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    Need help remembering the name of an anime...

    Recently I suffered a MASSIVE data loss courtesy of Intenso external hard drives' cheap quality worth just over 17TBs and along with it almost a third of my anime library got wiped! Only managed to recover about 4TBs of the whole stuff and there are TONS of anime I had I'm looking for and can't remember the names of, but the main one I want to rewatch right now is a certain one I just can't remember the name of no matter how much I try, been over 5 years since I watched it after all...

    Anyways, it's an OVA/OAD, not a series, school-life/sci-fi where MC is a "lone wolf" kind of guy, tall, old and held back in school a bit, and there are murders happening in the area often involving people at the school, but it turns out they are committed by a classmate that's an "alien" and they all happen in night when the rain probability is over 50%. Secondary MC is a serious, semi-loli black-haired girl from school, while the "villain" girl is orange-haired (only thing I don't remember clearly though, could be blonde or something else instead)... Also, runtime was ~34 mins if I remember correctly and I THINK it came out around 2012-2013...

    Anyone have any ideas as to what anime I'm talking about?
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    Being bored sucks...

    Head up for anyone that bothers to read, this is more for Monster Hunter fans as pretty much people not into that won't understand whack at some parts:P

    I've been pretty bored lately, nothing important to do at all really, it's starting to get annoyingly hot outside so I stay indoors, life's been shitty as usual, so all I've been doing (besides personal stuff) is watching anime and playing video games. Sure it was fun at first, but after you have watched every anime you wanted, then rewatched everything again and also played every game you felt like, it gets so boring it's tiring! Not enough money to waste of things like going out often and stuff, so those two things basically are the only hobbies I can do at this time...

    Anyway, lately, I've been playing almost exclusively Pokemon Omega Ruby (just to chat with people) and Monster Hunter. For Monster Hunter, I've actually quit XX because it was a literal joke of a game (WAY too easy with the HA and styles, plus a terrible roster of monsters), same for Generations (only that this is worse than XX AND I have it as a cartridge, so I'm too bored and lazy to bother switching between Pokemon OR and Gen. That leaves mostly 4U, which is averagely good, still plenty easy, but at least it's more fun than Gen or XX. Thing is, there is only so much you can do after you have 100%ed the game and helped over 100 people go from HR1 all the way to Gold G3 Special Permit in the span of 4 months... Lately I had just been dropping by different halls helping out newbies and testing out drunken armor sets I made (may make a blog with different drunken sets to give you an idea of what I mean, but, for now, imagine something like Bow KO build). However, that got old pretty quick as the research alone to make the sets took a while, even with armor builders (because it was too crazy sets), so I ended up quitting that too...

    Then I thought to myself, what if I went even further back and played MH3U again as I haven't touched it in almost a year? Sure I have an insanely high playtime on a single save alone, but it's at least more challenging... or so I thought... I even decided to spruce things up a bit and start using a different weapon (literally played only GS in 3U with extremely rare times when I used lance if I needed a certain part break that was hard to get with GS), so I go with Bow. I crafted a couple armors I liked the looks and skills of, then when it came to the Bows themselves, I liked a LOT of them and ended up making almost half the Bows in the game!:rofl2: Moving on after going way too overboard with the crafting, I go and finish all sets, then it's time to try them out...

    I literally didn't remember how Bows worked in 3U, reason I went with that instead of a different weapon, so I start casually with stuff like low rank Lagiacrus, then moved on to high rank Azure Rathalos, then G rank pickle, lame (aka Green) Nargacuga, even Black Diablos... I realized that 3U doesn't have 4U's power shots and only has arc shots instead, something I'm not used to at all, as in 4U I've been using power shots 99% of the time, so that was a nice change of pace! However, I also remembered why the third generation of MH is considered the best one for gunners (ranged weapons), they are broken AF! Sure, power shots can do a mountain of damage, but after just 3-4 arc shots (that do considerably less damage) the monsters wouldn't even bother moving from the exhaust side effect arc shots have, making them all a literal joke! Besides a single case where Black Diablos in G rank started spamming her dash all across the desert, they would all just sit there letting me shoot them to death, making the hunts way too easy...

    So I end up deciding to hunt stuff that either don't get exhausted or to not use arc shots at all during the quests, but thing is, I got used to 3U's Bow mechanics by that time and the intervals between it's moves that it was still a joke to hunt anything other than Dire Miralis, even without any armor on at all!:sad: Here's the moral, you know what's worse than being bored and only having games and anime to resort to? Being bored and resorting to games but being far too good at them to enjoy them enough to not be bored!:cry::angry::hateit:

    Anyway, that's it for my miserably failed effort of the day at making myself less bored... Only thing I got out of it was that nice music from 3U, so I guess while still bored, it's better than nothing, Ceadeus's theme is just too good!:P

    EDIT: And a little update, I FINALLY carted for once... had to do Silver Rathalos in G rank without armor on, no items besides Well-Done Steaks, no dodging allows (except for backhops because come on) and high rank Bow... Like seriously, I wish I was worse at this game, I'll have to try Gold and Silver at the same time for some challenge I guess with same setup and I hate those two! I would just try Dire Miralis but it's next to impossible to gun him solo, let alone with Bow;-;
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    Anime series everyone should watch at least once!

    Similarly to my last blog, I'll be giving some recommendations, but this time anime ones. I won't list OVA/OAV/movie-exclusive anime though, as those are for another blog (I have a LOT of them)! This time, I'm focusing more on lesser known (or almost completely unknown) anime series that are a good or great watch, but will list some more recent ones that went completely under the radar.

    Aoi Sekai no Chuushin De
    Starting with a pretty average one, but for people on this forum it can prove to be a fun watch. Imagine a medieval world with two kingdoms based on Nintendo and Sega fighting for supremacy, with characters being based on characters from the respective company's games and having superpowers, with the added bonus of seeing hotties getting their clothes blasted away every so often!:P

    .hack//Roots , .hack//SIGN , .hack//Versus - The Thanatos Report , .hack//Liminality , .hack//Gift , .hack//G.U. Returner , .hack//Legend of the Twilight , .hack//Quantum
    Yeah yeah, I know, expected considering it was in my last blog (hell, if I make a game suggestion blog you can expect these to be in there:rofl2:), but as a huge fan of the series that started almost as many cliches as Akira, it's a must watch for everyone who's interested in game-based anime or anime that blend computers with the real world! If you aren't feeling like watching them all, give SIGN, Liminality and Roots a try in that order. Expect some of the most amazing music you will ever get to hear in an anime when watching these too, so fitting ("GOD Diva" for example is EPIC)!

    Sexy busty blonde chick kicks ass with a revolver in a medieval-Japan-like world AND has kinda interesting characters and plot, so what else could you ask for?

    Fight to save the Earth from getting cleansed with different Earths getting pitted against one another and being represented by a giant mecha, with home and away fights. While the main premise isn't that interesting, DEFINITELY give this a watch, as it has some of the best character development out of all anime out there, despite having a huge variety of characters with deep backgrounds! This anime mainly revolves around a certain group of early-teen kids, with greatly varying backstories and can get pretty damn dark at times!

    K (aka K Project)
    Plenty people know of this, but most of the new generation of weebs doesn't know it, so give it a watch. It's edginess overload, with interesting characters and a sort of comical hook which keeps you along until the very end. I'm referring to the original series though, not the second one (which is decent at best).

    Mnemosyne: Mnemosyne no Musume-tachi (aka RIN: Daughters of Mnemosyne)
    First off, heads up, this is an R-rated show as it contains a pretty damn nice amount of nudity, but also it can get VERY gruesome! This anime takes place around 1990 (but can vary a LOT throughout), in a real world-like place, but one where angels exist among the population. Angels are created from regular people seemingly randomly, with female ones gaining immortality (lucky them... except for all the torture in this show, lol:rofl2:), while males one gain immense strength and other abilities but can only live for a single week. The show follows the stories of two females and can get really interesting!

    Rinne no Lagrange
    A classic story that takes elements from mecha shows like Evangelion, about a schoolgirl ending up piloting a mecha and protecting her city against enormous aliens, so really cliche, but this one is good! And while this isn't a comedy or anything, whatever humor it has in it is actually funny compared to the cringey humor other shows like it have. On top of everything, it has some beautiful visuals if you are into that kind of anime watching, with a touch of fanservice...

    Rozen Maiden (Seasons 1-3 and Zur├╝ckspulen)
    A show about dolls that have been imbued with life by their creator for the purpose of finding a master to draw power from and fight until only one remains, who will turn into a girl that goes by the name of "Alice", a supposedly perfect girl that their creator has been longing for. A really fun show to watch, an interesting plot, beautiful visuals despite being outdated, AMAZING soundtracks (all 3 openings and especially "Kamp":bow: among others) and the two most important dolls being gorgeous, especially the "evil ones" (with Suigintou being by far one of my favorite characters of all time)!

    Togainu no Chi
    Here we have an anime with everything it needed to be epic, but falling really short because of bad production. However, it's still a great watch, despite the bad character development and even worse animation! It's about a guy getting framed for something and as means out, he gets sent to a secluded city of undesirables, where people murder one another without a second thought and tries to find a way out of it all. If you decide to watch this series, watch it through to the end, even if it starts losing you, as the towards the climax you will see that awesome powers can make even a badly animated series look incredible!:P

    Welp, I'm tired, so I'll leave it at this for now... I mainly got tired trying to decide what series to recommend as I have HUNDREDS of them I want to, but I'm too lazy to write descriptions of...;-; I'll probably make a part 2 sometime soon, but don't count on it, may instead do the OVA/OAV/movie one first! Anyway, let me know what you think about these recommendation blogs of mine down in the comments and also whether you have watched these or what you thought of them after you watched them due to this blog!
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    Manga series everyone should read at least once!

    This blog is gonna be irrelevant to the holidays, just felt like listing some awesome manga recommendations people really ought to check out for at least a couple chapters! I'm not going to mention any huge series or too famous ones, just some awesome classics and some more recent ones that go unnoticed.

    Wolf Guy - Wofen Crest
    A really dark series, with a large variety of themes, including werewolfs (I mean, come on, it's in the title:P), relationships, school, extremely heavy bullying, gangs, mafia and it just keeps getting more and more dark, but it's seriously one of the best manga series out there! Has 117 chapters of medium length, but it's worth it. It might lose you at some point as it feels too depressing at times and it only spirals down without cheering up any, but if you stick through it, you will love it!

    Wake Up Deadman
    Guy saves his girlfriend, but dies, then he turns into a zombie (not the stupid kind like it is in US media) and tries to find her. She has become an idol though, making it extremely hard for him to get to her. Regardless, he goes on a journey to find her! In the process there are a lot of plot twists, great characters and even better humor! It will definitely bring forth a lot of emotions when you read it so heads up! Most importantly, it's a series that takes the edgyness and coolness factor from about the 6-8 that it had at the start and cranks it up to a million after a certain point! A bit of disclaimer though, it's a korean manga, meaning it's read the reverse way (from left to right).

    Black Rock Shooter - Innocent Soul
    An incredibly good manga, with a different version of Rock (the original one), having a vastly different yet similar story as the anime, just not with the boring and lame parts (basically only the realm of the undead and limbo are in this), giving a lot of interesting information on the characters and overall being so interesting it just sucks you in! Oh, and a couple plot twists make for an awesome read!

    Deadman Wonderland
    If you've watched the anime, then know that the manga covers the same story, but with improved plot points and continues it further! If you thought the anime was cool and edgy, despite having one of the lamest character personalities imaginable, then you should definitely read this as, once the anime part is over, he is no longer lame and actually becomes an interesting character. Plus we get way more Shiro and who's gonna say no to a dumb really busty albino hottie in a skin-tight outfit who's also immortal and OP enough to destroy huge areas in a second?:P

    .hack//4coma , .hack//alcor , .hack//G.U.+ , .hack//Legend of the Twilight , .hack//link , .hack//xxxx
    Yeah, you get it, I'm a .hack// fan, but all these and pretty much the ENTIRE .hack// series (games, anime, manga) should be read and played by everyone! It's literally the series that started both the "stuck in an MMO" genre AND the "video game-themed" genre, so everyone should invest the time in the series! MANY different characters, with different personalities, both irl and in-game, extremely interesting plot where it even includes things from the real world and even has some cool virus ideas (that are actually possible and very destructive) if you are into that sort of thing!

    Houseki No Kuni
    This got an anime recently, but the manga is still FAR better and way ahead (especially now that the anime finished airing), with a lot of interesting characters and even more interesting enemies! You can watch the anime first if you want, as it's pretty much identical, and then continue reading it. Chapters can feel a bit long at times or too slow progressing in the latest chapters, but it's definitely rewarding with fun moments, cool moments, a lot of emotions despite literally reading about the lives of rocks (Houseki no Kuni=Kingdom of Gems) and the plot is VERY well structured, making you want to just find out what is really going on and why everything is like that!

    Imouto sae Ireba Ii.
    Yet another manga with an anime counterpart, although this hardly got any chapters. However, it's the same as the anime, with the different that it's more polished despite coming out a LONG time before the anime did and makes for a pretty fun read! Plus, it gets even more perverted and dirty, which is always a good thing if you are like me and want your series to have good characters, plot AND lots of "plot" to boot!:P

    X (Clamp) aka X/1999
    If you don't know who Clamp is, this series is a great way to get you interested in their work! It's fairly old as the title suggests, but you should give it a go! Being a manga made by women, being in the Shoujo genre and seeing the art style, you might think that this manga is only intended for women, but it's an unbelievably good manga that gets you hooked quickly, no matter what you are, having very diverse characters, interesting story and some quite original superpowers that no other series to this day has had or has imitated in a good way!

    One-Punch Man (One)
    NOT talking about the "good" manga that the anime is based on, but about the original one by One! While the art is fairly "bad" compared to professional manga series, it's by no means actually bad or even bad enough to take away from the fun! You should give it a read, as it has a LOT of differences with the remake and is a fair deal further ahead (so much that the remade one won't be able to catch up even in a full year)! The humor is also often more genuine and some parts that aren't included in the remake really add a lot of nice stuff, on top of not having some of the remake-exclusive bad characters. The monster association for example consists of CONSIDERABLY cooler and more interesting characters (eg: Homeless Emperor)!

    Made in Abyss
    Final recommendation for this blog is a series that had the, by far, best anime last season! The manga however is about 10 times as good and it even gets a bit more sexual, along with better humor as an added bonus! If the anime got you really hooked, give this a read, as it continues on the journey further down in the Abyss, while providing a lot of useful background information on both the Abyss and the characters! On top of that, it has some pretty fun battles in there too where Reg isn't that big a wuss!

    I may make a part 2 sometime, but will most probably get too lazy to:P
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    Tho's X-mas blog

    Been meaning to make a couple blog posts out of boredom, but I got so bored I couldn't finish them:rofl2: So, this is my first blog on temp! I'll make this one about how my Christmas has been so far, which has been good, bad, great and awful all together...

    From around the 21st we had very bad weather here continuing all the way until X-mas eve noon, strong winds with heavy rainfall, bad enough to even affect indoors wifi due to the high humidity, making it a pain to go out shopping, as without a car, it was next to impossible to go anywhere where I am due to the constant torrent-like stream of water rushing down the downhill! (Two sides of the city are mountains so that causes problems during heavy rainfall) However, sitting cozy inside, everything was fine and as soon as the weather got better, I went outside for holiday shopping, but so did almost everyone else in the city, so all the stores were packed, making waiting in the queue for the cash register seem like an eternity (here there aren't many stores and personnel is scarce so there's only like 1 cashier at a time servicing 50 people)...

    When I got back all tired, an awesome dude on here send me a code for a game from a giveaway he recently did on temp, which really made my day!

    Today, Christmas morning, I get up, get breakfast, then feel like playing online on my 2DS a bit aaaaaaand ... can't connect online!:ohnoes: Spent almost 2 hours trying to fix it to no avail, then after another 2 hours it somehow started working right, but it was almost noon by then, meaning had other things to do, so no games for now:cry:

    Anyway, back to weather talk, ever since it got better, it's kept improving and today, all day long, we've had literally the perfect weather! And I do mean literally perfect, not perfect for me, but perfect in a general sense. Absolutely no clouds AT ALL all day long, with the sun out and a stable 31-32C with a gentle breeze AND, most importantly, next to no smog, making the place look beautiful and bright! This is the second time we've had such great weather here in 5 years, so that was a huge boon to making my day after the whole internet thing!

    Moving on, the day has been boring besides that, although I've been enjoying myself jumping between F1 2016 and Sid Meier's Pirates for the past 3 or so hours and it's worked, so now I'm a bit better and cheered up, especially with a couple funny things that happened when playing, like causing a huge pile crash in F1 with every one of the bot opponents getting stuck and me coming out unscathed ending the race 7 laps ahead of everyone or finding funny named places on Pirates!
    lolita settlement.png

    However, no matter what I do, even if fun, today of all days, it just makes me sad as I'm spending the day all alone... I wanted to spend the day with a certain someone and had been looking forward to that for more than a year (couldn't make it last year), only for things to go extremely bad between us, so, in reality, I've just been trying to find things to do to make me not think about that, writing this blog is one of them and so is my constant use of smileys, but it keeps popping back into my mind every half a minute... I may be a guy and people could disagree, but not having someone to snuggle with on Christmas is really depressing! Not looking for support or any stupid words/quotes, just felt like mentioning it here, if I wanted "support" from people online, I would go on facebook with all their meaningless stuff or try to get FP on imgur or something equally retarded!:P

    To end this, Merry X-mas everyone!:D

    tl;dr: Why the hell are you even here reading this blog if you have no intention of reading through it all?:P