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    eBay Fails

    U can post here funny ebay fails. English and german fails are allowed
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    1 Week of school is over

    So today its finish my 1st school week.

    So I say short what happend in school

    Only indroduction of the class

    Nothing too much
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    Back to school


    tomorrow will end my summer vacations and I have to go again to school.

    So I dont want be active here (excapt Weekend and some weeks where I have home schooling.

    So anyone who will give me tips, with my wii u problem pls write that on my school mail [email protected]

    Bye and see u a other time with new mysterys
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    My Wii U got bricked


    I writing this post rn on my Nintemdo switch couse I dont get my Wii U to run. It has bricked after I made a mistake with homebrewing. I will try to get it to run again tomorrow. And if I dont get it to run again, I have trashed the console.

    See u


    P.s. die deutschen können ruhig hier auch auf deutsch schreiben
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    Pls send here ur favourite songs

    I will begin

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    Every Copy of Super Mario 64 is personalizied Twitter account

    While researching again about the mystery, I found this Twitter account. https://mobile.twitter.com/personalmario64?lang=de

    U can read the posts if u have mind and than u can write in the comments what u found out, so I make than a post with ur thoughts about that.

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    LisReal2401 Mystery and the Truth about it

    [​IMG] [​IMG] In this Post I explain excatly what the LisReal2401 Mystery is and about the leak this year

    Where in Mario 64 the BBH level entrance is, is a statue of a star with a writing. It is very blurred to read but some people thinks there is written LisReal2401 and so the theory came up that Luigi was in Mario 64. A very good sign for that theory are the credits. There u can with a 2nd plugged in controller move the camera. That was the sign for a planned multiplayer. It was planned but its removed couse of technical limitations.

    24 Years and 1 Month after game release the mystery came true with the Nintendo Giga Leak. They found Luigi in the leaked datas and so LisReal became true, and they reimported the model in Mario 64
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    Every Copy of Super Mario 64 is personalisized mystery PART 1

    So, I try in this blog to explain all of the components of the Mario 64 mystery Every Copy of Super Mario 64 is personalizied.

    The Wario Apperition

    The Wario apperition says that in the BITFS room appears at the DDD painting Wario and follows you. There exists many videos on YouTube about it so its easy for searching up.

    Is that Fake or true?

    The Wario apperition is FAKE. All the videos about are faked. There was in past Nintendo Directs a Wario face that appears and announces new titles there. The Wario apperition used that face and edited it their videos.

    LisReal 2401

    LisReal2401 is a very known mystery that says that Luigi should exist in Mario 64. For more infos see own blog entry

    Is the mystery true or false

    That mystery is true. It is proved 2020 with the Nintendo Giga Leak.