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    TheRedfox I'am making a new NDS homebrew title, and the whole dev progress will be described here!
    So here's step 1: Coming up with a rough idea
    I couldn't find a good file manager for my DS, so i'am gonna make a simple file manager, one like total commander.
    Minimal UI but handy functions for the NDS, like dual-pane browsing!
    I think i'll name it NDS commander!
    So here's a rough sketch :P :
    Later i'll post a bigger blog entry of programming the base of the file manager, and howto keep knowing what you'd want to program(at some projects i didn't prepare good and was continually thinking what should i program in it?
    So there will be a part 2 with setting up a good project management, then part 3 will go about programming the base :P

    Well, you'll have a nice file manager for ur DS in a few weeks!
    (next blog entry about this is planned for sunday)