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    Might as well hop on the bandwa- I mean van. AMA time!

    Ask me literally anything, and I may or may not answer, because I might as well join this trend while it's still going.
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    2021 has a great start for me

    Hahahahaha! Just kidding.

    If you're wondering why I'm writing a blog post after not writing one for at least 60 years, pretty much, the first few days of this year have been absolutely miserable for me, all thanks to Covid. Lets get quickly into the main juice of this post.

    On the 24th of December, I got a phone call telling me I was tested positive on Covid after doing a test beforehand. I didn't have any symptoms that day, and I didn't read my email, so getting this phonecall was pretty much a surprise on its own, but not a surprise I wanted. After going through a whole "source and contact investigation" as they call it, my family agreed that I won't be sitting upstairs with my door shut on Christmas. They wanted to see me downstairs eat Christmas dinner with them, and they wouldn't care if I gave them Covid in return. Guess what, I gave them Covid in return.

    So then a couple days later, my mom recieved an email from school, telling us that they were hacked and that all our passwords were reset. This means that for the rest of the free time I had, I wouldn't be able to do any schoolwork, because they wouldn't hand out new passwords via email. They did offer a moment for me to come to school to get my new password, but if I was tested positive, there wasn't much I could do. So that's great, right? I'm in my exam year, I have 3 important tasks I have to finish, and I can't even finish them because I can't log in. Better yet, after sending my school tutors a few emails, they were not even aware that I wasn't there and they thought I had my new password. Seriously, fuck this shit.

    And then, January 4th rolled around. My birthday. Well, you can barely call it a birthday if the only person I saw that day was my mom. Pretty much, it felt like any other day, and it was a schoolday as well, so my mom called, added on top that I can't make other people ill anymore for the next 6 or 8 weeks or so (that's what someone from the Covid Test Line told me, so I'll just take it), the only reply we got is "uhhh, I don't know what to do, no one else is around here, so I think that the only thing I can do is mark him as 'ill' in our system". So that's it, right? I gave everyone in my family Covid, my school doesn't give me a new password, my school isn't sure if I can come to school which now all results in me losing a massive chunk of spare time that I could've spent on school

    Goddamn, times could be better. I hope they cancel the exams here all along, because if your administration doesn't even fucking know if I can go to school, how can you even let people who have or had Covid make their exams?
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    Why I've been gone for a while

    I'm gonna post a quick and easy answer here:

    1. I've been busy with other projects and stuff on Discord, so that's where most of my free time is going to.
    2. I've been sucked up into internet drama that is too funny to ignore. I should ignore it, but if moderators continue to talk shit about you, its hard for me to ignore it.
    3. School. It's an exam year.

    Those 3 things combined pretty much result in me forgetting about this forum. I still check it every day for new gaming news, but I slowly start to use Twitter more for that matter. Idk, maybe there will come another time where I will stick on the site all day.

    I've been thinking about making a proper Discord server where people can come and say hi, but something like that would die within a few seconds.

    So um yeah that's all for now.
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    They're finally here...

    ...my copies of Retro City Rampage DX and Shakedown Hawaii for the Wii!


    Actually, they arrived yesterday, and I'm still too nervous to break the seal and play them i swear im so nervous i'll just record this moment of me breaking the seal and opening this NON-Wii CASE. Remember, each games are limited to 3000 copies, making this already the rarest Wii games in terms of availible copies.

    Also, fun fact, since these are basically WiiWare-on-a-disc and are both under the 64MB limit, you can just eject the disc and keep playing without any prompts coming up telling you to put the disc back in. That's neat!
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    3DS Video Distribution Unit

    (Dunno where to put this, since the video files I'm about to show you aren't really 3DS related, so I'll just make it a short and simple blog post instead.)

    A few days ago, someone on Discord by the name of Zel ordered a Nintendo 3DS Video Distribution Unit, and it's one of these lil' things:

    Never have we seen a real full public dump of this, so he ordered the unit and recieved it. Basically, it's just a small setup box - or should I say mini-pc - that plays a bunch of trailers for upcoming games and consoles, mainly for the 3DS lineup. This unit plays the following trailers, and notice how I say play, because there is a lot to uncover on this 320GB hard drive:
    • Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn
    • Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr's Journey
    • Luigi's Mansion (remake)
    • WarioWare Gold
    • Animal Crossing: New Leaf (Welcome Amiibo)
    • Famicom Mini (not a 3DS thing but it's not the only out of place thing you will find soon)
    These trailers are very recent! So the contents on this hard drive are basically fresh. Upon digging and connecting the hard drive up to Slitaz, we found out that this setup box not only uses Linux, but has seen more than just the insides of this mini-pc. While we yet have to see what is in its entirety on here, here are some thing that were dug up:
    • Unused trailers for Captain Toad 3DS, the Super Famicom Mini and 1-2 Switch (3DS, yeah indeed)
    • Templates for upcoming DS and Wii releases
    • Screenshots for a "Nintendo 3DS Station" (gonna post one here or else you have to scroll a lot)
    • Promo material for the golden Famicom Mini (haven't found them yet, so I can't comment)
    • A bunch of weird factory videos and images, some of which I've uploaded

    • Unused Wii and DSi trailers that are kind of stuffed away in a folder, which I'm sure I've seen online before, but never so high quality
    No real proper research has been done on this yet, except by Zel himself, but I just felt like posting this here, since some of these contents are just so weird and out of place on a 3DS video distribution box. I will definetly post more findings in a few days, so I hope you find this as interesting as I do.

    Anyway, I'm tired, and I'm out.
    i should make use of blog stuff more often instead of shitting all over eof
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    why I was gone for a while

    I've made a severe and continuous lapse of my judgeme-
    Oh wait, this isn't a YouTuber appology video, good.

    Hi all, sorry for being gone and barely active on the forums for a while. My intentions were to leave the internet just for a few months because of the Covid-19 drama on the internet. It was quite annoying, so taking a break would be a good idea. But for some reason, I couldn't stop looking at Twitter, and before I knew it, my "I'm leaving Discord" message became invalid, because I went back to Discord with my only reason being that "quarantine is boring".

    So, why didn't I go back to GBAtemp?
    ...idk, I forgot the site existed because all my focus was on Twitter and Discord with some people being surprised I came back. Just trust me when I say I can never keep my promises. There were some moments where I came back online to reply to 1 or 2 EoF posts, but that was it.

    Anyway, I'm back! I hope I didn't miss a lot, and I hope this blog post wasn't...
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    Trift Store Pickup(s) #2

    Not much special this time, just a copy of Splinter Cell for the XBOX, just in case.
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    Trift Store Pickups #1

    Considering how often I go to the trift store, I might as well post my pickups here.


    I found 3 games this time, Puzzle League DS for, well, the DS, Tetris 2 and the Japanese version of Taito Chase HQ, both for the Game Boy, for a grand total of €9,85. In fact, this Japanese copy I got is the first Japanese import game I own.
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    So, the Sonic movie, right?

    It's real good.

    I liked what Paramount did here. I think the people's first reaction was a little "overreacted" because everyone was looking at Trailer 1 Sonic, and nothing else. Robotnik's role was odd at first, but it really fits the tone of the movie well.

    ok real spoiler time now

    I liked the references, like Sanic near the beginning of the movie, and how the movie starts with Friends from Sonic Mania, though I will never ever understand the beginning of the movie. Soooo..... Sonic was being kept by an owl, and echidna-type characters wanted his "powers"? Okay.

    also the way Robotnik gets stuck in the muchroom world with Sonic powers is amazing

    also TAILS, Paramount indirectly announced a sequel. At first, before even watching the movie, I was hoping this was gonna be a one-time thing where Paramount features one of SEGA's characters in a movie, but after watching the movie, it was clear the team knew what they were doing. So yeah, I am hyped for a sequel now.

    and uhh yeah ask me what my opinion is on some specific scene from the movie
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    Scott Wozniak is finally back

    I checked his subreddit yesterday wondering what happened. And to my surprise, when I went to bed, he uploaded a video!

    Alright, lets grab some popcorn, a copy of Madden '08 and watch Scott the Wo-


    scott is now a weeb, just like me
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    I played my first game of Fortnite (yesterday)

    how the fuck did I become first

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    Scratched discs

    You know what I hate? Scratched discs that won't read.
    And oh boy, it's one of those days... again.


    This happens so often to me now. A few months ago, I bought a used copy of RalliSports Challenge 2 for the XBOX at a trift store, not the most ideal place to buy used games, but whatever. The game played fine, but when it was time for me to copy over the game to my hard drive, it would read everything EXCEPT for 3 files.
    Three. Whole. Files.
    The files were stages that were already unlocked. I played the game directly from disc, but the stages would load for some god for saken reason. And this isn't my XBOX, it's just this disc that has a teeny tiny scratch on the surface.

    And guess what, it happened to me again today. If you could see all scratches on this disc, you would say "oh jesus oh fuck who in their right mind jammed this disc in a TOASTER".

    CCI04022020_0003.png upload_2020-2-4_15-45-4.png
    does this trift store rub every disc in dirt before they sell it
    I think so, but that's just a theory. A Game Theory®! Thanks for watching!

    It took nothing but 2 seconds for me to realise this was not going to work. And surprise surprise, it didn't copy over. This isn't the only demo disc I bought, I got a stack of 6, but the other 5 look completely readable. Can stores just check if a game actually works or not?

    I'm not even going to try the toothpaste method, I tried it on my copy of RalliSports and there was no difference.
    Also, to prove to you I'm a sellout, I bought these demo discs, $1,50 each, but I do not own a PlayStation 2, nor a PlayStation 3. I just wanted to back them up.

    And uhh, yeah, just wanted to share this with you, trying to use the blog post feature more often instead of using it for shitposting on EoF.

    (Stay hydrated.)

    Also something to note, this is a black sleeve PS2 demo disc, I don't know if they were ever sold, included in magazines or if they were only ment to be in PS2 kiosks. Let me know.
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    SEGA did an oopsie poopsie

    While I was scanning and trimming my covers for my PC games, I noticed Sonic Mega Collection Plus logo was cut off.


    Yeah, that's all really, it reminds me of the Okami cover art having the IGN logo on it.
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    I've come to make an announcement.

    Somehow, a new DSi prototype settings app was found.
    Thanks to Voodooween and March, we're proud to present: SDK 7739! SDK 6291's older cousin!
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    NZone Debugger/thread formats

    My first decent (and rushed) GBAtemp post in a long long time has finally come out. I've been trying here with new thread formats. Let me know what you think, it took me a full 2 hours to finish such a thread with very basic info. It was very fun to make actually!

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