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    My plans for the next few weeks...

    I figured that I'd do a blog entry so that everyone following me will get this at once:

    I will be on part-time hiatus from GBAtemp starting Wednesday, June 29th and ending Saturday, July 16th. During this time, I will be both prepping and participating in the Iowa Ambassadors of Music 2016 tour. What is this, you may be asking? Well, if you've ever watched your state's All State music festival, it's very similar to that... Except that it takes place overseas in Europe ^_^ This will be my first time outside the country, and I hear down time will be limited, and opportunities to sit down and access wifi will be even more limited. As such, I will most likely not be logging on very often during the aforementioned time period.

    After I get back from the trip, I will most likely write a blog post with highlights from the trip. Until then, however, if you want to keep up with my time in Europe you can PM me so I can give you my Facebook info (please don't do this unless you actually care, I don't want a bunch of random people flooding my inbox)
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    I'm back, did you miss me?

    I've gotten a few PMs asking where I've been for the last few weeks, so I figured that I would just kind of talk about it in a blog post where everyone can see... So... Here goes!

    First off, I didn't think that anyone would really notice I was gone, so I was actually kind of touched to see that people were wondering where I was. Thank you for those that did, you know who you are and it made my day to see that ^_^

    Now! I've had a pretty great summer thus far. Finals went well and I passed all my classes (which was something I was actually worried about, as I was failing English. That's partially the reason for my stress in the ending days of school). I intended to spend most of my time on GBAtemp after that just kind of surfing, but I kept putting it off further and further due to the fact that my laptop had died and I didn't want to bother with charging it (yeah, imagine that, I'm so lazy I can't even be bothered with surfing the web :rolleyes:).

    Actually, it's not so much laziness as business and inconvenience; I've been doing quite a bit this summer. Things kicked off after school with me receiving the first parts of the computer I'm building, being the chassis and power supply, and later the motherboard. A little bit after that, I was in Des Moines for a week serving as a Diakonos for the Iowa United Methodist Annual Conference (for those of you who actually know what I said in that sentence, w00t!). Basically that means I was serving as a page (passing notes around to people) during the major legislation time for the Iowan Methodist Church, which was really cool because I got to see some of the more governmental/democratic side of the church, which is something you don't typically see from the outside. There was some pretty important stuff that happened during this year's session; it was proposed that the Book of Discipline be modified to allow for members of the LGBTQA+ community to serve the church during the next General Conference. This is HUGE, as it means that homosexual (etc., etc.) people can become preachers (bishops, etc.) if the bill goes through for the first time. Go church! (If you want to read more, look at this)

    When I got back I spent some time at home again, looked at how I was going to get my computer to work space wise (the cable management on the case I got sucks balls, so I ended up just taking a dremel tool and cutting some holes in the end), built, sanded, primed and painted a set of cabinets for a family friend, spent a lot of time with my girlfriend (Jurassic World was AMAZING, by the way) and watched the E3 conference (dangit Nintendo, I expected better from you...). And that leaves me where I am now; I am currently visiting my grandparents in Fort Dodge, Iowa, where I will be doing some demolition work with a play set they no longer want (I get a sledge hammer... Yeeeeeeees :evil:), and my sister and I will be going both to the local water park and to a place called Fort Frenzy (it's like Chuck E. Cheese's, but with bumper boats, go karts and lazer tag).

    So yeah, that's my summer so far! How are all of yours? I'd be happy to hear about them! Also, what have I missed on the temp? This new style kind of threw me off lol