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    tilda So I decided to check my GBATemp account for the first time in almost a year. Cool stuff.

    What I've been up to since then is... a lot! I'll spare you all the details since I don't want to write a novel but:
    • osu! is now my life. I basically don't play anything else. (I do have a bit of modded Minecraft variety though)
    • I got a Switch. Played Fortnite (eeeeh) a bit on it, a lot of Rocket League.
    • But now my Nintendo Switch Online expired (I can't really keep a subscription, even something as cheap as 20 bucks a year).
    • So, now I'm just exclusively gaming on PC for now.
    "Anything besides gaming?" Glad you asked, because yes.
    • That last post I made about Fiddler? I didn't bother to go further with it because it's pretty buggy on Linux.
    • I'm occasionally programming or making websites if I feel like it. (I hit a hard wall some time ago, burned out.)
    Anyways, I'm glad to (possibly) get back to being active on the forum again. :)
    tilda Yesterday I downloaded Fiddler. I started it up, and made my phone use the proxy (as well as enabled HTTPS decryption so I can snoop on every single request).

    I have to say, there are some truly weird things you know once you see all the requests going out of your phone and each and every single app.
    Such as:
    - trackers
    - more trackers
    - a lot of trackers

    I'll probably write more about the apps I have monitored in the next few days.
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    tilda Hm. This function seems pretty cool. Maybe I'll use it for some things.