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    Trift Store Pickups #1

    Considering how often I go to the trift store, I might as well post my pickups here.


    I found 3 games this time, Puzzle League DS for, well, the DS, Tetris 2 and the Japanese version of Taito Chase HQ, both for the Game Boy, for a grand total of €9,85. In fact, this Japanese copy I got is the first Japanese import game I own.
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    So, the Sonic movie, right?

    It's real good.

    I liked what Paramount did here. I think the people's first reaction was a little "overreacted" because everyone was looking at Trailer 1 Sonic, and nothing else. Robotnik's role was odd at first, but it really fits the tone of the movie well.

    ok real spoiler time now

    I liked the references, like Sanic near the beginning of the movie, and how the movie starts with Friends from Sonic Mania, though I will never ever understand the beginning of the movie. Soooo..... Sonic was being kept by an owl, and echidna-type characters wanted his "powers"? Okay.

    also the way Robotnik gets stuck in the muchroom world with Sonic powers is amazing

    also TAILS, Paramount indirectly announced a sequel. At first, before even watching the movie, I was hoping this was gonna be a one-time thing where Paramount features one of SEGA's characters in a movie, but after watching the movie, it was clear the team knew what they were doing. So yeah, I am hyped for a sequel now.

    and uhh yeah ask me what my opinion is on some specific scene from the movie
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    Scott Wozniak is finally back

    I checked his subreddit yesterday wondering what happened. And to my surprise, when I went to bed, he uploaded a video!

    Alright, lets grab some popcorn, a copy of Madden '08 and watch Scott the Wo-


    scott is now a weeb, just like me
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    I played my first game of Fortnite (yesterday)

    how the fuck did I become first

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    Scratched discs

    You know what I hate? Scratched discs that won't read.
    And oh boy, it's one of those days... again.


    This happens so often to me now. A few months ago, I bought a used copy of RalliSports Challenge 2 for the XBOX at a trift store, not the most ideal place to buy used games, but whatever. The game played fine, but when it was time for me to copy over the game to my hard drive, it would read everything EXCEPT for 3 files.
    Three. Whole. Files.
    The files were stages that were already unlocked. I played the game directly from disc, but the stages would load for some god for saken reason. And this isn't my XBOX, it's just this disc that has a teeny tiny scratch on the surface.

    And guess what, it happened to me again today. If you could see all scratches on this disc, you would say "oh jesus oh fuck who in their right mind jammed this disc in a TOASTER".

    CCI04022020_0003.png upload_2020-2-4_15-45-4.png
    does this trift store rub every disc in dirt before they sell it
    I think so, but that's just a theory. A Game Theory®! Thanks for watching!

    It took nothing but 2 seconds for me to realise this was not going to work. And surprise surprise, it didn't copy over. This isn't the only demo disc I bought, I got a stack of 6, but the other 5 look completely readable. Can stores just check if a game actually works or not?

    I'm not even going to try the toothpaste method, I tried it on my copy of RalliSports and there was no difference.
    Also, to prove to you I'm a sellout, I bought these demo discs, $1,50 each, but I do not own a PlayStation 2, nor a PlayStation 3. I just wanted to back them up.

    And uhh, yeah, just wanted to share this with you, trying to use the blog post feature more often instead of using it for shitposting on EoF.

    (Stay hydrated.)

    Also something to note, this is a black sleeve PS2 demo disc, I don't know if they were ever sold, included in magazines or if they were only ment to be in PS2 kiosks. Let me know.
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    SEGA did an oopsie poopsie

    While I was scanning and trimming my covers for my PC games, I noticed Sonic Mega Collection Plus logo was cut off.


    Yeah, that's all really, it reminds me of the Okami cover art having the IGN logo on it.
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    I've come to make an announcement.

    Somehow, a new DSi prototype settings app was found.
    Thanks to Voodooween and March, we're proud to present: SDK 7739! SDK 6291's older cousin!
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    NZone Debugger/thread formats

    My first decent (and rushed) GBAtemp post in a long long time has finally come out. I've been trying here with new thread formats. Let me know what you think, it took me a full 2 hours to finish such a thread with very basic info. It was very fun to make actually!

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    Yet another "happy new year" comment

    Before this terrible year ends, I want to wish everyone a happy and healthy new year! Stay safe and wear your safety glasses.