1. Where can i buy a good ds flash card with no timebomb ?
  2. Just bought grandia hd , it seems very funny to play
  3. how Is it? Is It good , bad or average ? Bad points and points about this game ?
  4. I've almost finished the story , any tips on how to level up quickly ? (at least how to speed up a bit)
  5. This game Is really awesome and fun ! I missed you , borderlands !
  6. Almost finished , wow , another league from the first chapter
  7. Just finished this game a few minutes ago and WOW ! What a great game ! Sucks for the sad ending though.
  8. I've bought this game a few days ago ,(Just a few moments ago i've unlocked the mementos) , and it seems very fun ! Any advice ?
  9. I sent , just this friday , my "3 days switch" to the Nintendo assistance , because my left joycon didn't fit so well in the switch when i was trying to play in portable mode : What to expect in terms of quality and efficiency of the service ? Because i've never send any of my nintendo devices...
  10. i would like to buy a flashcard to play DS games with a good RTS function , Which card should i choose , and from which site (i'm from italy) ?
  11. I started this game today , and i'm finding very catchy and funny , thanks also to the work of level 5 and studio ghibli , any tips in particular ?