough to sign up and directly report the problem to the dev behind the app, @d0k3. Read here (my first post).

    When I was thinking of a username, I wanted it to be catchy, funny, and wrong. In the event d0k3 credited whoever were the ones that found the bug, my aim was to make 3DS homebrewers do a double take feeling slightly grossed out yet chuckle all the same. In a way, my origins stems from trolling and malicious compliance, intended to be silly and harmless. :'-}

    How the name came to be? Other than 3DS homebrew, one of my other hobbies was car modding with a keen interest in forced induction systems, especially turbochargers. Nowadays, I don't mess with anything auto related except for family car maintenance and repairs.

    Other tidbits

    • I stuck around because I enjoyed learning the various technical aspects of the 3DS.
    • I also liked examining some of the weird quirks 3DS users presented to us on the boards.
    • Despite the name, I do not have a real life poop fetish. Yuck. :gun::shit:
      • If this blog turns into Q&A, we're not going there.
    • When being referred shorthanded, I preferred Mr. Poo.