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    Four more years, four more years!

    (Please note that none of this is written in my capacity as a mod, this is all just personal opinion and what have you)

    Well today is my four year anniversary at the 'temp! It's hard to believe I've been here four years to be honest! lol The time has flown past. I first came across the site when I was looking into options of what I could pick up for my DS. A quick Google search about the best flashcart first brought me to the site. At the time there was alot of hype for an upcoming Slot-1 cart called "R4", the only other options at the time were a Passcart/Slot-2 (or Flashme/Slot-2) combo or a cart like the DS-X.

    After lurking and reading all the info coming out about the cart I was suitably impressed enough to put in an order when they came out. A week later my cart arrived from Sweden and I grabbed all the homebrew available and of course some roms. It breathed a new lease of life into my DS for which I was grateful. I joined up then but wasn't really an active member. Mostly using the site for homebrew/scene news and the odd bit of chat.

    After a couple of weeks I decided that I was far too lazy to drag and drop everything to maintain saves etc. The only ROM managers available at the time were Offlinelist and Rominator. I didn't really consider Offlinelist a manager, more of a renaming utility so gave Rominator a try. I really liked Rominator, Hank is definitely a more talented guy than I am or probably will ever be, but it lacked some features that I really wanted and Hank had already said wouldn't be incorporated.

    So I decided to pick up a copy of Delphi 7 and try to write my own manager. A couple of weeks later the original R4 Commander was born, and there was much rejoicing! Well, on my part anyway. lol I first posted it up on the official R4 forums, and after a little bit of testing and debugging posted it up on the 'temp along with a few other sites like Moddz, DS-Scene and some I can't mention. The response from them all was really good and I began meeting alot of great and very helpful people. Fifthelement from Moddz offered me webspace so I could host boxarts, screenshots and the like and users on the 'temp were great! The users on the 'temp offered me tips, advice and no end of help, including Hank himself.

    That's really when I saw how great the community was on the 'temp. In a time where everyone was competitive, nobody really wanted to share ideas, it was cooler to harass and insult people than treat them like people the 'temp just wasn't like that. Everyone was welcoming, friendly, loved chatting about anything from what they had for tea that night to tech stuff that was and still is way over my head. The beauty was though that even when I was like "Durr, I don't really get what you mean" nobody got abusive, insulting or anything like that - they did their best to be patient and help.

    After a while Moddz shut down and I lost my hosting space. I thought that was the end of R4 Commander but chuckstudios immediately offered me hosting space, hosting space that was costing him dosh but offered to me free of charge. I was grateful and within 24 hours R4 Commander was up and running again. I was still active on other sites but slowly and surely all my time started being spent on the 'temp and I made it the central hub of R4 Commander along with the other utilities I began to write.

    I began using the other sections of the 'temp then and became a much more active member and realised just how many great people existed on the site! All the admins, supers and mods were friendly and would go out of their way to help. They weren't just some distant figure who was there to enforce the rules, they were (and still are!) there to make the community a fun, informative and just plain welcoming place to be. Stuff that really impressed were things like tempmas, the KYT sessions, the tempcasts and just how much everyone tried to get everyone else involved. Of course, there were twats back then who had nothing more to contribute to the community than being twats, in any on-line or even real life community they're there. They didn't usually last long on the 'temp tho, as most users just ignored them and they withered away. There were trolls obviously who stuck around, but if you were a cunt with no other purpose in life than sucking up oxygen, forum space and being a cunt then you were given the toe.

    Slowly all the other forums I was using were either shut down or the community itself just went completely downhill and I eventually began spending all my time here. I loved the place. I could come here and chat about literally anything to an amazingly wide ride range of people. Not only that, community participation was actually encouraged here! A rare thing in this day and age. This in itself was enough to make me say "Yeah, this is definitely a great place to be". It's like a throwback to an era that I loved in a time when everywhere seemed to moving away from it. In all honesty it reminded of the old BBS's like Demons Forge and Flying Teapot. A place where you were encouraged to grab a beverage, pull up a seat and enjoy yourself along with everyone else. And that's exactly what I did, and lo and behold here I am still here! I've been here longer than any relationship I've ever had with a woman! lol

    So that's the background for how I came to be here, and why I'm still here! Now what about my opinions? Ok, well here goes.

    The admins/supers/mods - Over the years I've seen and heard loads of complaints about them, even more so since becoming one. lol In all honesty I've never had a problem with any of them - I've even been modded myself on several occasions. Which just goes to show how unbiased they are. The only mod I've ever seen behave out of order was JPH near the end. Apart from that I've not met a single admin/super/mod here that didn't deserve the title.

    The 'temp has gone downhill - I hear this alot these days, and well, I have to admit I partially agree with this. Although I think that description in itself is flawed. It's not the 'temp that's gone downhill it's the quality of the community spirit of the users. Sorry to say this guys but the 'temp can only give you as much as you're willing to put in. If you're not willing to get involved in the community, to help the community spirit and the like then that's how it is. It becomes a place where people just come for info, patches and to whine that the latest game isn't working their cart. So if you think the 'temp has gone downhill then instead of whining about get off your arses and start cheerleadering! There are lots of community activities to get involved in, and if there isn't one that suits then start one up! All I can really say is get involved, you won't regret it. Think of it like this, if your room is a mess the best thing to do is tidy it up. :)

    All the best users are gone - Yes, there are alot of great members who have left. Real life should always come before internet life. You know what though, for every great member that has left a new great member has joined. I'm not gonna list names and what not because I don't believe in that kind of stuff, but take a look around. We have plenty of new and amazing members If the great members who left weren't being replaced by other new great members then the site would just be full of patch kiddies, but it really isn't. You just need to read throough the USN and GOTC sections to see it.

    The Edge of the Forum has gone shit - Yep, no arguments from me on that one. It used to be a place full of random humour, madness and just plain fun. Don't get too nostalgiac though, there was still alot of rubbish in there. It's just the ration of quality to shite was alot better. These days the ratio has reversed but in all honesty I see it getting better and better. I have to wade through alot less shit flung at the walls by monkeys than I used to, so that in itself is a good sign. And I'll say it again, the community can only be as good as it's members. If you feel a particular part is going downhill or needs improvement then get off your arse and help achieve that.

    Accusations of trolling - There are way too many accusations of trolling going on these days. I understand that there will always be the odd hiccup due to language and culture barriers and that some people will mistake sarcasm for trolling, but honestly now people need to stop accusing others of being trolls simply because they disagree with them. Trolling isn't disagreeing with someone, that's called disagreeing with someones opinion. It makes for healthy debate and lively discussion, and it's one of the things that makes the 'temp such a great place to be. The wide range of people, cultures, ideas and opinions!

    There's more censorship on the 'temp now - Yep, there's more censorship here now. It's not because it was suddenly chosen to enforce more censorship though. It's just that more and more cunts are posting stuff that needs to be censored now. The same things are edited out, censored and trashed that always were. Instead of complaining at mods for censorship complain at the people posting the stuff that needs to be censored! If you post racist, homophobic or pornographic material it's gonna get trashed. If you insult someone for no other reason than to insult them it's gonna get trashed. That's the way it is and always has been. You don't want your stuff trashed, then treat everyone with respect, simple as. The same philosophy applies here as it does in real life, treat people as you expect to be treated. If you behave like a twat you'll get treated like a twat. In all honesty I think GBAtemp is one of the least oppressive open forums I've ever used in my life.

    My favourite troll has been banned - Boo-hoo.

    I'll end this here but may add to it as other things come to mind. I wasn't planning on writing an anniversary type thread but suddenly felt the need to! lol Here's a guide to GBAtemp behaviour I wrote a couple of years ago, and personally I think it's still as humurous and fitting today as it was back then. http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=116...e+gbatemp+guide

    So in final comment I just want to say to all the people I've known that have left I hope I see you guys become regulars again at some point and I hope life is treating you well and you're successful at whatever endeavour you're attempting! And to all the people I've known for both a long and short time here, thanks for all the help, laughs, good times and support you've given me over the years - it's always been very much appreciated. :grog: Here's to knowing you for many many more years to come.

    For all those on the temp I don't know or don't speak to, thanks for contributing to the community I love so much. :)
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    The last couple of weeks...

    The last couple of weeks have been pretty busy for me. In the UK the government runs a scheme where when you've been unemployed for a year you're put onto a scheme where you have to work for 4 weeks for 30 hours a week, and having hit that year a couple of weeks ago I was put on the scheme. So for the last couple of weeks I've been working! Yay me! Unfortunately you don't get any extra money for it. :( I'm both for and against the scheme. The pro's are that you're working, other employers can see that you're not unemployed because you're just a lazy dole scrounging chav cunt and there's a chance of a job at the end of the 4 weeks.

    The cons of course being that a company gets a worker for 4 weeks without having to pay for them, which I totally oppose. When the scheme first started I told my advisor that it was just a step towards Britain becoming a Corporatocracy and that companies would take advantage of it. Thankfully though my advisor took my political views into account when putting me in a placement and I've been attached to a charity for 4 weeks. So while I'm still being used as free labour, it's actually for a good cause and it's the kind of thing I would volunteer to do anyway.

    It does feel good to be working again though. Although getting up at 6:30am every morning after being used to getting up mid-morning for a while made me pretty cream crackered. My placement comes to an end in a couple of weeks and it looks like I'm not going to get paid employment at the end of it. Kind of sucks, but I'm going to volunteer to help out 8 hours a week anyway.
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    If you're British then please sign this petition!

    That is the petition. Please take the time to look up the details on Anthony Malone and then sign the petition located here http://www.petitiononline.com/Freeanth/petition.html

    Thanks in advance to all those that sign. :)
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    Better late than never!

    Well as some of you may know I went to visit Hadrian for the weekend a couple of weeks ago. I've been meaning to post about it but have been kind of ill. As I'm feeling lots better now I thought I'd make a post about it! It was a great weekend, and it was great to finally meet Hadrian after gabbing for years on here! He's a top lad and if anyone else ever gets the chance to meet him then you definitely should take it! He's exactly the same in real life as he is on the forum.

    I went down by train, which I actually kind of enjoy. You get to sit back in relax, chill and if you get bored there's always people you can chat to. Although times are definitely different in the UK these days as most people seem reluctant to chat shit with total strangers, which feels pretty odd. I left the local train station (well, local-ish, it's about 15-20 miles away) at just after 1pm. In true Welsh fashion the weather was piss poor when I was leaving, meaning I had to wear a thick coat. Of course, England was going through a heatwave which meant having to change to a different coat once I'd left the hills and sheep! lol London of course was London. What should have been a 10 minute tube journey ended up being about half an hour due to the tube having some problems functioning in the heat. One of those cases of every train you jump on puts out an announcement 2 minutes later saying it had broken down and you'd have to take an alternate route. Typical really, but what can you do.

    So I eventually arrived about an hour late. Hadrian came up to meet us at the train station and we wandered back down to his, stopping at the offy en-route of course! heh The town Hadrian lives in is actually pretty nice, or at least what I saw of it anyway. And it felt oh so good to actually be able to read the road signs and understand what the people around me were actually saying! Although I got a little panicky when we were arriving at Hadrians, brought on by wondering whether he was Krug in disguise when he told me he lived in The Last House on the Left.

    Hadrian had got a load of beers in, but unfortunately I had to decline as I don't really drink beer these days. Prefer my Smirnoff Ices and Wicked Blues. Yeah the alcohol content isn't as high and you don't get quite as drunk, but it makes me nice and mellow instead of wanting to go out and give it large! ;)

    I brought some weed and a bong with me as well obviously. Sadly though, Hadrian doesn't smoke and I wasn't able to get as much as I'd hoped so didn't have enough to make any food with it. I got wrecked though, unsurprisingly.

    We spent most of the weekend just having a laugh, I took over his Wii like it was a desert country with oil and I was the US, we watched a bit of telly and gabbed alot! I know it don't sound all that interesting, but it was a definitely a great weekend. I've always felt like Hadrian was a mate so it was good to finally meet up in person. Hopefully the next time I visit we'll go out and hit the tiles. I hear Essex women are pretty easy so... ;) Oh yeah, and I molested Cat Orc. She wanted it though, waving that stubby little tail invitingly!

    All in all it was a great weekend, and I'm hoping to get to do it again soon!
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    I have the power!


    Just wanted to say thanks to all the guys in charge for promoting me to mod! :D Much appreciated guys. :grog:
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    50 Things to ask yourself.

    1) How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?
    2) Which is worse, failing or never trying?
    3) If life is so short, why do we do so many things we don’t like and like so many things we don’t do?
    4) When all is said and done, will you have said more than you’ve done?
    5) What is the one thing you’d most like to change about the world?
    6) If happiness was the national currency, what kind of work would make you rich?
    7) Are you doing what you believe in, or are you settling for what you are doing?
    8) If the average human life span was 40 years, how would you live your life differently?
    9) To what degree have you actually controlled the course your life has taken?
    10) Are you more worried about doing things right, or doing the right things?
    11) You’re having lunch with three people you respect and admire. They all start criticizing a close friend of yours, not knowing they are your friend. The criticism is distasteful and unjustified. What do you do?
    12) If you could offer a newborn child only one piece of advice, what would it be?
    13) Would you break the law to save a loved one?
    14) Have you ever seen insanity where you later saw creativity?
    15) What’s something you know you do differently than most people?
    16) How come the things that make you happy don’t make everyone happy?
    17) What one thing have you not done that you really want to do? What’s holding you back?
    18) Are you holding onto something you need to let go of?
    19) If you had to move to a state or country besides the one you currently live in, where would you move and why?
    20) Do you push the elevator button more than once? Do you really believe it makes the elevator faster?
    21) Would you rather be a worried genius or a joyful simpleton?
    22) Why are you, you?
    23) Have you been the kind of friend you want as a friend?
    24) Which is worse, when a good friend moves away, or losing touch with a good friend who lives right near you?
    25) What are you most grateful for?
    26) Would you rather lose all of your old memories, or never be able to make new ones?
    27) Is it possible to know the truth without challenging it first?
    28) Has your greatest fear ever come true?
    29) Do you remember that time 5 years ago when you were extremely upset? Does it really matter now?
    30) What is your happiest childhood memory? What makes it so special?
    31) At what time in your recent past have you felt most passionate and alive?
    32) If not now, then when?
    33) If you haven’t achieved it yet, what do you have to lose?
    34) Have you ever been with someone, said nothing, and walked away feeling like you just had the best conversation ever?
    35) Why do religions that support love cause so many wars?
    36) Is it possible to know, without a doubt, what is good and what is evil?
    37) If you just won a million dollars, would you quit your job?
    38) Would you rather have less work to do, or more work you actually enjoy doing?
    39) Do you feel like you’ve lived this day a hundred times before?
    40) When was the last time you marched into the dark with only the soft glow of an idea you strongly believed in?
    41) If you knew that everyone you know was going to die tomorrow, who would you visit today?
    42) Would you be willing to reduce your life expectancy by 10 years to become extremely attractive or famous?
    43) What is the difference between being alive and truly living?
    44) When is it time to stop calculating risk and rewards, and just go ahead and do what you know is right?
    45) If we learn from our mistakes, why are we always so afraid to make a mistake?
    46) What would you do differently if you knew nobody would judge you?
    47) When was the last time you noticed the sound of your own breathing?
    48) What do you love? Have any of your recent actions openly expressed this love?
    49) In 5 years from now, will you remember what you did yesterday? What about the day before that? Or the day before that?
    50) Decisions are being made right now. The question is: Are you making them for yourself, or are you letting others make them for you?
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    Heeere's Trolley!

    How's it going folks! Well it looks like I'm back for a little while! Unfortunately everything went to shit last week and I'm once again unemployed! lol And no, I didn't slap my boss or anything like that. heh

    I started getting really ill at work a couple of weeks ago and they sent me home. I was off for a few days, the doc said I was ok and when I got back the same thing happened. So they had to let me go. I wasn't able to keep food down and there was alot of chunk blowing, then last Friday I got rushed into hospital. Got released this evening. It turns out I've got some kind of problem with my gallbladder and I've got some abnormalities with my liver. I can eat and stuff again now so I can't really complain too much! lol

    They don't know exactly what's wrong with my liver and they're waiting on the results of a CT scan that I had this afternoon. I've gotta go back in in the next couple of weeks to find out exactly what the problem is so until then I've been ordered to stay at home and get some r&r so here I am again for a little while! heh It's not cancer or anything like that so I'm not all that worried, it'll probably just be a case or figuring out exactly what the problem with my liver is and then removing the gallbladder and some more rest and relaxation til I'm my usual bouncy self again.

    All I can say is I'm incredibly thankful I live in a country with socialized health care. I've spent a week of being very well looked after and it hasn't left me in debt for the rest of my life, and the surgery and recovery will be free of charge as well. The nurses were great, and some of them pretty damned tasty as well! I'm just gutted I was too ill to try and convince some of them to give me some "extra attention"! heh

    So how have all you great tempers been while I've been away?

    edit : Oh yeah, here's some pics of a very rarely incapacitated me that my my niece took slyly!


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    Life in a holiday camp!

    How's it going fellow tempers! Tomorrows my first day off since starting at the holiday camp so I thought I'd pop home and catch up on some things! Life at the holiday camp has been pretty damned good! It's been bastard hard work but pretty much everyone there's been pretty cool. I'm getting on well with the other kitchen staff and the lads I'm sharing the accomodation with are sound.

    The rooms better then I thought it was going to be. The rooms a pretty decent size and I'm getting free heat and water. It's a little run down but for 30 quid a week I've got no complaints, specially seeing as how I get free meals as well - and the meals are pretty damned good too! I was half-expecting prison quality food but the meals are big and it's great quality food I don't get paid for another fortnight so I ain't been able to hit the pubs that are on camp, but as there's some pretty fine women drinking in there every night when payday comes I will most definitely there!

    Not alot exciting has happened obviously as it's only been a week and a bit that I've been there, but looking at all the shit that's going on over the summer it's going to be a blast I reckon.

    So how's life treating my fellow tempers?
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    Happy but sad news! It's bye for a while...

    Well folks it looks like it's time for me to say bye to the 'temp for a while. I've been waiting to hear about a job for a few weeks and I got the call this morning that I start on the 16th. Normally this wouldn't mean saying bye but it's a live in job in a holiday camp which means I won't have net access. :( I'm probably going to start clucking from withdrawel symptoms!
    I'll be leaving my PC at my parents place but I only get one day off a week (bastard slave drivers! heh) so I don't know how often I'll be back home, it's like a 50 miles trip each way.

    The job lasts from March until September so I'll be back then, unfortunately for everyone here you can't get rid of me that easily! ;) I'll still be active from now til next Friday but I move in to the accomodation on the 14th. Heh, if anyone's planning a holiday in a holiday camp then I'm working in Hafan y Mon, Pwllheli. Book there and keep me company! And everyone show me some sympathy, I get my own room but I'll be sharing the chalet with 3 other lads. What's the bet they turn out to be complete chavs!
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    TrolleyDaves Film 2009 #1

    TrolleyDaves Film 09 #1

    Welcome to the first post of what I hope to make a semi-regular thing, film news and reviews! I plan on reviewing new and classic films. I'll review Hollywoods output as well but I'll try and focus on stuff that not everyone might have seen/heard of.

    For this post I've just reviewed 2 films, one full review and one quick review. In the future though I'll hopefully be reviewing 4 or 5 films in each one. If you've got a review you want to submit then send me a PM and I'll happily include it.

    First up though is some movie news :

    Go to hell with your horror remakes!
    I honestly don't mind remakes of some horror films, while they're not always on par with the orginal sometimes they bring their own twist to the tale while still retaining what made the original scary. Usually though they're just complete and utter bollocks, missing the point of what made the original movie so scary/creepy. The Omen remake is a good example. Yes it had more gore, but where was the evil atmosphere. It's not just blood and guts that make a horror movie great, it's about the underlying evil and menace. It's one of the things that made Wes Cravens first outing The Last House On The Left one of my favourite films of all time.

    It's just plain menacing, yes there's some violence in there (with a litle bit of gore) but that's not what makes it such a great horror. Kruge (David Hess) and Co. are evil, simple as. There's no relying on loud music during a quiet scene to offer you a scare, the characters themselves are the horror. That's why I died a little inside when I saw that they had remade it. The fact that they were doing escaped my radar, either that or my brain just wasn't capable of processing the fact that someone would be raping one of my favourite movies in the near future!

    I've watched the trailer, and like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Omen the makers of this remake have completely missed the point of what made The Last House On The Left such a horrifying movie. Yes the plot is similar but from the looks of it they've missed the point. Why Hollywood why? Why must you take a film so full of chills and pure basic horror and turn it into a diluted mess that goes for style over substance? The original LHOTL had no real style, looking more like a home movie with a folk style soundtrack but damnit it was powerful.

    Friday The 13th
    Another one of my favourite films has been remade. While Friday The 13th was undoubtedly a slasher flick it also had a nice twist at the end which is what made it so original and
    still stand up today. From what I've heard about the remake though that twist at the end has gone. Shame on you Hollywood remakers, shame on you!

    A Clockwork Orange not being remade - hooray!
    That's right folks, a remake of ACO was in the works but has now been cancelled. While the reasons for it not being remade are sad I'm happy as hell that it's not happening. It was being remade by Heath Ledger, who had planned to play Alex DeLarge. While there's no denying that Heath Ledger was a fantastic actor, he most definitely did not have the menace or the presence to carry off a character like Alex.

    Ip Man 2 going ahead!
    Ok, I know most of you probably haven't seen Ip Man yet but once you have you'll be happy the sequel is going ahead! It once again stars Donnie Yen in the main role and this time focuses on Ip Mans life in Hong Kong, including the portion of his life spent training Bruce Lee. The question I'm wondering though is will they show Bruce Lee in an idolized form or will it show him in a realistic light?

    Ip Man (2008)


    Directed by : Wilson Yip
    Stars : Donnie Yen (Drunken Tai Chi, SPL), Simon Yam (Election, SPL)
    IMDB : http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1220719/

    This story was a long time coming! It's the first film based on the story of one of the greatest Wing Chun masters, Yip Man - the same master that taught Bruce Lee. While this story may upset a few because it makes no reference to Bruce Lee, it is one of the greatest martial arts movies of all time.


    I've always been a big fan of Donnie Yen, more so than Bruce Lee, Jet Li and Jackie Chan. His martial arts ability is outstanding and always an impressive watch. What makes him really stand out above the names more nomrally known to western audiences is the fact that his acting ability is just as strong as his martial arts ability. His ability to suck you into the characters he plays is astounding and can make you feel for the character he's playing even when he's beating someone to death with a bloodied pair of fists! In this one he really shines and shows you why he should be more famous than Jet Li! He plays the Ip Man character with such heart that he really draws you into the role, the range of emotion he shows is incredible and it's what sets this martial arts masterpiece miles above the usual.


    The film is set during the Japanese occupation of China and tells the story of why Ip Man had to flee from his hometown in mainland China to Hong Kong. The film starts out by introducing us to Ip Man through his family life, his martial arts ability and his friends. He is a peaceful, non-violent man at heart who even when challenged to duels strives to take the least violent route to a win.

    This all changes though when the Japanese invade and turn Ip Mans home town upside down. Still promoting peace even through the tyranny that was the Japanese occupation of China his mind is changed when he witnesses the brutal shooting of another Chinese martial arts master at the hands of a Japanese soldier. For most people this is where the film will start, as this is where the fighting really starts. Ip Man then challenges, and destroys, 10 Japanese soldiers.

    The general is so impressed by Ip Mans ability he demands that he begins training the Japanese army. Ip Man declines and the general then challenges him to a duel, which Ip Man declines. He then goes into hiding and a hunt for him by the Japanese general begins which eventually ends in Ip Man and the general fighting a duel in the town center and Ip Man fleeing mainland China.

    Yes, it all sounds standard martial arts movie fare but it really isn't. The film has alot of heart, and the Ip Man character is deep. The film doesn't focus solely on the martial arts element of Ip Mans life, it focuses on what made him so great. His wisdom, his knowledge, his personality and his kindness. Here was a man capable of overwhelming fighting ability yet even when faced with a duel with another martial arts master he chooses the peaceful path each time, even during duels!

    Don't get me wrong though, there's plenty of violence in this flick. It's also some of the most brutal and honest martial arts violence I've seen in a film. When people get hit they don't just fly back, roll over and become unconcious. Limbs and bones break, blood and teeth fly and opponents are destroyed quickly and brutally. There are moments in the action where you'll be wondering if the stuntmen were paid extra by the production team to take real punches! I did at least!

    The film is beautifully shot, and contains all the style of the usual Wilson Yip film. As I never lived in China during the Japanese occupation I can't say whether it captures it perfectly or not, but it definitely looks great! ;) You'll find yourself drawn into the story visually with each shot looking like time was spent figuring out the perfect angle and lighting. It almost reminds of a Kubrick film with the amount of attention paid to them. The soundtrack is also perfect for the film, while it doesn't contain any music as memorable as the theme to Once Upon A Time In China it is fantastic and helps draw you further into the story.

    All in all this is an incredible film, not just as a martial arts film but also as a story of struggle, survival and the wisdom of peace. Even if you're not a fan of the genre you will probably still be drawn in by the great performances, characters and story. If you're a fan of the genre then all I can say is you've never seen anything like this! The fighting is spectacular, and spectacularly brutal!


    Overall : 10/10 - This is a must see for fans of the genre, the balance of story, characters and action are perfect. The fight scenes are incredible.

    Quick review : Rocknrolla (2008)


    Directed by : Guy Ritchie
    Stars : Tom Wilkinson (The Full Monty, Batman Begins), Gerard Butler (300, Reign Of Fire)


    TrolleyDave says :
    'At last Guy Ritchie returns to making the type of film he makes best, the bumbling crime caper comedy. While I enjoyed Revolver to some extent Ritchie tried to be smarter than his actual brainpower. Full of pointless twists that weren't really as clever as he thought.

    Not with Rocknrolla though! This a return to idiotic criminals and their bumbling antics. The main character is a "fixer", someone who uses their contacts to ensure that councils give planning permission and that kind of thing. The character has made a deal with Russian gangster to get him planning permission for a building. The Russian mobster then lends him a painting and the that's where the cockney fixers problems really begin.

    Like Snatch and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels the plotline is intricate and each characters storyline interweaves with all the other characters. Like Snatch there is ALOT going on. This is why I don't want to tell you much about the story, each event that happens in the film has a kind of cause and effect so telling you something may actually ruin certain moments for you! If you've seen Snatch you'll know exactly what I mean.

    What I'll do instead is tell that it's one of the funniest films I've seen recently and I would rate it as highly as I rate Snatch. It's fast paced, contains some stellar dialogue and the story never bores you. Put it this way, by the middle of the opening monologue I switched off the 360 and started paying attention. Then by the the time the opening titles had started I was gripped.

    The dialogue is sharp, funny and classic Guy Ritchie. The film has a similar visual style to Snatch, where it's quick, bright and loud rather than the subtle, casual style of Lock Stock. The dialogue is heavy on the cockney and the accents are quite thick on some, Gerard Butlers Scottish accent is strong, so Americans may need the occasional subtitle use.'

    p1ngy says :
    'So I watched RockNRolla, it was good, a lot better then Revolver thats for sure, I didnt switch this one off like I did with Revolver at least. However Im not sure that its that great either, I liked where Guy Ritchie is going with this, but at times I found myself loosing interest in it. It definitely has its moments but at times I thought it dragged a bit. I liked how this film had less slapstick and stupidity then say Snatch did, the dialogue was a bit less forced then his other films too. Less over the top cockney stereotypical dialogue then usual, but I dont know, I found it lacked something, that little oomph you get from Guy Ritchie at his best. I wouldnt say its that hilarious either, like the way you made out in your review, yeah it had humorous moments, a few classic lines and some nice visual gags. But I wouldnt really class it as a comedy the way I would with Lock Stock or Snatch.
    Im a bit on the fence with this one, I didnt hate it, but I dont think I would watch it again either. Basically if someone asked me about RockNRolla I think I would just say "Its ok"'

    Rating : 8/10 - All in all a very enjoyable comedy in the usual Guy Ritchie style.

    Next time I'll hopefully be reviewing some new films as well as Redneck Zombies, The Promise and The Orphanage.
  • TrolleyDave

    Hi, my name's TrolleyDave and I've become a 360 addict!

    So as some of you know I bought a 360 about a week ago and I've become totally addicted it! Not in a if you take it away I'll start to turkey but in a bloody hell these games are amazing and I just can't get enough of the exerience kind of way! I've only got a handful of older games and a couple that I've borrowed but they've all been great so far, well apart from Colin McCrae Dirt - but then I'm more of a Sega Rally kind of guy. I know most people already have a 360 but I like to talk.

    The games I've got/played so far are :

    BioShock : Only got this today but I've been playing it most of it. This is an absolute diamond of a game, the atmosphere is unbelievable and the storyline is just so rich. I haven't got all that far into it yet but so far this is one of the most enjoyable FPS games I've ever played.

    Medal Of Honor Airborne : Just got this today as well. I've loved all the previous MOH games but this one is only OK. The parachuting parts add depth but really I just find them annoying. Very fast paced though ad really nice graphics.

    Need For Speed Carbon : I really liked this on the original Xbox. The 360 version looks alot nicer and for the most plays nicer but the drift sections are fucking horrible. The original Xbox drift sections were pretty enjoyable but this one is just not fun.

    PGR3 : Enjoyed the first 2 and really enjoy this one as well. Bastard horrendous loading times though, even when installed to hard disk.

    Saint's Row : GTA ripoff with alot of character. Lot's to do, some pretty interesting and original ideas and decent enough graphics.

    FIFA '07 : Not had a chance to play this one yet.

    The Darkness : Another FPS but pretty damned good. Really nice storyline, based off a comic which I've never seen so can't tell you how close the game is to it. Has an awesome opening sequence, one of the best I've ever seen. Has some interesting ideas in it and the level designs are pretty nice.

    Stranglehold : The official sequel to Hard Boiled, one of my favourite movies, and starring Chow Yun Fat. This is in my top 5 games of all time. Lot's and lot's of action, and it captures the feel of the bullet ballet genre of movie perfectly. I love all the little touches like rolling on a food cart and blasting your way through the enemies. A couple of levels feel a bit sluggish as you run back and forth through them but they're early on, after that it's non-stop action. Great storyline as well.

    GTA4 : Didn't really enjoy it all that much at first but I've stared getting into it. In all honesty I find Saints Row alot funner but it has nowhere near the depth of this one.

    Colin McCrae Dirt : Don't really like this one, too sim-my for me. I prefer my racers to be more arcadey.

    Also have Dead Rising and Sega Rally on the way.

    One thing I don't like about the 360 is the amount of ventilation it needs! GTA4 and NFS:Carbon kept freezing on me. I thought I was going to have to return it but moving it from the shelf I had it on to the floor seems to have fixed the problem. It wasn't on an enclosed shelf or anything, really there should of been plenty of room for it to breathe but the greedy bastard needed more air!
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    TrolleyDaves Guide To GBAtemp Behaviour

    After the chaos and riots that broke out in the Chrono Trigger thread I wrote this to give Toni some laughs. Here is TrolleyDaves Guide To GBAtemp Behaviour. It's funny AND relevant, how often do you get that from me!

    TrolleyDaves Guide To GBAtemp Behaviour

    1) Using GBAtemp is a priviledge not a right, treat it as such or get a slapping.
    2) Be'ave son, if you don't do it in real life don't do it here. Unless you'd like to step outside like.
    3) The Edge of the Forum isn't a toilet, fling shit on your own walls.
    4) The rest of the forum isn't a schoolyard, you wanna argue with someone then go down the pub.
    5) It's not a borstal breakout and you're probably not that tough, so don't act like it.
    6) If you couldn't say it to this guy face to face then shut the fuck up.


    7) The mods don't abuse their power, if you think they do then you're probably just a sooky little spoilt brat who likes to get his own way.
    8) Free speech on here is a priviledge not a right. If your posts are removed then you were probably talking alot of bollocks, suck it up crybaby.
    9) Posting randomness and talking shite in The Edge of the Forum is fine, talking about the colour and consitancy of it ain't - take it to your doctor fuckwit.
    10) If you feel you want to insult someone who's been here longer than you then you probably feel inferior and it hurts your ego.
    11) If you're new and know fuck all then behave that way you little weasel, talking shit about something you know nothing about won't gain you respect.
    12) Arguing about something you know little about with people who actually do doesn't make you cool or smart, it makes you flamebait and a cunt so shut the fuck up.
    13) If you're not sure about what you're saying but you spout the bollocks out like it's fact then you're an arse, shut up and listen.
    14) If you're not sure you should post it then ask someone first, you're probably about to spam the board with more shite than it needs.
    15) Swearing at someone doesn't make you tough, it just means you can post swear words.
    16) Trolling with humour can be fun, but don't do it - we've got resident trolls who know how to behave already and our quota is full.
    17) If you're posting just to get up someones back then you're not cool, you're an arse.
    18) Feel like you've been mistreated? Well then you've probably never lived in the real world. Go out, experience it and then come back and see just how pleasent this place really is.
    19) If you're looking for a fight then come see TrolleyDave, he's friendly but he's got a temper and he really don't mind a bit of physical violence.
    20) How many fights have you had in reality? Probably none, so act that way here too.
    21) You think you're a thug because you once stole money from your parents? You're not a thug, you're an arsehole. Learn some fuckin manners son and then apply them here.
    22) Arguing doesn't make you cool, it makes regulars think you're a cunt and not speak to you.
    23) There was only 1 bonemonkey and there is only 1 p1ngpong. Copying them doesn't make you more welcome, it makes you a fashion victim and you will be treated like one.
    24) If you behave like a twat who wants a slapping then don't forget to PM TrolleyDave your address so he can administer the beating you so anxiously want.
    25) There's no GBAtemp tissues for little babies who want to cry cos they got told off. You should have fuckin followed the rules.
    26) Been to 4chan lately? It's unique brand of bullshit and unfunny has inspired you to post? Then fuck off back there to post it you bell end. GBAtemp is not an Idiocracy in the making, that's just you and your collection of halfwitted intelligence lacking brain donor friends. If you think you're too good for 4chan, then fuck off back to that $10 4chan they call SomethingAwful.
    27) Yes, some of us are wankers. Yes, some of us masturbate. No, that doesn't mean we want you posting the material you beat off to. Fuck off somewhere else with it Larry Flynt.
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    Why I think the world is getting exponentially stupider.

    #1 - The people in charge

    Let's face it folks, the worlds getting stupider at an alarming rate. GBAtemp is starting to become a good cross section. Who and what do I blame? Lot's of things! Today I'll rant on about "the people in charge" of important parts of society. From presidents and prime ministers all the way down to bosses.

    I know there have always been stupid people, it's a fact of life. It's different now though. Nobody seems to have any common sense any more, people are actually being praised for being dumb. I think it mostly started about 20 years ago. Back then the average Joe Bloggs was alot smarter then he is today. Bosses, while being a total pain in the arse did actually know what they were doing roughly. They still needed underlings to help them out but they could do the job and do it pretty well.

    Then people started getting really worried about their positions. Layoffs, sackings and high unemployment were abound in the UK in the late 80's so the people in charage with their nice salaries and reasonably comfy jobs started to get worried that their heads would be on the chopping block next. THAT'S when the world starting getting stupider.

    The people in charge needed to solidify their positions, so anyone who was smart enough to threaten their comfy zone had to be gotten rid of and be replaced by people half as smart as the one in charge. This made them look great, and helped to make sure that nobody could oust them.

    In turn when they were promoted they would then worry about what happens if the person who get's promoted is smarter or more talented, so once again they would make sure that the dimmest of sparks got promoted into their old position. The new person with the position of power then realized "Damn if I'm not dumb, what'll I do if people find out?"

    The simple solution, get rid of the one's smarter than them. They're in the perfect position to know who's more talented, smarter and what have you because they've just been promoted from that very pool. Once that's done they feel safe. It doesn't matter that nobody has a clue what they're doing, it's all good as long as they feel safe.

    Then as people leave, move on or whatever the one's in fear for their position because, well, they're just plain dumb can then start to populate their place with non-threatening slightly stupid people. As time progresses they get their promotion and again pick the dimmest spark of the bunch. Job safe but the worlds a little dumber. This carries on exponentially over the years leading us up to, well, now.

    Think of those old Russian style dolls that fit into each other, except based upon stupidity instead of size. That's one of the reasons I think the world is growning dumber at an alarming rate.
  • TrolleyDave

    A day in the life of TrolleyDave

    Ok so this is my first blog post. Unfortunately it's about my eventful day on Thursday and could be distressing to some but I need somewhere to vent and consider alot of you mates so I feel pretty comfortable posting it here. Apologies ahead of time if it causes you any distress.

    So my day started on Thursday abruptly with being called down to my parents place. When I got down I found my sister, my 10 year old niece and my 16 year old nephew sat there. Steam came shooting out of my ears almost instantly cos my sis was covered in bruises. My niece then went on to explain that my brother in law (who will most likely be referred to as "that slimey little prick" from now) had woken them all up at half five in the morning and proceeded to beat on them and then chucked them out of house.

    I asked my sis wtf was going on and found out that the slimey little prick has been buying sleeping tablets off the net for the last couple of years and it's been getting worse and worse. So I told my sis that there were two choices, she could call the cops or I could go down. Luckily for that slimey little prick she decided the filth was the best option. So the cops show up and say there isn't alot they can do (domestic dispute laws are shite), although they did "detain" him when he attacked them with a pencil. Anyway, they sent him to the hospital to get checked out. Cos my sister was at my parents it was his Mom who took him to the hospital, althogh when my sis found out he'd left the house she went home The hospital said he was smashed out of his skull and should stay the night. The mother being a fucking ignorant cow made up a load of shit about how he never does drugs blah blah fucking blah and that if they released him him she would look after him.

    How did she intend on looking after him? By dropping the fucker back on my sisters doorsteps. So the little prick walks in and the first thing he does is lump my sister and chuck a fucking pop bottle at my nephew. The mother in law starts running her gob about how it's my sisters duty as a wife to put up with that shit blah blah fucking blah and that she shouldn't have called the cops (although I agree with her on this one, she should have let me sort it out! :P). My sister (being as tough as me) cracked him in the jaw, grabbed the kids and marched straight back to my parents.

    When she arrives the prick and his Mom starts phoning talking about how my sis should go back blah blah. I was keeping my cool (well as much as could be) until they demanded my sister go down and speak to them. I yelled down the phone (it was at my Moms ear at the time) that if the cunt wanted someone to talk to I was more than willing to "hold a conversation" with him. Funnily enough they hung up. Then they phoned saying my sister had to go back to their house cos the dog was ill and needed to be put down. Emotional blackmailing fucks that they are. So my sister goes back with kids in tow. When she gets there he starts getting all fucking shirty demanding the kids get in the car with him blah blah blah. When they refuse he says "Right I wash my hands of you then", chucks the dog in the car and fucks off to the vets. He had one of his mates with him (bodyguard I think lol) who then gave my sister and the kids a lift to the vet. When they get there the cunt had just finished having the dog put down. If that wasn't fucking bad enough the cunt turned round to the kids and said "See what you made me have to do".

    He then darts out of the vet to shoot off back home. When he gets outside though the cops are waiting for him. While they couldn't him for the assaults (fucking law sucks) they said that cos he was so smashed they'd arrest him for driving while under the influence. He kicks off, the cops pull out the pepper spray and he soon backs down (couldn't of been that off his fucking head if he still had a sense of self-preservation). The cops hand my sis the keys and he jumps in his mates car and speeds home so he can beat my sister there, knowing full well she had to go back cos my nephew is diabetic and the prick kicked them out without letting him take his insulin. So the cops give my sis an escort home, help her grab the necesseties and give her an escort back to my parents.

    So we're all at my parents and I said if he wasn't out of the house by night time then I was going to go back there and "evict" him. My sister said no, but they way I see it is why should some junkie fuck father get the house and leave the mother and kids homeless. Anyway as we were arguing about that my sisters neighbour phoned to say her husband, his Mom and his mate had just left the house carrying a box of stuff. It looked like he was leaving (smart move on his part) so really that should have been the end of it.

    Me and my Dad go outside to watch the cunt to make sure he did actually go home (they had to drive past my parents house to get to the village his Mom lives in). Much to our fucking surprise though we look right and about 6 houses down (it's a council estate) there's his mates mini-van with him, the slimey little prick and his Mom.

    The Mom gets out of the van and starts flapping her toothless old gums and giving it large. Me and my Dad tell her she better get back in the van and fuck off and take her cunt of a son with her. Does she listen? Nope, she starts running her mouth off even more and keeps coming towards us. Then he pops his head out the van window and starts running his mouth off with shit like "You think you're hard do you, I'll have you". Now anyone who's seen my pics in the temper pics thread will know that I look I've been around, this cunt looks like Ralph Macchio.

    So anyway, he puffs his chest up like a fucking peacock and starts bowling down the road. I keep telling him that if he comes any closer he's gonna regret, but being a fucking junkie he thought he was some kind of super-villain. So as he's getting closer and closer I'm getting angrier and angrier, his kids are behind me and I think "fuck, I'm not gonna beat him down in front of his own kids" so I went steaming back into the house and took my anger out on a door (which I now have to replace! :P).

    When I got back outside he was there outside my parents flapping his gums about how he was gonna take us all on blah blah blah. So I went steaming over warning him that if he didn't vacate quickly he was gonna be sorry. Then the slimey little prick tried to chin my Dad. So I went diving over and grabbed his arm. I was tempted to smack him but had to think of how the kids felt. He threw another two punches at me before I retaliated (I must be getting old!). I didn't smack him or anything, I just grabbed him by the throat. That way there'd be no blood and no noise, I'd just have to hold on for a few moments until he passed out. One of my mates so what was going on and rushed over and pulled me off the slimey little prick.

    He soon backed off after that, making a gap of about 10 feet between us. We told him to get back in the van and fuck off, instead he thought he'd get cocky and go after my Dad. I went diving at him again, my Dad went gunning for him and luckily for the little cunt my mate got in the way again. So a battle started in the street. Everytime I started to get the better of him I'd be pulled off and the cunt would start running his mouth off again and I'd go leaping forward in a fury.

    His fucking mother is still running her mouth off the whole time, giving it this and that about how I had no right to lay my hands on her son and my sis had no right to phone the cops fucking rah rah rah. Eventually the little prick gets so scared he bolts back into the van (the cunt had taken 100 sleeping pills in the space of 3 days and still shit his pants, I find that kind of funny). So I start trying to drag him out the window, lucky for him they were electric and his mate could wind it up from the front. So really it should of ended there, the three of them should've got in the van and made a sharp exit.

    Nope, instead the mother suddenly thinks she's Lou fucking Ferrigno and get's in my face, squaring up like she's a 30 year old man. My mate must've seen the look in my eyes cos he rushed over and dragged my away. As he's doing that the bitch plants one on my Dads jaw. Fucking rage filled me then and I picked her up off the ground, smashed her into the van and chucked her to the ground (not too proud of this but she should've just got in the van and fucked off). So there she is lying on the ground doing the dying fly. The son starts getting out of the van again giving it large, as his head starts coming out the door I boot it trapping his head in there. So I'm there booting and kicking the door, people trying to pull me off and his mate gets out of the car acting the fucking big man. As he does this the mother gets in the van sharpish, rolls up her window and starts telling the other guy that they should go.

    First he's like "What are you doing to my van", then he realizes what I'm doing and he keeps quiet for a second. My nephew comes over and says I need to stop cos he thinks I'm gonna kill his Dad (to be honest I think I was I was that angry by that time). Luckily for that slimey prick my nephew spoke up cos it made me stop instantly. I walked away with no intention of going back but the cunt at the back started running his mouth off about how I had no right to get involved, it's between a man and his wife. Fuck that, red mist all over again. So I start on the guy at the back of the van but couldn't get to him because by this time I had my mate, my Mom and my Dad all holding me back from him. My mates going "look you better go or he'll kill you".

    Stupid ignorant prick though starts running it off about how I'm not so tough and if it wasn't for me having back up I wouldn't have the balls to get lippy. So all three of them holding me back let go and I went diving towards him, he fucking legged it like he was roadrunner. They all grab me again and pull me back telling me to just walk away. So I start to, but the ignorant fucker comes back to the back of the van and starts getting mouthy again. Talking about how my sister had no rights to phone the cops blah blah blah. So I asked him if that meant that if I kicked seven shades of shit out of him did that mean that he would have no rights to call the cops. Apparently me beating the shit out of someone my age and size would mean the cops should be called, but a guy beating up on kids shouldn't. That was it, I'd fucking had enough. I went to grab the neighbours kids golf club from the garden (the kid ran off with it though!) and I think the guy realized how serious I was getting and jumped back in his van and fucked off at about 60.

    They haven't been back (smart people) but they have told me they're going to have me charged with assault blah blah blah but no cops have shown up yet. The slimy little pricks complaining cos he's covered in bruises, has a twisted ankle and two huge cuts running down the side of his face (so not much different then my sis) and his Mom has a big bruise on her back from where I slammed her against the van door (so not much different then the bruise on my 10-year old nieces back from where he slammed her against the wall). They still keep phoning my sister talking about how him and his mates are gonna get me (they know where I'm at and have my phone number, cowardly fucks) and that she should watch her back too blah blah blah. So I'm still pretty fucking angry, but alot less angry then I have been over the last couple of days.

    Sorry for posting all of that here but I needed to vent, and if I vent to my mates we'll just plan a dawn raid on the pricks house.