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    Allergic to marijuana or just really good stuff?

    Well, last night my girlfriend, 3 friends of ours, and myself were smoking some marijuana. It doesn't take much to get me high and i've been smoking for about a year now and it still only takes between 3-4 hits and im high. That is the first reason i think i may be semi-allergic to marijuana. I dont know if its actually possible to be allergic to it but something is up. Then the second reason i think i may be is that last night when we were smoking after about 4 hits my face felt REALLY cold and i started to sway back and forth. After about 5 minutes my vision was getting all doubled up and then i just couldn't see anything, my girlfriend had to lead me inside and as soon as we got inside the blindness started to go away but i still felt in a total state of shock. This has never happened to me before and i didn't even smoke that much, is it possible that i may be allergic to it or am i just lucky and get high really easy?
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    My english teacher pisses me off....

    * Sorry for such a long post! =P*

    Well, lets start at the beginning...

    I woke up this morning as pissed off as possible...
    My alarm made it worse...
    My mom was bitching at me at 6:00 in the morning...
    And i had to get ready for school... -_-

    All day i had been getting more and more angry and it was just building up and i KNEW there was going to be an outburst of anger today...
    This is where my english teacher comes into play.

    It was fourth period and i had sat down and started doing the stupid worksheets she always makes us do for no apparent reason.

    We already know the bullshit shes making us go over.

    Well it was about 5 minutes into the period when she yells at me to turn my paper over because it was "on the wrong side"
    When it was CLEARLY on the side we were reading.

    She tells me to read the next paragraph and i was lost as hell.
    She starts bitching and asking me if i was really THAT stupid as to not know where the second paragraph was...
    This is when it happened...


    and she stood there in awe and said "What the bloody hell did you just say?!" (she always says "bloody" i have no clue why)

    And i repeated myself even louder and threw my fucking notebook at the little fucking podium she has and she said "Get out of my room"
    So i replied with a nice little "Fuck off"
    and by that time half of my classmates were laughing their asses off, by the time i opened the door i was laughing as well.

    When i got to the office i had assumed she called down there so i quietly sat in one of the seats.

    When the period was over i walked back down her hallway and she had me go into her room and she told me
    "I didnt call down to the office, or even write you up... I could tell you had a bad day.....blah blah blah"

    She handed me the notes and the homework, and then before i left the room she looks at me and says "I guess not everyone is afraid of me... Are they?"
    And i just laughed and went on with my day like it was any other, the anger was gone... and everyone in my English class found it funny.

    Thats my story, just thought I'd share it with you all because i have nothing better to do! :]