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    THYPLEX I sent , just this friday , my "3 days switch" to the Nintendo assistance , because my left joycon didn't fit so well in the switch when i was trying to play in portable mode :
    What to expect in terms of quality and efficiency of the service ?
    Because i've never send any of my nintendo devices to the assistance before , so i'm asking your opinions on this matter , cause i'm a little worried .

    (I know , Sorry in advance for my orrible english , i hope it's understandable and correct enough)
    THYPLEX i would like to buy a flashcard to play DS games with a good RTS function ,
    Which card should i choose , and from which site (i'm from italy) ?
    THYPLEX I started this game today , and i'm finding very catchy and funny , thanks also to the work of level 5 and studio ghibli , any tips in particular ?